MCOC Unit Deal Value Spreadsheet – 2020 Update

Summoners! Just in time for Cyber Weekend, here’s the updated Marvel Contest of Champions Unit Deal Value Spreadsheet! If you aren’t familiar with this spreadsheet, it is my attempt to assign a unit value to various in-game items. This allows the user to help determine whether or not a Cache (or Bundle) Offer is worthContinue reading “MCOC Unit Deal Value Spreadsheet – 2020 Update”

How The August 2020 Side Quest Works – Heralds of Galactus

Summoners! UPDATE 8/6/20 – Kabam is working on a fix to allow Summoners to receive rewards for running a quest multiple times as intended. Here’s all the info you need to maximize your resource gain from the August Side Quest, Heralds of Galactus, in Marvel Contest of Champions. This Side Quest has a couple ofContinue reading “How The August 2020 Side Quest Works – Heralds of Galactus”

May 2020 Marvel Contest of Champions Road Map Update

Summoners – Kabam has just posted an updated short-term Road Map in response to recent criticisms of the game. Let’s break it all down, and I’ll share my take on the changes. Good – Book 2 Act 1 Delayed The Book 2 Act 1 Beta received overwhelming criticism for its fight difficulty, node combinations, andContinue reading “May 2020 Marvel Contest of Champions Road Map Update”

MCOC 27.1 Treasury & Alliance Quest Donations Update

Summoners! Update 5/29/20 – Kabam announced a fix to the mixed-map Alliance Quest Ticket Cost issue will go live in August. Kabam has just announced some significant updates to how Alliance Donations will work. Let’s break it all down. What’s Changing? Kabam is changing how alliances will pay for Alliance Quest Maps. The Alliance TreasuryContinue reading “MCOC 27.1 Treasury & Alliance Quest Donations Update”

5 Reasons to Rank 5 Stars Over 6 Stars

Summoners! Recently I was asked on Twitter if there were any circumstances where a 5 star should be ranked over a 6 star. That’s a really great question, and has important implications for overall roster construction. To answer the question, yes, I think there are multiple times when a 5 star should be ranked overContinue reading “5 Reasons to Rank 5 Stars Over 6 Stars”

The 8 Rounds of Arena You Should Always Do

Summoners! I know not everyone enjoys Arena in Marvel Contest of Champions, but the fact is playing Arena can really help with your account progression, especially if you’re not going to be spending much money on the game. The Arena highlights are of course always focused on what the latest 5* Featured is going for,Continue reading “The 8 Rounds of Arena You Should Always Do”

Black Friday 2019 Cache Offers

Summoners! Note: Remember that while Black Friday offers are fun and the talk of the community right now, this is a game and you shouldn’t feel pressured to spend. Black Friday offers for Marvel Contest of Champions have just gone live. If you’re like me, and have saved up 15K units, you’re wondering if theseContinue reading “Black Friday 2019 Cache Offers”

5* and 6* Featured Crystal Tracker

Summoners! Wondering when the newly released champions will hit the 5* and 6* Featured Crystals? Here is all the information about the upcoming Featured Crystal pools for Marvel Contest of Champions. Current 6-Star Featured Pool – February 7, 2023 – May 16, 2023Infamous Iron ManSpider-Man (Supreme)SpotShuriAttumaMantisAbsorbing Man Future 6-Star Featured Pool – May 16, 2023Continue reading “5* and 6* Featured Crystal Tracker”