Chapter Guide – Act 4.1.1 – Realm Reborn – Nodes!


Here’s my guide for Act 4.1.1 “Realm Reborn” in Marvel Contest of Champions.

General Thoughts:

Welcome to Act 4, where the game begins to get more complicated. You’re going to notice the Orange borders on Electro and the Doctor Strange Boss. These are Local Nodes which increase the difficulty of the fights by adding bonus stats and new abilities. It is important to get in the habit of checking these nodes when scouting paths.

Act 4.1.1 can be fully explored in 4 runs, or you can break it up into more attempts if you need to. The two middle paths (avoiding the class gates) offer the most direct route to the Boss. The mini-boss alternates between Carol Danvers and Spider-Man

I was able to make several roster improvements during my Act 4.1.1 run. I awakened 4-Star Man-Thing, and he is now at the top of my profile. I pulled 5-Star Luke Cage from a Dual Class Crystal, and 5-Star Dormammu from a Gifting 5-Star Nexus Crystal. I also awakened 4-Star Aarkus and brought him to rank 3, brought 5-Star Captain America Infinity War to Rank 3, and 4-Star Red Guardian to Rank 4.

If you have questions about the basic attack moves and combos in Marvel Contest of Champions, please check out my MCOC 101: Combos guide.

Best Champs: Any

Restrictions: You’ll need 1 champion of each class to 100% explore this map. Please note the required classes on each lane below.

Global Node: None

Boss: Dr. Strange

Boss Notes:
+90% Energy Resistance
+50% Attack and Health

Doctor Strange has high energy resistance, so bringing any champs that rely on energy damage is not advisable. Most mystics are good for this matchup as they can nullify his buffs. You could also go with a Power Drain champion if his special attacks pose a problem for you. I used Man-Thing effectively in this fight.

Lane 1 – Left

Gate: Need 1 Science, 1 Tech, and 1 Cosmic Champion

Defenders: Punisher, Electro, Juggernaut, Drax, Unstoppable Colossus, Gamora, Scarlet Witch, Magik, Spider-Man

Nodes: +45% Armor (Electro), +100% Attack (Spider-Man)

Team: 4-Star Yondu, 4-Star King Groot, 4-Star Black Widow Deadly Origin, 4-Star Man-Thing, 4-Star Hulk Ragnarok

Tips: This is one of the long paths, and I needed more than my 55 energy cap to complete it. In addition to the listed fights, I was ambushed by 2 Adaptoids. Because of the number of fights, if your parry game isn’t on point you’ll want to bring some regen champs so you don’t have to spend potions.

Besides the path length, there are a couple of issues to plan for. The first is the Electro as mentioned above. Second is that there are two champions in Juggernaut and Unstoppable Colossus that go Unstoppable, so some sort of Power Control, Slow Debuff, or Stagger utility may come in handy. Finally, there is a duped Magik toward the end of the path, so you have to worry about Limbo Degeneration. Blade and Hulk Ragnarok are two of the best counters for Magik.

I mostly relied on Black Widow Deadly Origin and Man-Thing for my run on this path. I used King Groot for Electro and Man-Thing for the Doctor Strange Boss.

Lane 2 – Left Center

Gate: None

Defenders: Punisher, Electro, Hawkeye, Drax, Superior Iron Man, Black Bolt, Ms Marvel Carol Danvers

Nodes: +45% Armor (Electro), +100% Attack (Spider-Man)

Team: 5-Star Psylocke, 4-Star Aarkus, 4-Star Red Guardian, 4-Star Killmonger, 3-Star Mojo

Tips: This is an Easy Path. Besides Electro, there isn’t any need for specific counters.

Since my top champs were tied up in Alliance War, I used this as an opportunity to test out some of my recent acquisitions, particularly my newly awakened Aarkus. His damage is pretty good! I used Red Guardian for Dr. Strange, since he has no buffs for Strange to nullify.

Lane 3 – Right Center

Gate: None

Defenders: Thor, Electro, Hulk, Cyclops New Xavier School, Captain Marvel Classic, Deadpool, Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers

Nodes: +45% Armor (Electro), +100% Attack (Spider-Man)

Team: 5-Star Captain America Infinity War, 4-Star Yondu, 4-Star Emma Frost, 4-Star Black Widow Deadly Origin, 4- Star Man-Thing

Tips: This is the other Easy Path option. All of these defenders should be familiar to you at this point in the game. I mostly played a lot of Man-Thing and Yondu during my run, but you don’t really need specific counters.

Lane 4 – Right

Gate: Need 1 Mutant, 1 Mystic, and 1 Skill

Defenders: Thor, Electro, Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers, Cyclops New Xavier School, Daredevil, Ronan, Iron Fist, Elektra, Spider-Man

Nodes: +45% Armor (Electro), +100% Attack (Spider-Man)

Team: 5-Star Captain America Infinity War, 4-Star Yondu, 4-Star Emma Frost, 4-Star Black Widow Deadly Origin

Tips: This is the easier of the two long paths, and there aren’t any specific matchup issues to address. Just bring your best champs. I mostly relied on Man-Thing and Black Widow Deadly Origin for my run.

My Roster:

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