MCOC Survey: Should Corvus Be Able to Survive a Time-Out?

Summoners! One of the big questions on the survey was “Should Corvus Glaive Be Able to Survive a Time-Out”. This was a hot topic at the time, because there was a change that accidentally went live during Alliance Quest which prevented champions from surviving a time-out when they were at low health. This change particularlyContinue reading “MCOC Survey: Should Corvus Be Able to Survive a Time-Out?”

Northern Expeditions Canadian Difficulty – Diss Track Counters

Summoners! In week two of the Northern Expeditions (Canadian Difficulty), there is a node called Diss Track. This node requires the defender to have 3 Debuffs on them before you can do any damage. This can be 3 of the same Debuff, or can be a combination of different Debuffs. Passive effects do not countContinue reading “Northern Expeditions Canadian Difficulty – Diss Track Counters”

Around The Battlerealm – July 9, 2020

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Thursday, July 9, 2020. Schedule Notes: Round 1 of the 4 Star Basic Darkhawk and Guardian Featured Arenas begin at 1pm EST. The Alliance Quest Series concludes at 3pm EST. The Alpha Arena begins at 6pm EST. Content Creator Program videos for Guardian are nowContinue reading “Around The Battlerealm – July 9, 2020”

Around The Battlerealm – July 8, 2020

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Wednesday, July 8, 2020. Schedule Notes: The Hotel M.O.D.O.K. Gift Shop closes at 1pm EST, so make sure to spend all your Gold Coins! Northern Expeditions Week 2 opens at 1pm EST. Alliance War Season 19 kicks off with matchmaking at 6pm EST. Dave andContinue reading “Around The Battlerealm – July 8, 2020”

MCOC Survey 2020 – Game-Mode & Prestige Analysis

Summoners! About a month ago, a number of content creators circulated a survey covering several issues important to the MCOC Community. We apologize we couldn’t get the results out to the community sooner, but we’re ready to share some takeaways with you. For more general information on the survey, please read MCOC Concierge’s Twitter Thread.Continue reading “MCOC Survey 2020 – Game-Mode & Prestige Analysis”

Chapter Guide – Act 1.1.4 – Sneak Attack – Unlocking Masteries & Solo Objectives

Summoners! Here’s my guide for Act 1.1.4 “Sneak Attack” in Marvel Contest of Champions. General Thoughts: From a combat perspective, Act 1.1.4 is consistent with what you’ve seen in the earlier maps. Once you’ve explored Act 1.1.4 you’ll be able to complete your first Solo Objectives, which should grant you a few more 2 StarContinue reading “Chapter Guide – Act 1.1.4 – Sneak Attack – Unlocking Masteries & Solo Objectives”

Around The Battlerealm – July 7, 2020

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Tuesday, July 7, 2020. Schedule Notes: Incursions Milestones and Top Zone Bonus rewards reset at 2pm EST. Server Maintenance begins at 11pm EST and will last for up to 2 hours. Alliance War Rating reductions are currently in progress. RichTheMan reviews our Hulkbuster Incursions experience.Continue reading “Around The Battlerealm – July 7, 2020”

Around The Battlerealm – July 6, 2020

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Monday, July 6, 2020. Schedule Notes: Round 2 of the 4 Star Squirrel Girl and Sabretooth Featured Arenas at 1pm EST. Summoner Sigil Owners, your Solo Event, Gold Quest, and items on a 7-day timer and the 5 Star Featured Crystal in the Black-ISO MarketContinue reading “Around The Battlerealm – July 6, 2020”