Around The Battlerealm – September 10, 2021

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Friday, September 10, 2021. Schedule Notes: No Schedule Updates. Karatemike showcases Ghost-Rider with some 6-Star Rank 3 gameplay. Kam tanks the Grandmaster’s SP2 with Kitty Pryde. -Dano357

MCOC Release Notes V32.2 – September 2021

Summoners! Kitty Pryde and Nimrod join The Contest, the X-Men solve Marauder Mysteries, and Shang-Chi has a special challenge for Summoners this September. Expect to see v32.2 available for download on August 30 or 31. Read the Official Release Notes. V32.2 HIGHLIGHTS Future Shock EQMarauder Mysteries SQKitty PrydeGamora & Miles BuffsShang-Chi’s ChallengeFixes & Improvements X-MEN:Continue reading “MCOC Release Notes V32.2 – September 2021”

Release Notes: MCOC v28.2

Summoners! After a long 5-week Event Quest, the October update is almost here. As previously reported, Cosmic Ghost Rider and Red Goblin are set to make their Marvel Contest of Champions debuts next month. Be on the lookout for their Champion Spotlights, which will be released soon, and expect to see v28.2 available for downloadContinue reading “Release Notes: MCOC v28.2”

Incursions Synergy Teams

Summoners! I hope you’re enjoying Incursions as much as I am. If you’re looking to build a synergy team for Incursions, here are some of my suggestions. My criteria for selecting a 3-champion Incursions synergy team is that the champs must come from three different classes, and I’m giving preference to champions that have regenerationContinue reading “Incursions Synergy Teams”

Around The Battlerealm – March 16, 2020

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Monday, March 16, 2020. Schedule Notes: Round 2 of the 4* Ghost-Rider and Mole Man Featured Arenas at 1pm EST. Summoner Sigil Owners, your Solo Event, Gold Quest, and items on a 7-day timer and the 5* Featured Crystal in the Black-ISO Market reset atContinue reading “Around The Battlerealm – March 16, 2020”

The Week Ahead in MCOC – March 15-21, 2020

Summoners! We’ve got more content headed our way next week in Marvel Contest of Champions. The Feelin’ Green Event (including the End of the Rainbow Login Calendar) kicks off on Tuesday, March 17 at 1pm EST, followed by Week 3 of the Mole Man Expeditions on Wednesday, March 18 at 1pm EST. Alliance War SeasonContinue reading “The Week Ahead in MCOC – March 15-21, 2020”

Around The Battlerealm – March 12, 2020

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Thursday, March 12, 2020. Schedule Notes: Round 1 of the 4* Ghost-Rider and Mole Man Featured Arenas begin at 1pm EST. 100% roster availability until Alliance War attack resumes around 2pm EST. Episode 116 of the UMCOC Podcast is now live on Soundcloud. Seatin takesContinue reading “Around The Battlerealm – March 12, 2020”