MCOC Release Notes – v34.0 – March 2022

After a slow start to 2022, v34.0 looks to be the first major update of the year. Along with the usual monthly event quest, March features the debut of Act 7.4, a new set of Carina’s Challenges, an International Women’s Day Side Quest, and more! Read on for all the details.


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Captain Britain Champion Spotlight

Omega Sentinel Champion Spotlight


X-Men: The Last Word EQ
Captain Britain
Omega Sentinel
Prime Sentinel Reprogramming
Act 7 Chapter 4
Daily Class Catalyst Update
Carina’s Challenges
Arena Quickfill
Pyscho-Man Buff
6-Star Max Sig Crystals


In March’s Event Quest, the warring mutant factions of Krakoa, Clan Akkaba, and the Brotherhood are brought together by The Grandmaster and Captain Britain to settle the issue of who will lead the mutants of the Battlerealm. Unfortunately, a new mutant-hunting threat will put them all at risk.


Captain Britain is a Mutant champion and is the second version of Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock (Psylocke) to be added to Marvel Contest of Champions. Betsy has a long and confusing history but has been one of the most popular and enduring members of the X-Men for over 35 years now. Her most well-known incarnation – Psylocke – is actually Betsy’s consciousness in the body of an Asian assassin. Recently, Betsy has been able to return to her original body, and taken up the mantle of Captain Britain, a role long held by her twin brother, Brian. As Captain Britain, it is Betsy’s duty to protect the Multi-verse.

In the main Marvel 616-Universe, Betsy Braddock first appeared in 1976’s Captain Britain #8, and has gone on to appear in the comics over 750 times since. Betsy assumed the mantle of Captain Britain in the 2019 Excalibur series.Betsy Braddock was created by Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe.

Based on her character history, likely synergy partners include Psylocke, Wolverine, Sabretooth, Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops, Mojo, and Archangel.


Omega Sentinel is a Tech champion. Indian law enforcement officer Karima Shapandar was captured by Bastion and then transformed into Sentinel. This was a part of a sleeper program, and as a “Prime Sentinel” she was meant to activate when a mutant was near. Karima made her way to Genosha (following its decimation by Sentinels) and found Professor X and Magneto, who were able to disable her programming, returning her free will but leaving her Sentinel enhancements intact. For a time, Karima was able to live and work with the X-Men, but eventually her Sentinel programming was reactivated.

As a human augmented with Sentinel technology, Omega Sentinel has vast physical strength, enhanced speed and senses, flights, nanite regeneration, energy blasts and shields, and the ability to communicate with other machines.

Omega Sentinel first appeared in 2000’s X-Men Unlimited #27 in a story that revealed the origin of X-Man Neal Shaara (Thunderbird). She would have to wait four years for her next appearances, a run in the 2004 Excalibur series. She regularly appeared in the X-Men series during the mid-2000s and then sporadically in the early 2010s, until the character vanished for about 5 years until resurfacing during House of X. Omega Sentinel was created by legendary X-Men Writer Chris Claremont, along with Joe Pruett and Brett Booth.

Based on Omega Sentinel’s history, synergies seem likely with Sentinel and Nimrod, with Professor X, Magneto, Psylocke, Rogue, and Shadowcat also potential options.


This community-contributed quest will be MCOC’s 2022 International Women’s Day event. While this isn’t Boss Rush like past IWD events, the promo art features six female champions – Angela, Peni Parker, Medusa, Kitty Pryde, Gwenpool, and Quake – who will be the Side Quest Mini Bosses. Community members Cat Murdock, Royal, Starfighter, Dragon, Padme, and Lizer contributed to this quest. Look for more details on the Side Quest coming soon.

Read the Official Forum Post on the Side Quest


The final chapter of Act 7 is almost here! Superior Kang enters the Battlerealm, and his goal is conquest. Help Carina and a team of unlikely allies to defeat him.


The Class Catalyst quests will no longer rotate with each day of the week. Starting with v34.0, a Catalyst Vault will replace the daily quests, and you will be able to pick the class of your choice as a reward.


A new set of endgame challenges will go live with v34.0. These objectives will only be available for Thronebreaker Summoners, and while we don’t know the specifics yet, they will require specific champions and rarities.  Kabam has teased some of the Challenges take place in Abyss of Legends.


Arena Quickfill is a new tool that will allow you to auto-select the next three champions for arena, based on your current filters. Additionally, a quit button will be added to the Pre-Fight screen.


Psycho-Man will receive a value buff this month. Additionally, Guillotine’s regeneration rate will be increased to 3% of all damage taken by the opponent.


Another often-requested quality of life update, max 6-Star Signature Crystals, is finally coming to MCOC. Contents of the crystal have not been announced as of the release notes. Summoners who have recently duplicated a max signature 6-Star will receive Max Signature Ability Crystals in April.


● Corrected Quantum Surge node description to indicate that it provides 1% of Max Power, and not 2% 

● Fixed an issue where Overseer’s always active ability description did not include “Immune to Nullify, Fate Seal and Stagger.” 

● Fixed an issue where Guardian was missing information on his Abilities page 

● Fixed an issue where Cull Obsidian was missing information on his Abilities page 

● Moved Dr Voodoo’s Energy Resistance while Blocking to the “Passive” header on his Abilities page. 

● Fixed Synergy formatting issues for Kingpin and Abomination (Immortal) 

● Black Widow (Deadly Origin)’s SP3 Sabotage and Evade debuffs will no longer stack 

● Capes will now properly animate during Howard the Ducks SP3 

● Fixed an issue where Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)’s Pre-Fight abilities mentioned Slow multiple times 

● Fixed an issue where Hood was not triggering Occult Equilibrium Node 

● Fixed an issue where Toad was not triggering Stun when applying his 10th Poison 

● Fixed an issue where Angela’s SP3 ability description had duplicate information 

● Fixed an issue where Yellowjacket’s Slow on Heavy was applying against Skill Champions 

● Made improvements to a situation where Ghost was not able to phase quickly enough after using a Special attack, and was taking damage from Recoil while using her Synergy with Hood


I’m excited for March. I’m always up for more X-Men related champions. But more importantly, v34.0 contains content for those Endgame players who have rightly been frustrated with the lack of challenges presented in-game over the past few months. Hopefully the Act 7 rewards and new Carina’s Challenges will be able to spark some excitement for those players.


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