Variant 3 – Chapter 1.2 Guide


Here’s my guide for Back Issues (Variant 3) Chapter 1.2.

General Thoughts: For easy paths, stick to the left side of the map. The right side has some problems that you’ll need to have specific counters for.

MVP Champs: Sentinel, Warlock, Stark Spider-Man, Ghost

Global Nodes:
+400% Attack and Health Boost
Apex Manufacture: Sentinel gains Analysis Charges at 2x normal rate, and attacks deal 1% additional damage per charge.
Composite Construction: All Tech Champions are Immune to Ability Accuracy Modification
Stack Overflow: Additional Tech Champions on the Attacker’s Team increase the duration of Debuffs by 10%
Overclocked: All Champion Classes other than Tech suffer a -50% Base Attack Penalty.

Boss: Magneto

Gauss Warp: Each time the defender is struck they gain a Gauss Charge, increasing Block Penetration by 5%. Charges are removed by Shock Debuffs.
Enhanced Special 2
Aggression Fury

Boss Fight Notes:
You might be thinking Magneto is going to be a pain, because most of the tech class has the #Metal tag. Fortunately, the Global Node that prevents Tech Champions from having their Ability Accuracy reduced prevents Magneto from magnetizing your attackers.

The fight itself isn’t difficult, and as long as you don’t block too many hits, you don’t even have to worry about the Gauss Warp. I used Sentinel for this fight, but you could bring any heavy-hitter. If you are using Sentinel, you’ll only need a few parries, which is good, because Limber is active. Once you get Magneto to 1 bar of power, you can punish his SP1 and fire off an SP2 for big damage (make sure you’re at 100 Analysis). Depending of the level of your Sentinel, repeat this a few more times and you’ll take home the victory.

Lane 1 – Far Left
Defenders: Miles Morales, Taskmaster, Hulk Ragnarok, Doctor Octopus, Massacre, Gambit
Nodes: Enhanced Abilities, Force of Will (Immune to Ability Accuracy Reduction), Martial Mastery (Stun every 6 hits) (Main Path), +100% Health, Enhanced Special 2, Special 2 Bias, +50% Power Gain (Gambit).
Tips: Nothing tricky here, this is a good choice as an easy path. Sentinel can do every fight on the path, but so can pretty much all of the main damage dealer options.

Lane 2 – Center Left
Defenders: Black Panther Civil War, Ghost, Diablo, Aegon, Void, Beast
Nodes: Aggression Cruelty, Aspect of Evolution (Main Path), +100% Health, Debilitate, Critical, Enhanced Crits (Beast)
Tips: Another relatively straightforward path, however I would recommend using someone other than Sentinel for the Void fight. While Sentinel can do it, you probably want to save him for the Magneto boss, and his ramp-up isn’t conducive to a Void match-up. Even if you do get to 100 Analysis Charges, Void is Incinerate Immune.

Lane 3 – Center Right
Defenders: Hyperion, Hela, Mordo, Captain Marvel Movie, X-Force Deadpool, Nick Fury
Nodes: +50% Improved Power Gain, All or Nothing (Main Path), +100% Health, Rainbow of Power, Redoubled Determination, Duodenum Prod (X-Force Deadpool),
Tips: The All or Nothing Hyperion is one of the trickier fights in all of Variant 3. Thankfully it’s the first fight on the path so you can practice. Your two best bets are Ghost with the Hood synergy or Stark Spider-Man. If you are going the Stark Spider-Man route, your play is to stun-lock Hyperion with your SP1. To maximize your stun timer, bring 3 additional techs and Miles Morales. Don’t forget Stark Spider-Man has a power drain as part of his heavy attack, but you’ll likely only have one chance to use that during the fight. If you are looking for another alternative, an alliance mate of mine had good luck with Doctor Doom, but the fight is going to be on the long side with the damage penalty. Still, that’s a lot better than getting SP3’d to death in the first 15 seconds.

Other champions to consider for this path are power controllers such as Vision and Doctor Octopus.

Lane 4 – Far Right
Defenders: Punisher 2099, Electro, Annihilus, Rocket Raccoon, Spider-Man Classic, Nick Fury
Nodes: Counter Tactics, Combo Lock
Tips: So this is one instance where you may have to bring champions other than tech and live with the -50% attack penalty. There aren’t any great tech counters to Annihilus, so you’ll probably need to either bring your top mystic champion, or the Blade Trinity. Bringing Blade also will give you someone to deal with Electro, and that is the direction I took. Use Stark Spider-Man or Ghost for Punisher 2099, and you may also want to consider bringing a big damage mutant like Sunspot or Domino for Nick Fury. Sentinel can round out the team for Rocket, Spider-Man and the Magneto Boss Fight.

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