Variant 3 Polar Opposites – Recap & Guides


If you’re looking to tackle Variant 3 – Polar Opposites, here is all the information you need to get started!

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Overall Impressions:
If you’ve played through Variant 1 and 2 already, you’re going to notice a decrease in both the difficulty and the number of paths in each chapter, which is a welcome improvement. Variant 3 is also different from the first two in that it has one common theme in the global nodes. If you have a strong tech roster (I would recommend having at least three 5* 4/55 or better tech champs for the average player), this is the easiest Variant for an initial clear and to 100%, because it does not require the extensive roster that the others do.

The general theme for Polar Opposites is that tech champions are the best choice because all non-techs suffer a -50% attack penalty. There is also a global node that increases the length of tech champion’s debuffs, and the debuff length is increased for each additional tech on your quest team. This leads to some useful interactions we’ll cover below. Furthermore, the mutant hunting robot Sentinel gets a unique global buff which allows it to get to 100 Analysis Charges much faster than normal.

Champion Recommendations & Tips

First off, Variant 3 was specifically designed to give Sentinel a huge advantage. If you don’t have a 5* or 6*, even a 5/50 4* can do major work. While Sentinel doesn’t need to be awakened, it really helps with the damage ramp-up. At the most basic level, you want to get your Sentinel to 100 Analysis and then launch a SP2 for maximum damage. If you are unfamiliar with Sentinel and want to take a deeper dive into one of my favorite champions, check out my Champion Guide to Sentinel.

Stark Spider-Man
He’s a great champ, but you’ve probably been focused on his SP2 damage, which is amazing of course. But what you don’t want to forget here is that the increased debuff timer also applies to the stun on his SP1, allowing you to stun-lock many opponents if you bring a team of Stark Spider-Man, Mile Morales, and three additional tech champs.

I’m not a Warlock owner, but after reviewing the lanes in Variant 3, Warlock might be the second best option after Sentinel. With his heal block, shock damage, power control, and immunities, he can take pretty much any fight.

Ghost is arguably the tech champ that benefits the least from the global nodes, since she doesn’t rely on damaging debuffs to do big damage. That being said, if you’re a great Ghost player and just want to bring the Quantum Trinity, you’re going to mow through a lot of Variant 3.

Doctor Octopus
Doctor Octopus will give you huge value on a number of lanes that require power control options.

Much like Doctor Octopus, Vision will bring power control to the table, and also is double immune, which is also helpful.

Yes, it’s time to get Star-Lord off the bench. The large health pools mean Star-Lord can get ramped-up and do some big time damage. I used Star-Lord for some of the easier fights so my Sentinel was at full health for the more difficult ones.

Other Options:
Here’s a few other options to consider. Darkhawk is double immune, which will be useful for the Bioharard path. Guillotine 2099 is a champion I don’t have to play right now, but clearly does big damage. Iron Man Infinity War will benefit from the extended debuff timers and can be a good pinch hitter in certain match-ups, like against Iceman. Mysterio is a great counter to Domino and can save you some revives. Nebula is underrated, and her shock damage makes her one of the better options for the final boss.

If you choose to go outside the tech class, it will likely be because you need to counter a specific difficult defender like Korg, Mephisto, Magik, or Dormammu that deals unavoidable damage that the tech class doesn’t counter. Your usual go-to champions for these match-ups like Namor, Blade, Hulk Ragnarok, and Void will still work, it will just be a longer fight.

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