MCOC Cyber Weekend Tips


Cyber Weekend is almost upon us! These are the biggest deals of the year, and there will be a lot of hype and Crystal Openings on Youtube over the next few days. These are the best deals we’ll see until July 4th, 2021, so the excitement is understandable. However, with all the noise in the community, it’s important to go into Cyber Weekend with a plan so afterwards you feel any purchases were indeed worth it.


Marvel Contest of Champions Cyber Weekend Deals run Friday, November 27 at 1pm EST through Tuesday, December 1 at 1pm EST. The deals that go live on Friday WILL NOT CHANGE during the Cyber Weekend sale.

Cyber Weekend 2020 In Game Message

However, if you move up a progression level during the event (for example Uncollected to Cavalier) the higher level deals should unlock for you. I say “should” because this is how it has worked in the past, but there is no guarantee that this will be the case for Cyber Weekend 2020. Here’s what Kabam Miike had to say on the matter.

Deals are tied to Progression Titles, and there will be 4 Levels of offers – Pre-Uncollected, Uncollected, Cavalier, and Thronebreaker.

In the past there have been real money deals where additional items were added to the regular Unit Store Packs. Expect to see purchase limits for the Cyber Weekend Unit Packs. Check out Seatin’s review of the July 4th Deals to see what happened last time Kabam released major offers.

Additionally there are usually Cache (or Bundle) Offers that can be purchased for Units, offering great value for Free-To-Play Summoners. These offers typically start with a 1K Unit Deal, then a 4K, and finally a 10K offer. Last July 4th there was also a choice between a 3k or a 6K offer after purchasing the 10K deal. All these Unit Deals can only be purchased once. See the Cyber Weekend 2019 and July 4th 2020 Cache Offers for information on past deals.


Don’t feel pressured to spend. You can never win Marvel Contest of Champions. You’re just paying to go faster. Don’t get caught up in all the hype and the crazy openings you’ll see this weekend.

If you are going to spend, set a budget before you see the deals, and stick to it. Buy a gift card or put money on your Apple ID in advance if it helps with impulse control.

Have a goal going in. What you would like to walk away from Cyber Weekend with? If you’re not a whale, you’re probably going to have to choose between multiple options.

For the unit bundles, know your personal value for shards, signature stones, catalysts, and rank-up gems. It’s easy to get wowed by the sheer quantity of resources in a bundle or a flashy endgame item and not realize it’s a value trap. Check out the updated Unit Deal Value Spreadsheet for my thoughts on Cache Offers.

Understand where your roster is at, and generally where you are going between now and July 4, which is the next time we’ll see this level of deals. Are you still focusing on 5-Stars or have you moved on to 6-Stars? Do you need to acquire champions, rank them up, or feed them Signature Stones?

If 5-Stars still matter to you (Cavalier with less than 20 Rank 5 5-Star Champions) you’re going to see a lot more value in the 5-Star material deals. Prestige aside, 5-Stars are still totally viable for content. If you try to rush and skip a step, you’ll end up paying a premium for resources you may not be able to immediately utilize, and sacrificing roster depth, which is more important than ever.

I hope that was helpful. Be sure to check the Frontline MCOC homepage for reviews when the deals go live.


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