Variant 3 – Chapter 2.1 Guide


Here’s my guide for Back Issues (Variant 3) Chapter 2.1.

General Thoughts: I enjoyed Chapter 2.1. It has a good mix of challenges and an engaging boss fight which doesn’t feel cheap, despite the use of unblockable. I think this is one of the easier Variant 3 Chapters to 100%.

MVP Champs: Sentinel, Warlock, Ghost, Stark Spider-Man

Global Node:
+400 %Attack and Health Boost
Apex Manufacture: Sentinel gains Analysis Charges at 2x normal rate, and attacks deal 1% additional damage per charge.
Composite Construction: All Tech Champions are Immune to Ability Accuracy Modification
Stack Overflow: Additional Tech Champions on the Attacker’s Team increase the duration of Debuffs by 10%
Overclocked: All Champion Classes other than Tech suffer a -50% Base Attack Penalty.

Boss: Wolverine

+300% Health
Berserker Barrage: Whenever the Attacker is not under the effect of a Regeneration buff, the Defender gains a Passive Fury every second, increasing the Defender’s attack by +50%. Passive Fury stacks are removed if the Defender gains a regeneration buff.
Vigorous Assault: While the Defender has a Regeneration buff active, they gain +65% attack and all attacks are unblockable.
+100% Healing & Recovery
Enhanced Abilities
Mighty Charge

Boss Fight Notes:
This is one of those fights that is best to play without blocking any of the opponent’s hits. I used Sentinel, but I think any heavy-hitter will work. Note that simply heal-blocking the regeneration node doesn’t prevent the unblockable, you need to nullify it to remove the unblockable. Your best tactic is likely to hit into Wolverine’s block until you can bait and punish his SP1. I found this a pretty enjoyable fight.

Lane 1 – Far Left
Defenders: Hulk Ragnarok, Sentinel, Netflix Daredevil, Iron Fist, Ms. Marvel, Thor, She-Hulk
Nodes: Fisticuffs, Aggressive (Main Path)
Tips: When playing as Sentinel, hit into the opponent’s block to gain Analysis while waiting for the Fisticuffs node to expire. If you can, use Stark Spider-Man against Sentinel to get the robot 2x damage bonus on his SP2. None of the defenders on this lane should provide much of a challenge.

Lane 2 – Center Left
Defenders: Venom, Goldpool, Namor, Blade, X-23
Nodes: Enhanced Bleed, Debilitate (Main Path, +100% Health, Vigorous Assault, Enhanced Abilities, Aggressive (X-23)
Tips: Another great lane for Sentinel that is very straightforward, just don’t get hit if your champion isn’t bleed-immune, cause you’ll be dead. The X-23 fight is similar to the Wolverine Boss fight, so use the same tactics.

Lane 3 – Center Right
Defenders: Venompool, Venom The Duck, Moon Knight, Green Goblin, Deadpool
Nodes: Chaos, +200% Power Gain (Main Path), +100% Health, +150% Healing & Recovery, Disarray, Matador (Deadpool)
Tips: You’ve got that fun combination of Chaos and Power Gain, so you need to bait a ton of specials, but you don’t know what’s going to happen afterwards. Your best solution is to load up on the power control champions like Warlock, Vision, and Stark Spider-Man, or just Ghost everything.

Lane 4 – Far Right
Defenders: Phoenix, Doctor Voodoo, Abomination, Crossbones, Hulk, Sabretooth
Nodes: Enhanced Fury, Aggression: Fury (Main Path), +100% Health, Untamed Force, Limited Immunity (Sabretooth).
Tips: This lane isn’t too bad. Make sure you have a poison-immune for Abomination. The Sabretooth at the end of the path is an interesting fight. Untamed Force gives him a 20% chance to go unblockable on his first medium hit. Because of this, you do not want to parry his medium dash attack. If you are going to parry, make sure you are close to Sabretooth so he throws a light attack. Otherwise, you’re better off pushing him to a SP1 and then punishing.

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