Roster and Progression Update – September 2019


Here’s my account tour for September 2019.

Account Prestige: 9,820

Overall, I’m very happy with the top of my roster, which can handle pretty much anything the Uncollected EQ throws at it. Blade, Mephisto and Stark Spider-man are all Sig 200, Corvus Glaive is Sig 131 and headed all the way up.

9 6* champions

My 6* roster falls in the “needs improvement” category. Gladiator Hulk is fun to play and gets some situational work when Blade is otherwise occupied. Morningstar is mostly a Mephisto backpack when I run him as my main war attacker or for dungeons. Guillotine is a character I’ve always enjoyed because of the long reach of her sword and the bleeds, so she gets on the quest team when AW and AQ are both active. The others just see time in arena.

6 Max 5* champions

I’m very happy with my 6 maxed out 5* champs, no rank-up regrets here. All were taken to 5/65 with regular resources except for Hyperion, who got the cosmic rank-up gem I pulled from Variant 2. Blade, Sparky and Mephisto are my Map 6 attack team at the moment, while Sentinel and Corvus lead my AW attack, and Hyperion is on AW defense. I’ve got a great balance of damage, immunity and utility up top.

I have 11 4/55 5* on the roster. Ghost-Rider will be my next 5/65 champion, after that Quake will go up unless I dupe a higher prestige science champion. If I pull a mutant gem from Variant 3, Iceman is going up, if I pull a skill gem Killmonger is going up.

I have a Tier 2 Alpha set to expire in two weeks, so I’ll be “forced” to rank up another 5*, likely Symbiote Supreme (unduped). Of the champions I currently have, Nick Fury, Psylocke, Medusa, and Darkhawk are also likely to go to 4/55 as resources allow.

Top 5 Most Wanted (5* or 6*)
The Champion – For Mephisto synergy in Act 6
Void – To do Void stuff
Sunspot – Looks super fun, love New Mutants in the comics, prestige
Heimdall – Cheat death synergy
Venom The Duck – Fun as hell to play

I currently have mutant and tech 5* awakening gems, so I’m planning on buying the Sigil and going for the next featured crystal which will have Warlock, Mysterio and Sunspot in it.

Story Quest Progress

My main goal each month is to 100% the heroic, master and uncollected levels of the Event Quest. After that, I pick away at the permanent content, but I’m not in a rush. Currently, I’m working toward 100% of Variant 3, which I hope to have completed within the next month. After that, I’ll have to decide whether to continue working through Act 6.1 or finally finishing Variant 1. Until Act 6.4 drops and completion rewards for the entirety of Act 6 are available, I’m not very motivated to look at Act 6.2 while there is other unfinished content.

Content Progress

Act 6: 15%
6.1: 55% (Completion, 6.1.3 & 6.1.4 100%)
6.2: 2%

Acts 1-5: 100%

Labyrinth of Legends: 100%

Back Issues:
Volume 1 Classic: 68%
Volume 1 Variant: 90%

Volume 2 Classic: 0%
Volume 2 Variant: 100%

Volume 3 Classic: 0%
Volume 3 Variant: 61%

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