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  • Red Rift #6 – M.O.D.O.K.

    May 27, 2020 by

    Summoners! Is M.O.D.O.K.’s scientific knowledge enough to tackle an Epic Red Rift? Let’s find out! -Dano357

  • June 2020 Update v27.1 Release Notes

    May 26, 2020 by

    Summoners! Here’s some info to get you prepped for what’s happening in Marvel Contest of Champions next month. Expect to see the v27.1 update available for download around June 1. Read the Full Release Notes. NEW CHAMPIONS Born just an ordinary simian, Hit Monkey now has a score to settle and has made it his… Read more

  • Red Rift #5 – Night Thrasher

    May 25, 2020 by

    Summoners! Let’s take my unduped 6 Star Night Thrasher through the Red Rifts to see how he does. Just a warning, the reward is better than the game-play on this one. -Dano357

  • Red Rift #4 Featuring Guillotine

    May 23, 2020 by

    Summoners! This Red Rift run features Guillotine! While I take a few hits early on, that just gives me a chance to show off her life steal ability. -Dano357

  • The Week Ahead in MCOC – May 24-30, 2020

    May 23, 2020 by

    Summoners! Next week in Marvel Contest of Champions Red Guardian officially joins The Contest as the Featured Arena Champion! I hope you and your family are staying safe during these difficult times. Alliance Wars SeasonsWe are currently in Alliance War Season 18. Rewards will lock on Friday, June 5 at 6pm EST, and the season… Read more

  • May 2020 Marvel Contest of Champions Road Map Update

    May 22, 2020 by

    Summoners – Kabam has just posted an updated short-term Road Map in response to recent criticisms of the game. Let’s break it all down, and I’ll share my take on the changes. Good – Book 2 Act 1 Delayed The Book 2 Act 1 Beta received overwhelming criticism for its fight difficulty, node combinations, and… Read more

  • MCOC 27.1 Treasury & Alliance Quest Donations Update

    May 22, 2020 by

    Summoners! Kabam has just announced some significant updates to how Alliance Donations will work. Let’s break it all down. What’s Changing? Kabam is changing how alliances will pay for Alliance Quest Maps. The Alliance Treasury is going away. All Maps will be free to open, but if you want to play Maps 6 or 7,… Read more

  • My First Champion Fight

    May 21, 2020 by

    Summoners! Here’s all the footage from my first showdown with the 6.2.6 Champion Boss! -Dano357

  • Chapter Guide – Act 6.2.4

    May 20, 2020 by

    Summoners! Here’s my guide for Act 6.2.4 in Marvel Contest of Champions General Thoughts: The Global Node, Destructive Feedback, doesn’t seem like the worst node at first. Just don’t get hit, right? That’s what you’re trying to do anyway. The problem is that it is a very punishing node if you make just one mistake.… Read more

  • 100% Roster Availability Schedule for May 2020

    April 21, 2020 by

    Summoners – If you plan on clearing some difficult content in Marvel Contest of Champions this May, you’ll need to know when all your champs will be available. Here is the full schedule of 100% roster availability (no AQ/AW) for the month. All times are EST, 2pm is based off of the approximate end of… Read more

  • Variant 3 Polar Opposites – Recap & Guides

    March 20, 2020 by

    Summoners! If you’re looking to tackle Variant 3 – Polar Opposites, here is all the information you need to get started! Jump to Chapter Guides:Variant 3 Chapter 1.1 GuideVariant 3 Chapter 1.2 GuideVariant 3 Chapter 2.1 GuideVariant 3 Chapter 2.2 GuideVariant 3 Chapter 3.1 GuideVariant 3 Chapter 3.2 Guide Overall Impressions:If you’ve played through Variant… Read more

  • Variant 4 Waning Moon – Recap & Guides

    January 22, 2020 by

    Summoners! I have just 100% explored Variant 4 Waning Moon. If you are looking to tackle this piece of content and need a guide, here’s all the info! Jump to Chapter Guides:Chapter 1.1Chapter 1.2Chapter 2.1Chapter 2.2Chapter 3.1Chapter 3.2 Overall Impressions:Variant 4 Waning Moon is the easiest of the four current Variants to 100% explore, assuming… Read more

  • Around The Battlerealm – May 29, 2020

    May 29, 2020 by

    Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Friday, May 29, 2020. Schedule Notes: No schedule updates. KT1 and NY718 take on G11 in Alliance War 3 of the Season. Karatemike celebrates 5K subscribers with an Account Tour. Lagacy shares 4Loki’s AW Defense Strategy. Jason Voorhees has a champion guide for Blade. -Dano357

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