Around The Battlerealm – July 2, 2022

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Saturday, July 2, 2022. Schedule Notes: 100% Roster Availability ends at 2pm EST. Alliance Quest Enlistment opens at 3pm EST. The Tier 4 Basic Arena begins at 6pm EST. RichTheMan has tips for FTP Summoners considering the Unit Cache offers. -Dano357

Thronebreaker Cache Bundles – July 4th Weekend 2021

Summoners! July 4th Weekend Deals are here! But do they represent value for your hard earned (or purchased) units? So the short answer is yes, based on my updated Unit Value Spreadsheet for Thronebreakers, which has just been updated with the 2021 July 4th Deals. Feel free to use it to make your own analysisContinue reading “Thronebreaker Cache Bundles – July 4th Weekend 2021”

MCOC Cyber Weekend 2020 – Cache Bundle Reviews – Cavalier

Summoners! Let’s look at the Marvel Contest of Champions Cache Bundles offered to Cavalier players to see if they offer good value for your units. There has been a lot of discussion about a perceived lack of value in the Cache Bundles. This is largely because of the total absence of Tier 5 Class CatalystContinue reading “MCOC Cyber Weekend 2020 – Cache Bundle Reviews – Cavalier”

MCOC Unit Deal Value Spreadsheet – 2020 Update

Summoners! Just in time for Cyber Weekend, here’s the updated Marvel Contest of Champions Unit Deal Value Spreadsheet! If you aren’t familiar with this spreadsheet, it is my attempt to assign a unit value to various in-game items. This allows the user to help determine whether or not a Cache (or Bundle) Offer is worthContinue reading “MCOC Unit Deal Value Spreadsheet – 2020 Update”

July 4th Cache Offers & Crystal Opening

Summoners! It’s July 4th, and that means its time to trade in my units for the best deal we’ve seen so far in Marvel Contest of Champions. In this video I review the Cache offers, make my selections, and open my 5 Star and 6 Star Nexus Crystals. -Dano357

2020 July 4th Weekend Cache Deals

Summoners! Let’s breakdown the July 4th Weekend Cache Deals to see if they represent good value for your hard earned units. If you want see my item values, or to do your own analysis, download the spreadsheet! 1K DEALS 5-Star Summoner Bundle Unit Value: 3,380 (+2,380) 6-Star Summoner Bundle Unit Value: 867.5 (-132.5) 4K DEALSContinue reading “2020 July 4th Weekend Cache Deals”

Black Friday 2019 Cache Offers

Summoners! Note: Remember that while Black Friday offers are fun and the talk of the community right now, this is a game and you shouldn’t feel pressured to spend. Black Friday offers for Marvel Contest of Champions have just gone live. If you’re like me, and have saved up 15K units, you’re wondering if theseContinue reading “Black Friday 2019 Cache Offers”

MCOC 101: Unit Deal Valuations

From time to time, special 24-hour “cache” offers that can be purchased for units (as opposed to real-world currency) will appear in the game store. These deals allow free-to-play arena grinders a chance to get items they normally wouldn’t have access to, or to get them much quicker than normal. Some deals are amazing, othersContinue reading “MCOC 101: Unit Deal Valuations”