Variant 3 – Chapter 3.1 Guide


Here’s my guide for Back Issues (Variant) 3 Chapter 3.1.

General Thoughts:
The two left paths offer straightforward “easy path” options, while the two on the right require more planning and a higher skill level. All the top tech options can do some solid work in this chapter.

MVP Champs: Sentinel, Stark Spider-Man, Warlock, Ghost, Star-Lord

Global Nodes:
+400% Attack and Health Boost
Apex Manufacture: Sentinel gains Analysis Charges at 2x normal rate, and attacks deal 1% additional damage per charge.
Composite Construction: All Tech Champions are Immune to Ability Accuracy Modification
Stack Overflow: Additional Tech Champions on the Attacker’s Team increase the duration of Debuffs by 10%
Overclocked: All Champion Classes other than Tech suffer a -50% Base Attack Penalty.


Hit Me, I Dare You: Colossus gains a Chitin Charge when struck. At 10 charges, they are removed and replaced with a 50% Armor Up Buff lasting 30 seconds.
Chitinous Thorns: If Colossus has an Armor Up Buff, the attacker is inflicted with a 50% Bleed Debuff every time contact is made.
Enhanced Armor Up
Enhanced Abilities

Boss Fight Notes:
You’re going to need to bring a bleed-immune champion. Thankfully there are plenty of Tech champions to chose from.

Sentinel is a fine option, but he is a bit hampered in this match-up. Sentinel’s SP1 has a lot of hits, which builds up the charges on Colossus quickly. Additionally, Colossus is now immune to Incinerate, countering Sentinel’s best source of damage. I recommend getting Sentinel to 100 Analysis Charges, and then relying on the Shock damage from the heavy attack until you get a Special 3. This strategy takes advantage of the extended Debuff timer and keeps the hit count down.

The other prime counter for this fight is Warlock, as he also does Shock damage, but any of the other Bleed immune techs such as Vision, Darkhawk, Guillotine 2099, Nebula, and Ultron can do this fight.

Lane 1 – Far Left
Defenders: Ghost, Medusa, Nebula, Sentry, Spider-Gwen, The Hood
Nodes: Hurt Locker (performing the same special 2 times in a row causes the attacker to lose 50% health, unless the 5 second timer is removed by a heavy)
Tips: This is a straightforward path. Since you have parry, you can stun and counter Medusa when she has her Auto-Block active from Fury Buffs. As long as you understand Hurt Locker you’ll be fine. No need to bring any specific counters.

Lane 2 – Center Left
Defenders: Iron Man, Darkhawk, Mysterio, Vision Age of Ultron, Yellowjacket, Blue Team Cyclops, The Hood
Nodes: Special 1 Bliss & Enhanced Special 1 (Main Path), Hurt Locker (The Hood)
Tips: I recommend bringing either Ghost or Stark Spider-Man to deal with Darkhawk. You want to be able to bait his SP1 without taking any damage and keep him from entering a mode. Mysterio is also countered by Stark Spider-Man. The rest of the fights are easy.

Lane 3 – Center Right
Defenders: Daredevil Classic, Spider-Man Classic, Ultron Classic, Wasp, Stealth Spider-Man, Nightcrawler
Nodes: Spry, Gassed, Can’t Touch This
Tips: The nodes here reduce your attack and allow the defender to evade, so this is a path that requires counters and planning. A parry/heavy strategy with Sentinel can work. The extended Debuff timer is your friend. Also remember that Iron Man Infinity War’s replusor attacks can’t be evaded so, he has some value on this path as well.

If you wish to venture outside the Tech class, you can bring Corvus with Proxima, as there are charges to be had on the path.

Lane 4 – Far Right
Defenders: Red Hulk, Agent Venom, Ronin, Cull Obsidian, Punisher, Rogue
Nodes: Rapid Metabolism (Shrug Debuffs 80% Faster)
Tips: The Debuff shrug-off on the path does reduce Sentinel’s effectiveness, but he is still useful. I do think this is a path to go for the big damage and get the fights done quickly, so Stark Spider-Man, Ghost, and Star-Lord are all excellent options. I would save Stark Spider-Man for Punisher so you can utilize the Auto-Evade during his specials, unless you are very comfortable playing Ghost.

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