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Battlerealm & Beyond Podcast with RichTheMan

Websites – Go to source for Champion, Prestige Data
The Ultimate Synergy Guide – Champion Synergy Info
MCOC Pros & Cons – Champion Reviews from Kam

Dork Lessons – Excellent Tutorials, Dex Guides, & Sweet Tunes
Seatin – Salty British Mobile Gambling Addict
Contest Champion – Hero of the Free to Play
Lagacy – Winner of the 1st NYCC Tournament
PandamanPete – Advanced Ghost Gameplay
RichTheMan – MCOC News & My Partner in Crime
Katy Candy – Act 5 & 6 Minutes or Less Guides
MetalSonicDude – Soloing Every Fight In The Abyss
Karatemike – Real Life Hercules
Vega of MCOC – Tier Lists, AW Videos
MCOC Doc – Elsa Bloodstone Lover
Simula67 – Guillotine 2099 & Dragon Man
Kingslayer – Damage Races
MCOC Noob – Act 6/7/8 Guides
Marvel Contest of Champions – Official MCOC Youtube

MCOC & Me – Bite-Sized MCOC Content
XN Interviews – Weekly Show With MCOC Community Guests
Pastors, Assemble – MCOC/Geek News

Discord Servers
UMCOC – Home of the UMCOC Podcast and Collector
MCOCDroidDoes – Droid’s Army
RichTheMan – MCOC News & Contest Realm Podcast

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