MCOC Unit Deal Value Spreadsheet – 2020 Update


Just in time for Cyber Weekend, here’s the updated Marvel Contest of Champions Unit Deal Value Spreadsheet!

If you aren’t familiar with this spreadsheet, it is my attempt to assign a unit value to various in-game items. This allows the user to help determine whether or not a Cache (or Bundle) Offer is worth the units Kabam is charging.


The game economy has changed quite a bit over the past year, so the unit values for items needed to be updated to reflect those changes. With the increased availability of Tier 5 Basic, 5-Star Awakening Gems, and 5-Star Signature Stones, these resources have lost significant value, and therefore are not worth as many units.

Tier 2 Alpha, on the other hand, is holding strong, given the number required to rank-up 6-Star champions. Some Endgame Summoners are actually experiencing a T2A shortage.

With Book 2 on the way, the Thronebreaker Title now live, and the prestige race shifting to 6-Stars for Top AQ Alliances, 6-Star materials are now hugely important to advanced Cavaliers and Thronebreakers. In particular, the difficulty in forming a full Tier 5 Class Catalyst of a desired class has put a premium on T5CC Selectors. While we’ve seen a few in content, most T5CC Selectors have been in real money deals (usually valued around $50 US for a 10% Selector), so many are pinning their Rank 3 hopes on T5CC Selectors being a part of the Cache/Bundle offers on Cyber Weekend.


PLEASE NOTE – These are my personal thoughts on the value of these items, based on my roster, experience, level of patience for grinding, and in-game goals. You may have a completely different value for certain items. My valuations are geared toward Cavalier/Thronebreaker Summoners.

You are welcome to download the spreadsheet and assign your own values to items. Furthermore, these values assume you already have the units on hand and are not buying units to get the deal.


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