Variant 3 – Chapter 1.1 Guide


Here’s my guide for Variant 3 – Chapter 1.1.

General Thoughts:
Only 3 paths in Chapter 1.1., that’s a great way to start! Either the left or right path can be considered an Easy Path.

MVP Champs: Sentinel, Ghost, Stark Spider-Man, Warlock.

Global Nodes:
+400% Attack and Health Boost
Apex Manufacture: Sentinel gains Analysis Charges at 2x normal rate, and attacks deal 1% additional damage per charge.
Composite Construction: All Tech Champions are Immune to Ability Accuracy Modification
Stack Overflow: Additional Tech Champions on the Attacker’s Team increase the duration of Debuffs by 10%
Overclocked: All Champion Classes other than Tech suffer a -50% Base Attack Penalty.

Boss: Magneto Marvel Now

+300% Health
Flux Dispersal: Each time the Defender is struck, they gain a Dispersal Charge which reduces all Damage taken from Hits by 5%. Being struck by a heavy attack removes all Charges.
Enhanced Special 2

Boss Fight Notes:
Magneto Marvel Now isn’t a difficult fight, but you do want to keep a few things in mind. The SP2 will wreck you, so bait the SP1. Limber is active, and you will want to throw some heavy attacks, so make sure you use your stuns wisely. If you’ve got a big damage special, I would recommend parry-heavy-parry-special to maximize the damage.

Lane 1 – Left
Defenders: Wasp, Groot, Red Hulk, Abomination, Scarlet Witch, Old Man Logan
Nodes: Arc Overload 2.0, Bleed (Main Path), +100% Health, Enhanced Fury, Recovery, Bloodletting (Old Man Logan).
Tips: Arc Overload and Bleed, sounds like a job for our favorite mutant hunting robot, Sentinel! Warlock would also be a great option here, but a heavy-hitter like Guillotine 2099, or Ghost that can out damage the regeneration is also an option. Remember you’ll want a poison immune champion for the Abomination and Scarlet Witch fights.

Lane 2 – Center
Defenders: Howard The Duck, Joe Fixit, Ultron, M.O.D.O.K., Korg, Cable
Nodes: Spectre, Debilitate, Stun Immunity (Main Path), +100% Health, Special 2 Bias, Recovery, Debilitate (Cable).
Tips: Spectre will reverse your healing, so take that into account (be careful with Suicides, don’t use Sentinel’s SP3 twice in a fight). Stun Immune M.O.D.O.K. can give people a problem, but remember there is a key part of Sentinel’s kit that can help you here. When Sentinel is at 100 Analysis charges, the Incinerate Debuffs from the SP2 can be applied through a block, so you don’t have to worry about actually landing the special attack to take M.O.D.O.K. out.

Lane 3 – Right
Defenders: She-Hulk, Netflix Daredevil, Thing, Green Goblin, Punisher, Killmonger
Nodes: Limber, Transducer (Main Path)
Tips: You have limited parries because of Limber, so just keep that in mind. I like Stark Spider-Man for the Green Goblin and Punisher match-ups to take advantage of the auto-evade during specials. For Killmonger, remember that Sentinel has armor break on the SP1 to prevent Reverberation Damage.

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