MCOC 101: Dungeon Team Building

MCOC 101 is an ongoing series of posts designed to help players understand the basic mechanics and strategies of Marvel Contest of Champions.


Ok, so you don’t have Ghost. What now?

Dungeons return in just a few hours, so now is a good time to review some of the challenges the various Dungeon paths present so you can maximize your runs. For my recommendations I am valuing utility and sustainability over raw damage. Obviously Ghost can handle pretty much anything… as long as you don’t get hit and are ok with refreshing the Quantum Trinity every three days.

Key Issues – Evade (Spider-Verse Champs), Poison (Abomination Mini), Auto-Block (M.O.D.O.K.), Shock (Electro)
Suggested Counters – Corvus w/ Proxima, Venom, Hyperion, Killmonger, Iceman, Omega Red, Blade w/ Ghost-Rider and Sparky

Key Issues: Auto-Block (Iron Man IW)
Suggested Counters – Corvus, Hyperion

Key Issues: Degeneration/Unavoidable Damage (Dormammu, Magik, Mephisto), Bleed (Morningstar)
Suggested Counters – Blade with Sparky & Dormammu/Mephisto, Gladiator Hulk

Key Issues: Unavoidable Damage (Domino/Iceman)
Suggested Counters – Sentinel, Darkhawk, Sabretooth, Corvus, Mysterio,

Key Issues: Reverberation (Killmonger)
Suggested Counters – Blade with Sparky & Ghost Rider, Corvus, any armor break champ

Key Issues: Auto-Block (Medusa), Power Gain (Hyperion)
Suggested Counters – Mephisto with Morningstar & The Champion or Morningstar with Mephisto and Guillotine, Venom The Duck, Hood, Jane Foster, Symbiote Supreme, Killmonger, Corvus with Proxima.


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