MCOC 101: Unit Deal Valuations

From time to time, special 24-hour “cache” offers that can be purchased for units (as opposed to real-world currency) will appear in the game store. These deals allow free-to-play arena grinders a chance to get items they normally wouldn’t have access to, or to get them much quicker than normal. Some deals are amazing, others are just ok, and many won’t represent good value for your hard earned units.

But how are you supposed to know if an offer is any good? It’s easy to get excited when you see 5* signature stones, Tier 5 catalyst shards, and 6* shards in an offer, but that doesn’t mean the offer represents a good value for your units. To answer that question, you need to have a set value for each of the items in the deal so you can judge the value of the offer. If you set these values before the offer hits the store, you’re in a much better position to make a level-headed decision.

PLEASE NOTE – These are my personal thoughts on the valuations of these items, based on my roster, experience, level of patience for grinding, and in-game goals. You may have a completely different value for certain items. Furthermore, these values assume you already have the units on hand and are not buying units to get the deal.

You are welcome to DOWNLOAD THE SPREADSHEET and assign your own values. You can also view the GOOGLE SHEET and make a copy.

CategoryItemItem Unit Value
Shards1000 6* Shards80
 1000 5* Shards40
 1000 4* Shards15
Awakening Gem6* Generic5500
 6* Class4500
 5* Generic3000
 5* Class2000
Sig Stones6* Generic50
 6* Class45
 5* Generic30
 5* Class25
Catalyst2% T5CC Random Class80
 Tier 5 Basic2000
 Tier 4 Basic100
 Tier 2 Alpha600
 Tier 1 Alpha30
Gold100K Gold30
BoostsLesser Attack – 10%30
 Attack – 15%60
 Greater Attack – 20%90
 Lesser Health – 15%30
 Health – 20%60
 Greater Health – 25%75
 Lesser Champion – 10%90
 Champion – 20%180
 Greater Champion – 30%270

So now that we’ve got our values assigned, let’s look at an actual in-game deal from 8/19/19 as an example.

As you can see, this was a two-part offer, and you needed to buy the first one to unlock the second. Purchasing both offers would give you 20,250 T5b shards (along with the T2a, gold and boosts), and you need 45,000 to make a full catalyst. It takes 2 T5b to take a 5* champion to rank 5, and 3 T5b to take a 6* to rank 2. So this isn’t an account-changing deal (it’s a little more than 2 months of Uncollected T5b rewards), and if you had to buy the units outright it would cost you $150 USD.

But let’s assume you’ve got the 4,500 units already, and you’re wondering if this is the time to cash them in. Here’s what the value chart says for the first part of the offer.

Analysis of the Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Cache

Looking at the first offer, I’m valuing all the items in the offer at 835 units. That’s what I would consider a fair deal. But the offer costs 1,500 units, so it doesn’t represent a good value to me. Now let’s look at the second part of the deal. There is the possibility that the second deal could be so overwhelmingly good that it makes up for the lack of value in the first, and I’ll want to buy both.

Analysis of the Advanced Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Cache

Unfortunately, the second offer represents worse value than the first, and it wouldn’t even be worth buying if it was the price of the first offer.

A final word of advice on offers. You’re going to see a lot of them in the game, so you’re going to have to pick your spots. Every once in a while a great one comes along, so it helps to have units on hand. On the flip-side, it isn’t worth getting stressed out by the bad ones. Just run the numbers, and if it’s not for you, move on. There will always be another down the line…

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