The 8 Rounds of Arena You Should Always Do


I know not everyone enjoys Arena in Marvel Contest of Champions, but the fact is playing Arena can really help with your account progression, especially if you’re not going to be spending much money on the game. The Arena highlights are of course always focused on what the latest 5* Featured is going for, but the fact is, for the vast majority of Summoners, grinding for the featured champ isn’t possible. That being said, the steady flow of resources that can be gained from completing just a few Arena milestones will add up over time.

Here’s my baseline routine that helps me get the most out of a little Arena time.

8 Round (24 Fights) Arena Grind:
2 Rounds in the 2* Arena
3 Rounds in the 3* Arena
3 Rounds in the 4* Basic Arena
(Using Max Champs)

Total Rewards:
Units – 35
Battlechips – 5,920
Gold – 20,830
PCH Shards – 3,500
Arena Boost – 2

By spreading your time out in the lower level Arenas, you’re going to hit the first 2 milestones very quickly. This will give you an immediate sense of accomplishment and positive reinforcement, which can be a big issue with Arena grinds. By getting into a rhythm of doing this grind twice a week, you’re going to see your resources accumulate over time, particularly Units and Battlechips. I think this is helpful for players at any level, but it is especially valuable for progressing players, as you’ll be able to rank-up your champs faster and use the units to unlock masteries and purchase cache offers.

Good luck with your grind!


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