Release Notes – MCOC v30.2 – April 2021


Battleworld once again invades the Battlerealm as we have a Realm/MCOC crossover event in April. We’ll also see the release of Variant 7, buffs for Nova, Crossbones, and Howard The Duck, and the new Auto-Play feature! Expect to see v30.2 available for download on April 5 or 6, with monthly events beginning April 7 at 1pm EST.

Read the Official Release Notes

EQ – Clash of Champions
SQ – The Contest of Realms
Jabari Panther
Silver Centurion
Buffs: Howard The Duck, Crossbones, & Nova
Variant 7 – Arachnid Action
Auto-Fight Update
Bug Fixes & Improvements


In April’s Event Quest, “Clash of Champions,” team up with Howard the Duck and fight your way out of the Blue Area of The Moon.

Where is the House of Pool in MROC? Deadpool is not pleased…


Deadpool has learned that he isn’t in Realm of Champions, and he is not happy about it. Wade has taken matters into his own hands and designed a contest of his own. Defeat Platinumpool’s Realm of Champions themed targets and earn your entry into a special quest that will have random rewards on the path detours.

I’ll have a full Side-Quest breakdown as always out early next week, but for now you can check out the Official Forum Post.


Jabari Panther is one of the Black Panther designs playable in Realm of Champions. This Skill champion uses a spear in battle, and dresses in Jabari armor to impress the Gorilla God Ghekre. In MROC, the Black Panther is a quick strike champion that can do a ton of bleed damage but is a bit of a glass cannon. It will be interesting to see if the MCOC design is similar.


The Silver Centurion is based off the Iron Legionnaire in Realm of Champions. As you might expect with an Iron Man suit, this is a Tech Champion. This particular version of the Iron Man suit is worn by Harry Rhodes, a descendant of the original War Machine. The armor itself seems to be inspired by the Armor Wars era Iron Man suit and features two attack drones.


There are three champion buffs going live with the April Update: Howard The Duck, Crossbones, and Nova. Howard The Duck is the full rework, while Crossbones and Nova will receive smaller scale improvements. Look for new Champion Spotlights coming soon!


Oh yes, we’re getting another Variant, but it’s not the one you were expecting. Instead of Rocket and Groot’s Holiday Special we’re receiving Arachnid Action. The original quest was released in January of 2016 and featured the Contest debut of Miles Morales.

This Variant will limit the damage of all non #Hero champions, although you will be allowed to take #Mercenaries and #Villains into the quests. Each #Hero on your team will boost the Ability Accuracy of #Hero champions. There will also be class-based Champion requirements for each quest. Look for more details and a release date coming soon!


Auto-Fight is now Auto-Play! When Auto-Fight is turned on, you will now automatically continue to move forward down the path. You will only stop if you reach a fork that requires you to manually choose a path. This is a much-requested feature and should be a great timesaver when running low-level Event Quests.


● Agent Venom: Updated Special 1 and Special 2 to ensure the correct tagging (contact/non-contact or physical/projectile) on all hits.

● Civil Warrior: Fixed issue where Special 2 would whiff if intercepting the opponent.

● Collector (Abyss): Updated info page to specify the Purify bypasses Purify reduction.

● Doctor Octopus: Updated the Chemistry Research Heal Block to allow this Heal Block to interact with more areas of the game such as the Infectious Wrath Buff.

● Killmonger: Updated Info page to specify that counterattack causes Killmonger to become Unstoppable.

● Kingpin’s Bane of Hell’s Kitchen Synergy: Fixed an issue where the opponent was still able to passively evade.

● Magneto: Updated Info page to specify the correct max Prowess charges from charging a heavy.

● Magneto (House of X): Fixed issue where Magneto was considered to be Bleedable even though he is immune to Bleed.

● Odin: Battle of Realms Synergy updated info page to specify each “living team member” signifying that Odin counts within this synergy.

● Omega Red: Fixed an issue where Death Field Degen would not deal the correct damage when Spore count increased, and now interacts correctly with Immortal Abomination and Spider-Ham’s abilities.

● Psycho-Man: Increased slide back distance on Heavy attacks to prevent looping Heavy attacks in a corner.

● Ronan: Fixed issue where Rocket Raccoon’s Signature ability was displayed in Ronan’s Info page.

● Do You Bleed Buff Node: Updated description to state the defender takes 100% less damage from any sources except for blocked attacks and bleed effects.

● Starburst Buff Node: Fixed issue where Starburst did not inflict any damage.

● X-ercise Dominance Buff Node: Fixed issue where any Unblockable Special Attack would trigger the Fury instead of the Unblockable Buff from this node.

The is another Realm crossover month, which will likely be divisive amongst the community. Storm Pyramid X and Sorcerer Supreme turned out alright, so hopefully we’ll be able to say the same about Jabari Panther and Silver Centurion. Variant 7 is a welcome piece of permanent content for players, and I’m super excited by the quality-of-life improvement that Auto-Play will bring.



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