MCOC Release Notes V32.0 – July 2021


Hercules and America Chavez join The Contest, the Summer of Pain continues, and the Summoner Showdown returns this July! Expect to see v32.0 available for download on July 6.

Read the Official Release Notes.




In July’s Event Quest, Captain Marvel teams up with the Summoner to deal with instabilities with the borders of the Battlerealm. The pair discover star-shaped portals, inadvertently created by America Chavez. The portals have also transported Hercules to the Battlerealm, and along with him hundreds of new enemies.

Howard the Duck decides to join in on the fun as our heroes attempt to set things right and along the way learn more about the past and future of the Battlrealm.


In the Side Quest, help Hercules prepare for an epic assault. This quest will feature a login calendar that will give you an entry fee (Club of Hephaestus) which you can use to Train (earn catalysts) or Recruit (earn shards). As always, look for a full breakdown here on Frontline early next week!


The next champion to join the Contest will be the Summoner’s Choice Champion: Hercules! Hercules is the son of Zeus and a mortal woman named Alcmena, and is a Cosmic Champion. Thanks to his Olympian heritage, Hercules has demigod level strength, stamina, and durability.

Hercules first appeared in Marvel Contest in Journey into Mystery Annual #1 in 1965 where he clashed with the Mighty Thor. When he first appeared, some people doubted he was the Hercules of myth, but he is in fact the real deal and is over 3,300 years old. Since then, Hercules has appeared in the main-616 comic universe 700 times and been a member of both the Avengers and the Defenders. He played a key role in World War Hulk as the guardian of young Amadeus Cho and also destroyed the Thor clone “Ragnarok” during the first super-hero Civil War. Hercules has not appeared in the MCU, although movies like the Eternals and the She-Hulk series could provide possible introduction points for him.

Look for Hercules early access bundles on July 8 and his first arena on July 15.


America Chavez will be the second champion to join the Contest in July. She is a Mystic champion with abilities including flight, super-speed and strength, and the ability to create “Star-Portals” that allow her to travel through space and time, and even the multiverse itself. Look to see America Chavez in the Featured Arena on July 29

America Chavez is a relatively new Marvel character, created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta and debuting in 2011’s Vengeance #1. She is not native to Earth-616 but in fact comes from a dimension outside of time called the Utopian Parallel. Since being displaced to the main Marvel comics timeline she has participated in Civil War II and joined the reformed West Coast Avengers, and appeared in over 140 Marvel Comics. America Chavez has not appeared in the MCU.


Ronin, Diablo, and Bishop will all see buffs in July. The buffs will go live as soon as you download v32.0.


The Summoner Showdown returns on July 12. While the format is similar to last year, the competition is restricted to Thronebreaker players and there is an entry limit of 35 attempts per round.


The Summer of Pain continues with 4 more fights in July, and Thronebreakers will receive access to extra difficult objectives that need to be completed to earn top rewards.


● The full Signature Ability description of a Champion will now be visible before a Champion is Awakened.

● Jubilee: Fixed an issue where Heavy attacks would whiff when thrown consecutively.

● Diablo: Base set damage has been changed to energy damage instead of a mix between energy and physical.

● Hulk (Immortal): Updated info page to specify that 15% gamma is required to trigger Immortality.

● Old Man Logan: Updated Old Man Logan’s Special Attack 3 Armor Penetration to be more consistent with how we calculate this for other champions and added this information to his info page.

● Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan): Fixed issue during Special Attack 3 where her arm would not be visible.

● Vulture: Updated the Special 1 and Special 2 Attack’s Power Drain to interact with other buffs and champion abilities within the Contest.

● Kingpin: Updated the HUD icon for the Overpower Buff so it will not be confused with a Fury Buff.

● XL Champions: Fixed issue where the legs would cause visual clipping during the run-in animation.

● Mister Negative: Fixed issue where the Dexterity Buff would occasionally not trigger.

● Annihilus: Updated info page to specify that his obliterating strikes purify incoming stun debuffs and is not an immunity.

● Purgatory: Fixed issue where the victory screen would take 20 seconds to appear instead of the usual 3.

● Special Chaos Inversion Buff: Updated HUD icon to display the reverse controls icon.

● Ant-Man: Fixed issue where the opponent could block after being hit by the first hit of Ant Man’s Special 1 Attack.

● The Gloves Are Off Buff: Fixed issue where the Increased chance to trigger a Fury would not exceed a 45% increase.

● The Overseer – Space Surfers Synergy: Updated info page to specify that the Precision obtained is a buff.

● The Overseer: Updated the Auto Block pause description to better specify the functionality of this ability.
● Mangog: Fixed an issue where the Special 3 Attack would not blackout the entire screen as a defender in Oscorp Lab.

● Smorgasbord Buff Node: Fixed issue where Platinumpool was unable to be armor broken after Medusa used her Special Attack 3.

● Kinetic Brewing Buff Node: Due to the Diablo update, this Buff Node is no longer compatible with Diablo’s kit. Therefore, this Buff Node is being removed.

● Yondu: Updated the info page to include a missing line: “The strength and precision of Yondu’s Yaka Arrows allow it to trigger Critical Hits and Abilities through an enemy block”


There isn’t a lot of new information in the release notes as we’ve known Hercules and America Chavez were going to be joining the Contest for the past month. I think how this month is received will largely depend on the quality of the two new champions, the difficulty of the Summer of Pain Thronebreaker objectives, and the side-quest rewards. We’ll see what happens next week when v32.0 becomes available for download.


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