MCOC v35.0 – May 2022 – Resources & Guides

Summoners! Here’s all the information you need to tackle Marvel Contest of Champions this May. NEW CHAMPIONS Champion Spotlight – Rintrah Champion Spotlight – Wong Wallpapers courtesy of Jay Axe. BUFFS Champion Spotlight – Storm Champion Spotlight – Mordo EVENT QUEST The Old Sarge – Mediocre Players Cavalier Event Quest Guide SIDE QUEST Official ForumContinue reading “MCOC v35.0 – May 2022 – Resources & Guides”

MCOC v34.1 – April 2022 – Resources & Guides

Summoners – We’re trying something new for April. With so much going on in the Contest, I wanted to collect all the April info in one place so it will be at your fingertips if you need it. As content is released throughout the month, I’ll do my best to update this page. NEW CHAMPIONSContinue reading “MCOC v34.1 – April 2022 – Resources & Guides”

MCOC Release Notes – v34.0 – March 2022

After a slow start to 2022, v34.0 looks to be the first major update of the year. Along with the usual monthly event quest, March features the debut of Act 7.4, a new set of Carina’s Challenges, an International Women’s Day Side Quest, and more! Read on for all the details. QUICK LINKS Read theContinue reading “MCOC Release Notes – v34.0 – March 2022”

February 2022 MCOC Event Quest and Side Quest Resources

Summoners! Here’s some helpful information from around the community to get you through February’s events and understand the Mojo Store. Event Quest – Safe Haven My partner in crime with the Contest Realm Podcast, RichTheMan, has two guides for the Event Quest this month. Be sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel for complete MCOCContinue reading “February 2022 MCOC Event Quest and Side Quest Resources”

Thronebreaker Cache Bundles – July 4th Weekend 2021

Summoners! July 4th Weekend Deals are here! But do they represent value for your hard earned (or purchased) units? So the short answer is yes, based on my updated Unit Value Spreadsheet for Thronebreakers, which has just been updated with the 2021 July 4th Deals. Feel free to use it to make your own analysisContinue reading “Thronebreaker Cache Bundles – July 4th Weekend 2021”

Release Notes – MCOC v30.2 – April 2021

Summoners! Battleworld once again invades the Battlerealm as we have a Realm/MCOC crossover event in April. We’ll also see the release of Variant 7, buffs for Nova, Crossbones, and Howard The Duck, and the new Auto-Play feature! Expect to see v30.2 available for download on April 5 or 6, with monthly events beginning April 7Continue reading “Release Notes – MCOC v30.2 – April 2021”

Release Notes: MCOC v.30.0 – February 2021

Summoners! I hope you’re ready for a busy month in Marvel Contest of Champions as v30.0 will bring us Love Is A Battlerealm 4 One, the Lunar New Year Event, a Valentine’s Calendar, and two classic Fantastic Four villains: Psycho-Man and Super-Skrull! Read the Official Release Notes V30.0 HIGHLIGHTSEQ – Mixed EmotionsLove Is a BattlerealmContinue reading “Release Notes: MCOC v.30.0 – February 2021”