2020 July 4th Weekend Cache Deals


Let’s breakdown the July 4th Weekend Cache Deals to see if they represent good value for your hard earned units. If you want see my item values, or to do your own analysis, download the spreadsheet!


5-Star Summoner Bundle

Unit Value: 3,380 (+2,380)

6-Star Summoner Bundle

Unit Value: 867.5 (-132.5)


Greater Awakening Bundle

Unit Value: 10,570 (+6,570)

Greater Rank Up Bundle

Unit Value
: 2,670 (-1,330)


Superior 5-Star Bundle

Unit Value: 26,730 (+16,730)

Superior 6-Star Bundle

Unit Value
: 15,700 (+5,700)

3K 6-Star Nexus Bonus

Item Value
: 2,850 (-150)

6K 6-Star Awakening Gem Bonus

Item Value
: 2,950 (-3,050)

Final Thoughts

Kabam is asking a big premium for 6 Star items, so if you’re still at the point where 5 Star items matter to you, there is much greater value to be had going in that direction. Certainly, for the first two deals, only the 5 Star deals represent good value for your units. For the 10K deals, both represent great value, but the 5 Star deal is better as it isn’t as dependent on RNG. While the 3K 6 Star Nexus deal isn’t great value, it’s close enough to justify, and I’ll likely go for it.



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