MCOC Cyber Weekend 2020 – Cache Bundle Reviews – Cavalier

Summoners! Let’s look at the Marvel Contest of Champions Cache Bundles offered to Cavalier players to see if they offer good value for your units. There has been a lot of discussion about a perceived lack of value in the Cache Bundles. This is largely because of the total absence of Tier 5 Class CatalystContinue reading “MCOC Cyber Weekend 2020 – Cache Bundle Reviews – Cavalier”

MCOC Cyber Weekend Tips

Summoners! Cyber Weekend is almost upon us! These are the biggest deals of the year, and there will be a lot of hype and Crystal Openings on Youtube over the next few days. These are the best deals we’ll see until July 4th, 2021, so the excitement is understandable. However, with all the noise inContinue reading “MCOC Cyber Weekend Tips”

Alliance Quest Season 8 – Apocalyptic Mutiny

Summoners! A new season of Alliance Quest is coming to Marvel Contest of Champions on December 3! Here’s all the details you need to be prepared for Season 8 – Apocalyptic Mutiny. Read Kabam’s Full Update here. QUICK HITSApocalypse Boss Maps 5-7Professor X Boss Maps 1-4Class Nodes RemovedMutant & X-Men Boosts AddedCyclops Most Effective ChampionContinue reading “Alliance Quest Season 8 – Apocalyptic Mutiny”

Crystal Opening – The Search for Aegon Continues

Summoners! It’s been a while, but I’m finally back with another crystal opening! The search for Aegon continues as I need him to complete my team for the Abyss of Legends. In this video I also open some Platinumpool Crystals and 1 5-Star Featured Crystal. -Dano357

How The October 2020 Side Quest Works – Hades Invasions

Summoners! 10/7 Update – Note that Limbo Quests have been temporarily disabled because of a bug that allowed for the infinite farming of Monsters & Hunters Shards. 10/8 Update – Limbo Quests have returned and it is now safe to run them multiple times a day. 10/15 Update – Added Cavalier Objective Info All HellContinue reading “How The October 2020 Side Quest Works – Hades Invasions”

Which Variant Should I Complete First?

Summoners! One question I see quite often from progressing Marvel Contest of Champions Summoners, usually those in the middle of Act 5 exploration or newly Cavalier, is about when they should start to tackle Variant (Back Issues) content. Variant rewards offer a great way for Summoners to build roster depth. So which Variant should youContinue reading “Which Variant Should I Complete First?”

July 23 Posts Regarding Downtime and Alliance War

Summoners! The recent game issues in Marvel Contest of Champions have led to a number of schedule and event changes. Check out this forum thread for the latest updates. For a quick recap: – Arenas are not currently running – The Sasquatch Arenas have been delayed – The 7th War of Season 19 has beenContinue reading “July 23 Posts Regarding Downtime and Alliance War”

Sasquatch Champion Review

Summoners! Thanks to the new Content Creator Beta, I’m able to give you an early look at the power of a 5-Star 5/65 Signature Level 200 Sasquatch. Note that this champion was on my test account, not my main account, and that access to the CCP Beta was temporary and for testing purposes only. ToContinue reading “Sasquatch Champion Review”

MCOC Survey 2020 – Game-Mode & Prestige Analysis

Summoners! About a month ago, a number of content creators circulated a survey covering several issues important to the MCOC Community. We apologize we couldn’t get the results out to the community sooner, but we’re ready to share some takeaways with you. For more general information on the survey, please read MCOC Concierge’s Twitter Thread.Continue reading “MCOC Survey 2020 – Game-Mode & Prestige Analysis”