MCOC Cyber Weekend 2020 – Cache Bundle Reviews – Cavalier


Let’s look at the Marvel Contest of Champions Cache Bundles offered to Cavalier players to see if they offer good value for your units.

There has been a lot of discussion about a perceived lack of value in the Cache Bundles. This is largely because of the total absence of Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragments, and there being only 1 Tier 5 Basic in the deals.

For Mature Cavalier players – those with 20+ Rank 5 5-Stars – these deals offer nothing to move your account forward. Yes, the items are useful, but it’s not worth the risk of parting with the bulk of your units a few weeks before the Gifting Event. Even if you’re not a fan of Gifting, there are better options on the table such as investing in expensive Masteries, clearing Abyss of Legends, or simply waiting for a better deal in the future.

However, for a new Cavalier player who still needs to build 5-Star roster depth, there is value to be had here compared with the average unit offer you’ll see in game. This is especially true for Free-To-Play Summoners who are looking to move up the AQ ladder but need to improve their 5-Star Prestige first.

1K Offer

Unit Value: 2,690 (+1,690)

Notes: Good for a player looking to target a Rank 4 5-Star. Very good for early Cavaliers. A luxury item for the rest of the player base who can simply grind these resources.

4K Offer

Unit Value: 7,495 (+3,495)

Notes: This is the best value of the 4 offers, and is targeted to the mid-Cavalier player who needs to Awaken and add Signature Stones to a high value 5-Star champion.

10K Offer

Unit Value: 17,960 (+7,960)

Notes: This offer had the potential to appeal to a wider range of Cavalier players if the 4-to-5 5-Star Rank-Up Gem was instead converted to its base resources, so the Tier 5 Basic and Tier 2 Alpha could be used for 6-Stars if needed. Again, it’s a solid offer for a mid-Cavalier player looking for an early Sig 200 champion, but it’s redundant for mature Cavalier players.

3K Offer

Unit Value: 2,950 (-50)

Notes: This offer I don’t get. The preceding deals are all about building up 5-Star champions, and starting to acquire a little bit of a 6-Star roster. Any player who has gone this far likely isn’t in a position where a 6-Star Awakening Gem, especially a random one, can help them immediately. Even if a player hits on the Awakening Gem, they haven’t obtained any meaningful 6-Star rank-up resources from the earlier bundles.

If this final offer was going to be 6-Star related, it should have been a 6-Star Nexus Crystal.

Want to know how I evaluated the unit deals? Download the Cyber Weekend 2020 Cavalier Unit Deals Spreadsheet. Don’t agree with me? That’s cool, simply assign your own values within the spreadsheet!


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