5 Reasons to Rank 5 Stars Over 6 Stars

Summoners! Recently I was asked on Twitter if there were any circumstances where a 5 star should be ranked over a 6 star. That’s a really great question, and has important implications for overall roster construction. To answer the question, yes, I think there are multiple times when a 5 star should be ranked overContinue reading “5 Reasons to Rank 5 Stars Over 6 Stars”

Roster and Progression Update – September 2019

Summoners! Here’s my account tour for September 2019. Overall, I’m very happy with the top of my roster, which can handle pretty much anything the Uncollected EQ throws at it. Blade, Mephisto and Stark Spider-man are all Sig 200, Corvus Glaive is Sig 131 and headed all the way up. My 6* roster falls inContinue reading “Roster and Progression Update – September 2019”

Early Team Building Tips For The Sinister Labs

Summoners! Mr. Sinister appears to following in M.O.D.O.K’s tiny, mutated footsteps and is opening his own Laboratory. Here’s a quick rundown on the format. Time: Wednesday, August 7 to Wednesday, September 4. Resets every 24 hours (28 times). Format: 4 difficulty tiers, each with 2 paths. 6 fights per path. Total of 8 paths perContinue reading “Early Team Building Tips For The Sinister Labs”