How The August 2020 Side Quest Works – Heralds of Galactus


UPDATE 8/6/20 – Kabam is working on a fix to allow Summoners to receive rewards for running a quest multiple times as intended.

Here’s all the info you need to maximize your resource gain from the August Side Quest, Heralds of Galactus, in Marvel Contest of Champions. This Side Quest has a couple of very important features that you need to keep in mind before you get started.

Read Kabam’s Quest Announcement

Download The Rewards Spreadsheet


You will only get 28 Entry Tickets (Galactus’s Favor) over the course of the month from a special login calendar. Entry Tickets can be used to enter 1 difficulty level of the Side Quest. If you back out of a quest, or select the wrong difficulty level, you will lose your ticket and you will not get it back. Be very careful with how you use your tickets!


Heralds of Galactus has 5 difficulty levels: Normal, Heroic, Master, Epic, and Herald Difficulty. Herald Difficulty is this month’s Canadian Difficulty and is tuned to Cavalier Players. You must be Level 55 to access Herald Difficulty.

As your tickets are limited to just 28, you can’t play all the difficulty levels of the Side Quest. Instead, you should focus on the highest level of difficulty you can reasonably complete.


There will be a rotating set of challenges that will reset daily at 1pm EST.

Monday – Skill
Tuesday – Mixed Classes
Wednesday – Cosmic
Thursday – Tech
Friday – Mystic
Saturday – Mutant
Sunday – Science


The Wednesday/Friday/Sunday challenges will reward Hero Crystal Shards, while the Thursday/Saturday/Monday quests will reward rank-up materials. The Tuesday quest rewards a combination of shards and catalysts.

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What’s exciting is Heralds of Galactus has a “Choose Your Own Adventure” aspect to the rewards. If you wish, you can spend your tickets just on the shard days, or just on the catalyst days, it’s totally up to you. You can save up your tickets and run the same quest multiple times in a single day. Just remember to spend all your tickets before Heralds of Galactus ends on Wednesday, September 2 at 1pm EST.

If you need help deciding how to spend your tickets, DOWNLOAD THE REWARDS SPREADSHEET. It has the rewards matrix for all 5 difficulties, and you can customize your ticket spend to see how your rewards will stack up over the course of the month.



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