MCOC 101: Combos

MCOC 101 is an ongoing series of posts designed to help players understand the basic mechanics and strategies of Marvel Contest of Champions.

No one loves a good combo more than Star-Lord. Well, maybe Aegon.


Let’s look at the basic attacks available in Marvel Contest of Champions, and the ways they can be arranged into combos to solve the many challenges presented by The Contest.

The Three Basic Attacks

Light Attacks – Are the fastest and are quickly recovered from, but do the least damage.

Medium Attacks – Do more damage and can be chained into a special attack, but may also leave you open to a counter attack, especially from champs with an evade mechanic.

Heavy Attacks – Do the most damage and can’t be blocked/auto-blocked (unless the resist mastery is active). Heavy attacks take the longest amount of time to throw, so they can be high risk.

What is a Combo?

A combo is a series of Medium (swipe) and Light (tap) basic attacks. In general, you can’t combo into Heavy attacks (hold and release), but there are a couple of exceptions below. Utilizing these attacks in different orders creates unique combos, all of which have uses depending on which character you are playing or fighting against. Your second medium attack or your fourth light attack will end your combo.

5 Hit Combos
M-L-L-L-M (Standard Combo) – This is the core combo in MCOC. If there are no other strategic factors in play, this is the combo you’ll do the most damage with and will be your go to. By ending with a medium attack, you can chain your combo into a Special 1 or Special 2 attack.

Standard 5-Hit Combo, chained into the Sp1 & Sp2

M-L-L-L-L – Use this combo when you are concerned that ending with the medium attack, which has a longer recovery time, will leave you open to a counter-attack. Also, there are some characters, such as Ghost-Rider and Nick Fury, that have an ability that triggers by ending a 5-hit combo with a light attack.

Note that Ghost-Rider places a bleed debuff after landing the 4th light attack

M-L-L-L-H – This combo is possible for Wasp, who can passively stun opponents while charging a heavy attack while hitting with a basic attack combo.

4 Hit Combos
L-L-L-L (Korg Killer) – Use the 4 hit light attack combo to break Korg’s Rock Shield without taking any reflected damage.

L-M-L-M (Sentinel Killer) – Use this alternating light/medium combo against Sentinel to prevent it from gaining analysis charges, or against the Tunnel Vision node, which punishes you for using the same action twice in a row.

Notice Sentinel does not gain analysis charges.

M-L-L-L – Use this combo (slowly) when playing against evade champs, as your light attacks are much quicker and will give you time to recover in case your attack is evaded.

Practice slowing down your combo vs auto-evade champs. Don’t button mash!

3 Hit Combos
M-L-M (Standard Corvus Attack) – Use the 3 hit M-L-M to maximize Corvus’s Glaive Charges, as he does not use a charge on the first light attack of a combo. You want to save the charges for the higher damage medium and special attacks.

M-L-L – This combo is useful against champions that gain a lot of power, particularly Hyperion. It seems like the AI is more likely to throw a special when you are cutting off your combo early, particularly if you have just pushed the defender over 1 bar of power.

Shorten your combo open up more opportunities to bait specials.

2 Hit Combos
M-M – Use this combo when playing a character whose medium attacks avoid taking damage back from certain nodes or characters. An example of this is Omega Red, whose tentacle attacks reduce 100% of the damage inflicted by enemy abilities (such as Electro or Korg) that deal instant passive damage when they are struck.

Note: Omega Red is one of the best Korg killers in the Contest because he can safely throw light & medium attacks into Korg’s Rock Shield without taking damage back.

M-H – This is another option for chaining into a heavy attack with Wasp.



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