MCOC Release Notes V32.0 – July 2021

Summoners! Hercules and America Chavez join The Contest, the Summer of Pain continues, and the Summoner Showdown returns this July! Expect to see v32.0 available for download on July 6. Read the Official Release Notes. V32.0 HIGHLIGHTS STARFALL – EQASSAULT OF OLYMPUS – SQHERCULESAMERICA CHAVEZRONIN, DIABLO, BISHOP BUFFSSUMMONER SHOWDOWNSUMMER OF PAINFIXES & IMPROVEMENTS STARFALL –Continue reading “MCOC Release Notes V32.0 – July 2021”

MCOC v31.0 Release Notes

Summoners! V31.0 looks like it will be a big update for Marvel Contest of Champions. This May will see the release of Act 7.2 and Carina’s Challenge, 4 champion buffs, and the debuts of Shang-Chi and Mister Negative. Expect to see v31.0 available for download on May 3 or 4, with events beginning on MayContinue reading “MCOC v31.0 Release Notes”

Release Notes – MCOC v30.2 – April 2021

Summoners! Battleworld once again invades the Battlerealm as we have a Realm/MCOC crossover event in April. We’ll also see the release of Variant 7, buffs for Nova, Crossbones, and Howard The Duck, and the new Auto-Play feature! Expect to see v30.2 available for download on April 5 or 6, with monthly events beginning April 7Continue reading “Release Notes – MCOC v30.2 – April 2021”

Around The Battlerealm – February 27, 2021

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Saturday, February 27, 2021. Schedule Notes: 100% Roster Availability ends at 2pm EST. Check out the Release Notes for v30.1, which should be available for download on March 1 or 2. RichTheMan shares an early look at the March Side Quest. Seatin looks at theContinue reading “Around The Battlerealm – February 27, 2021”

Release Notes: MCOC v29.2 – January 2021

Summoners! 2020 is thankfully behind us (although it was a pretty great year for MCOC), and I am very excited for January because it will be a Mutant-Themed month featuring Jubilee and Stryfe! Expect to see v29.2 available for download on January 4 or 5. Read The Full Release Notes. 29.2 HIGHLIGHTSX-Men: Prodigal Son Event QuestSide Quest: Jubilee’sContinue reading “Release Notes: MCOC v29.2 – January 2021”

Release Notes: MCOC v29.1 – December 2020

Summoners! It’s Marvel Contest of Champions 6th Anniversary, so you know it’s going to be a crazy month indeed. We’ll see the release of one of Marvel’s wackiest characters, Spider-Ham, along with the release of both Book 2 Act 1 Chapter 1 and Variant 6, a number of holiday-themed calendars, and the return of Gifting!Continue reading “Release Notes: MCOC v29.1 – December 2020”

Release Notes: MCOC v29.0 – November 2020

Summoners! November is all about the Hulks! Two new Gamma-Irradiated Champions, Immortal Hulk and Immortal Abomination are set to join the Contest this month. Be on the lookout for their Champion Spotlights, which will be released soon, and expect to see v29.0 available for download on November 2 or 3. Read The Full Release Notes.Continue reading “Release Notes: MCOC v29.0 – November 2020”

Around The Battlerealm – October 1, 2020

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Thursday, October 1, 2020. Schedule Notes: Round 1 of the 4-Star Basic Sorcerer Supreme and Magneto Featured Arenas begin at 1pm EST. Nexus Crystal drops will be added to Premium Hero, Grandmaster, and Cavalier Crystals at 1pm EST. The Tier 4 Basic Arena begins atContinue reading “Around The Battlerealm – October 1, 2020”

Around The Battlerealm – August 29, 2020

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Saturday, August 29, 2020. Schedule Notes: 100% Roster Availability ends at 2pm EST when Alliance War attack resumes. The Alliance Quest Series begins at 3pm EST. Release Notes for MCOC v28.1 are now available! Set a reminder for the debut of the September Motion Comic,Continue reading “Around The Battlerealm – August 29, 2020”

August 2020 Update v28.0 Release Notes

Summoners! Here’s some info to get you prepped for what’s happening in Marvel Contest of Champions next month. Expect to see the v28.0 update available for download around August 3. Read the Full Release Notes. NEW CHAMPIONS A former member of the Nova Corps, Gabriel Lan is now infused with the Power Cosmic (thus makingContinue reading “August 2020 Update v28.0 Release Notes”