Variant 3 – Chapter 2.2 Guide


Here’s my guide for Variant 3 Chapter 2.2.

General Thoughts: This is an interesting chapter with a great boss fight, but this is also where it gets a bit harder to 100% the map, as defenders like Korg, Thing, Domino and Dormammu are present.

MVP Champs: Sentinel, Warlock, Ghost, Doctor Octopus, Vision

Global Nodes:
+400% Attack and Health Boost
Apex Manufacture: Sentinel gains Analysis Charges at 2x normal rate, and attacks deal 1% additional damage per charge.
Composite Construction: All Tech Champions are Immune to Ability Accuracy Modification
Stack Overflow: Additional Tech Champions on the Attacker’s Team increase the duration of Debuffs by +10%
Overclocked: All Champion Classes other than Tech suffer a -50% Base Attack Penalty.

Boss: Storm

+300% Health
Typhoon: When the Defender actives a Special Attack, they place a passive Ion Pulse Charge on the Attacker. At 10 charges the Attacker is Power Burned for 100% of their current power. If the Attacker performs a SP3, all charges are removed.
Power Efficiency: Defenders Specials cost -50% power
Rolling Thunder
Unblockable Special Attacks
Protective Shielding

Boss Fight Notes:
Also long as you are competent at dodging Storm’s special attacks (and make sure you are because she’s going to throw a lot of them) there isn’t anything special to worry about. Sentinel will get to 100 Analysis almost immediately in this fight, but you can use any champion. Just don’t get hit, because with Rolling Thunder active, it’s going to really hurt.

Lane 1 – Far Left
Defenders: Gwenpool, Black Panther, Venom The Duck, Guillotine, Domino
Nodes: Enhanced Abilities, Enhanced Bleed, Enhanced Crits (Main Path), +100% Health, Enhanced Abilities, Enhanced SP2, Stupefy (Domino)
Tips: This is a good easy path, other than Domino none of the defenders offer much of a challenge beyond large health pools. Mysterio is a great Domino counter if he is in your roster.

Lane 2 – Center Left
Defenders: Red Skull, OG Vision, Hawkeye, Dormammu, Psylocke
Nodes: Plagued Mind (Main Path), +100% Health, +100% Power Gain, Unblockable Special Attacks (Psylocke)
Tips: Plagued Mind may slow you down a bit but it isn’t too much to worry about. For Dormammu you may want to bring a hard counter like Hulk Ragnarok or Blade and live with the damage reduction, or just go into the fight understanding you may lose a champion or two to the degeneration (or turn off dexterity). As the Boss Fight isn’t hard, losing a champ on one fight isn’t a big concern.

Lane 3 – Center Right
Defenders: Korg, Thing, Unstoppable Colossus, Morningstar, King Groot, Iceman
Nodes: Bioharzard, Toxic Splash (Main Path), +100% Health, Empowered Immunity, Armor (Iceman)
Tips: This path has much more to deal with than the two left paths. You’re going to need to load up on the double immunity champions to play it safe. Korg and Thing pose the usual challenges. Ghost, Iron Man Infinity War, and Warlock are all good Iceman counters.

Lane 4 – Far Right
Defenders: Doctor Strange, Symbiote Supreme, Thor Ragnarok, Heimdall, Cable, Mephisto
Nodes: Spite, +200% Power Gain (Main Path)
Tips: This is a great path to go full Ghost. If you are looking for power control, consider OG Vision, Warlock, or Doctor Octopus. Even with the damage reduction, Void is still viable against Mephisto, just play very slowly.

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