Thronebreaker Cache Bundles – July 4th Weekend 2021


July 4th Weekend Deals are here! But do they represent value for your hard earned (or purchased) units?

So the short answer is yes, based on my updated Unit Value Spreadsheet for Thronebreakers, which has just been updated with the 2021 July 4th Deals.

Feel free to use it to make your own analysis on the deals by changing the unit values. Uncollected and Cavalier players are welcome to customize it for their progression offers as well.

Ok, let’s get into the deals!

This isn’t a crazy offer, and most players won’t be excited by the 5-Star materials, but you have to get it to progress up the deal ladder. Still, it’s half a 6-Star and a generic 5-Star Gem for 1K units, so it’s not bad.

The 4K deal usually isn’t great value (sometimes it’s actually negative value), but this is a solid deal. 6-Star Stones are tough to come by for free-to-play Summoners, as are Nexus crystals. 3 full Tier 5 Basic is enough to Rank 2 a 6-Star, and the Tier 6 Basic shards puts a small down payment on your first Rank 4 6-Star.

We’ve got two 10K offers to evaluate, so this is where things start to get interesting. In the past, 1 of the 2 deals represented significantly greater value. This year, the two deals are actually pretty close in value, but are geared toward different types of Thronebreakers.

The Superior Nexus bundle is geared toward “average” Thronebreakers who need to grow their roster and an immediate prestige boost. Even though the Rank Up gems are random, they still contain a ton of materials. The 2020 6-Star Nexus is a pick 1-of-10, which almost guarantees a great champ. The 2020 list is amazing, as the options include Immortal Abomination, Apocalypse, Black Widow Deadly Origin, Cosmic Ghost-Rider, Dragon Man, Guardian, Hit Monkey, Longshot, Mojo, Mole Man, Professor X, Red Goblin, Sorcerer Supreme, Spider-Ham, and Tigra. If you’re going this route (like me), make sure you list out your top choices because it’s going to be tricky making that decision on the fly.

The Superior Catalyst Bundle is for Thronebreakers who have a path to their first Rank 4 6-Star and need to stay on top. There is a significant amount of Tier 3 Alpha and Tier 6 Basic in this deal. Usually I feel like Kabam makes players “overpay” for chase resources in the Cache Deals but this is actually pretty good. In fact, it’s a slightly better unit value than the Nexus Bundle, but most players can’t use the materials right away, which should be a strong consideration.

A full Tier 5 CC Selector is also very valuable, and the 6-Star Stone Selectors are effectively generic. Some players may have preferred 6-Star Shards over the 6-Star Featured Crystals, but let’s face it, the players this offer is geared toward need Rank 4 materials at pretty much any cost and everything else is a nice throw-in.

A 6-Star Generic Gem for 3K units? Yes, please! I’m pretty sure 95% of Thronebreakers who get this far are going to spend the extra 3K units. A 6-Star Generic Gem is still insanely rare and can change your account.

Well, that’s it for my review. Let me know what you thought about the deals and if you pulled any great champs from the offers.


4 thoughts on “Thronebreaker Cache Bundles – July 4th Weekend 2021

  1. Hey Dano,

    I consider myself as a mid TB player so I’m still in the mkt to get the goodies build up my R3 Roster.

    Re the cash deals. I bought one Odin as I needed like 22% of a Science T5CC so the 25% T5CC selector was great.
    (I now have one full science T5 Cat)
    I also wanted to try my luck with the class nexus 6* crystal. I choose science class as I would like to dupe my 6* Beardo Cap

    I also said to myself I’d be happy to pull a 6* HT or Red Hulk or Spider Ham or Red Guardian so I thought it would be a worthwhile ‘bet.’

    My choices were Hulk OG, SpiderGwen and Invisible Woman.

    I choose Invisible Woman as it duped the one I already owned.
    (I also already owned a duped Hulk OG and own a R5 duped 5* Spider Gwen)

    Ok so that was sort of a bust.

    I then spent 1,000 units on the first deal.

    That gave me over 10,000 6* shards so I bought a normal 6* crystal and guess what, I pulled HT from it.

    So in the end it worked out beautifully for me.

    I had a little bit of iTunes credit left so I bought one of Tony Starks Briefcases. Nice deal because it offered 35 generic 6* sig stones and also another 10,000 6* shards.

    So I opened another normal 6* crystal to pull this time the rebuffed up War Machine so happy with that also.

    But that’s as much as I’m going to do with the current deals. I still have over 15,000 units but I don’t like what on offer for 4,000 units and I’m no so sure of the ‘value’ in the superior nexus bundle.

    So I’ll keep my units (build them up a bit more) and see what the cyber weekend deals will be like toward the end of the yr.

    And if they happen to be no good I’ll probably blow all the units on content progression and the Xmas gifting event.

    By the way I’m an Aussie player so the cash deals are a ripoff in AUD terms…

    Ps. I also enjoy your weekly podcast with Richie. Keep up the good work

    Double ps. I run two other Cavalier accounts and I spent zero $$$ on them and each just bought the 1,000 unit deals. The rest of the cavalier deals were IMO underwhelming.

    Take it easy


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