Chapter Guide – Variant 6 Chapter 3.1 – “Mr. Cage” – Bleed Immune Villains Wanted


Here’s my guide for Variant 6 Chapter 3.1 “Mr. Cage” in Marvel Contest of Champions.

General Thoughts:

Chapter 3.1 is bit more of a roster-check, because of the Biohazard node. That being said, if you have Magneto and Apocalypse you should be able to roll through this quest without too much resistance. The Sasquatch fight on Lane 2 is the one that really stands out to me as a potential roadblock on this map. The Daredevil boss is a decent challenge post-buff, and is certainly more difficult than Drax from the previous quest.

If you have questions about the basic attack moves and combos in Marvel Contest of Champions, please check out my MCOC 101: Combos guide.

Best Champs: Apocalypse, Magento, Sentinel, Venom, Void

Restrictions: Only use #Villains on attack. Non-Villains can be brought for synergy purposes.

Global Node:
+400% Champion Boost
SP3 Active
Black ISO Resonance – Attackers increase their attack by 100% but take 5% of their max health as Direct Damage every second. This can not be prevented but attackers are immune to all other sources of damage. Does not apply to #Villain champions.
Malevolence – Non-#Villain attackers are unable to gain power.
Malignance – Non-#Villain attackers are unable to heal.

Boss: Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen)

Boss Notes:
+300% Health
Dash Vulnerability

Post-buff, Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen) is actually a fairly interesting and difficult boss. He can shrug debuffs so you have to be very careful stunning him. He also has Biohazard, so you’ll at least want a Bleed-Immune champion, if not a Bleed- and Poison-Immune one, as it is very easy to accidentally hit his block during a long fight. Sentinel was my go-to attacker, as he is double-immune, making him a safe pick. Nimrod, Morningstar, King Groot, Apocalypse, and Ultron are other quality Bleed-Immune Villain options. Ghost is another option if you are comfortable taking Biohazard nodes with her.

After you have picked the right champ, my advice is to play this fight as Stun-Immune, countering Heavy Attacks and baiting Daredevil’s SP1. Of course, his SP1 takes up a lot of space, so don’t get backed into a corner. If you can play the Power-Cycle game well you’ll be able to get a solo.

Lane 1 – Left

Gate: None

Defenders: M.O.D.O.K., Domino, Ghost, Hit Monkey, Iron Man Infinity War, Squirrel Girl

Nodes: Mastermind, Masochism, Power Shield (All Fights)

Team: Sentinel (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 160), Killmonger (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Apocalypse (6-Star Rank 3 Sig 20), Magneto (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 40), Void (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200)

Tips: When building your team for this lane make sure you have Auto-Block and Domino counters available. Power Shield easily overpowers the Masochism healing, so just play smart and you’ll be fine.

I brought Killmonger for M.O.D.O.K., which is a bit of a slow fight but once you get start throwing SP2s it’s not bad. I’m wondering if Magneto would have been the quicker option. I then took Apocalypse vs Domino for the ramp-up, and he’s great for this fight. Then I used Apocalypse the rest of the way (except for Iron Man IW) as he was ending the fights with one SP2. Magneto dispatched Iron Man IW with a pair of SP2s. The magnetism shuts down his armor-ups so you don’t even have to work about the auto-block. Don’t be afraid to throw a few 5 combos if you get backed into a corner.

For Daredevil I took him down with Sentinel. It might not have been the quickest way to go, but the standard build to 100 Analysis Charges and spam SP2 tactic works just fine.

Lane 2 – Center Left

Gate: None

Defenders: Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Storm, Sentinel, Blade, Cull Obsidian, Sasquatch, Hit Monkey, Iron Man IW, Squirrel Girl

Nodes: Henchmen, Genius, Rising Sun, Biohazard (Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Storm, Sentinel, Blade, Cull Obsidian, Sasquatch), Mastermind, Masochism, Power Shield (Hit Monkey, Iron Man IW, Squirrel Girl)

Team: Sentinel (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 160), Omega Red (6-Star Rank 1 Sig 0), Apocalypse (6-Star Rank 3 Sig 20), Magneto (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 40), Morningstar (6-Star Rank 3 Sig 20)

Tips: So this is a split path in that it features two sets of nodes. You’ll need Bleed-immune champs to account for Biohazard, and you’ll have to work in Heavy Attacks on the regular to clear the Fury Buffs from Rising Sun.

I went with Apocalypse for most of the “Rising Sun” portion of the path. Iron Fist and Storm are easy fights, Spider-Man is a bit tricky because of his SP1 and block penetration. Magneto will smoke Sentinel, Blade is the standard dodge SP1 fight, and Morningstar’s SP2 will decimate Cull. Those fights really aren’t much of an issue.

What is potentially a big problem is Sasquatch. Most of us fight him with Human Torch or Void and those aren’t options. On top of that, Rising Sun and Biohazard further complicates your ability to properly space the fight. Thankfully, Apocalypse was once again up to the task. If you can get to an SP2 and get Concussion on Sasquatch prior to him hitting Wrath of Tanaraq you should be ok here.

After that, I had a little trouble with Hit Monkey, losing Apoc and Magneto. This forced me to roll with Sentinel the rest of the way. Luckily the mutant hunting robot proved more than capable of taking down Iron Man IW and Squirrel Girl. Sentinel’s SP2 does a ton of damage at 100 Analysis with Power Shield mixed in. Then it was another long but safe solo of Daredevil Hell’s Kitchen with Sentinel.

Lane 3 – Center Right – Hard Path

Gate: None

Defenders: Iron Fist, Ultron Classic, Colossus, Heimdall, Magneto, Venom The Duck, Black Widow

Nodes: Henchmen, Genius, Rising Sun, Biohazard (Iron Fist), Henchman, Madness, Chitinous Thorns, Conflictor (Ultron Classic, Colossus, Heimdall), Mastermind, Bleed Vulnerability, Poison Vulnerability (Magneto, Venom The Duck, Black Widow)

Team: Sentinel (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 160), Omega Red (6-Star Rank 1 Sig 0), Apocalypse (6-Star Rank 3 Sig 20), Magneto (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 40), Morningstar (6-Star Rank 3 Sig 20)

Tips: This lane crosses over 3 different path identities, has a few tricky matches, and requires bleed-immune champs so I found it to be the most difficult. I wasn’t able to get to the boss with a bleed-immune champ alive, I had to spend one revive.

When building your team you’ll want Magneto if at all possible, as he’ll make the Ultron and Heimdall fights significantly easier. The other issue I ran into was the Magneto, because my team was 4/5 #Metal champs, and my Magneto was at low-health by the time I got to Magneto. This meant sacrificing Sentinel to Magneto (a brutally long fight, I don’t recommend it) and then running my R1 Omega Red for Venom the Duck and Black Widow. Omega was doing fine but the Widow evade got me at the last second, so I then revived Apocalypse (who died to a turtling Colossus early on) to take down the Daredevil boss.

Looking back I would have switched out Morningstar for a non-Metal villain like Void to have a better matchup for the Magneto boss. Since Magneto is better for Heimdall than Morningstar, she really didn’t have a use on the team.

Lane 4 – Right – Easy Path

Gate: Easy Path

Defenders: Void, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Star-Lord, Silver Surfer, Magneto, Venom The Duck, Black Widow

Nodes: Mastermind, Poison Vulnerability, Bleed Vulnerability (All Fights)

Team: Sentinel (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 160), Immortal Abomination (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 60), Apocalypse (6-Star Rank 3 Sig 20), Magneto (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 40), Venom (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 60)

Tips: This is the Easy Path, and there are plenty of good Villain options to take advantage of the increased Bleed and Poison potency. Ebony Maw is the most difficult defender on the path, and you’ll want a champion that’s good against Void as well as a non-Metal attacker for the Magneto fight. After that, all the fights are basic for the given defenders.

I played around with Immortal Abomination and Apocalypse at the beginning of the path, but once I got through Ebony Maw I just ran Venom for the rest of the lane. Sometimes simple is best, and he is a monster. Finally, Sentinel once again took care of business against the Daredevil boss for 100% exploration.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter Guide – Variant 6 Chapter 3.1 – “Mr. Cage” – Bleed Immune Villains Wanted

  1. Thanks for this. DD cost me some resources but once I got into the swing of things with Sentinel, I took him out with a good run.
    Leaning towards the armour break path in 3.2 and thinking Sentinel and Annihilus may take me through but it me take a while. Will focus on 100% of v4 until your guide comes up and if I finish that before you’re ready, I will tick away at 100% of v3. I have tons of high ranked quality techs (Warlock 6*2, G2099 5*5, Sentinel 5*4, H/buster 6*1,5*4, Nebula 6*1 – let’s see with the buff). Keep up the great work as usual.

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