MCOC Road Map – State of The Game 2020 Release Schedule


Kabam will announce later today that the long-awaited release of the Marvel Contest of Champions Road Map will be broken up into four separate blog posts over the next two weeks. Given the amount of information that is expected to be revealed, this seems like a good thing, because there is a lot of territory to cover.

Below is the schedule of the Road Map releases. Note that while we know the topics that will be discussed, we won’t learn the specifics until the post is released. So here’s what we know so far!

June 23 – Quests – Read Now!

This post will cover the future of MCOC story quests, event quests, side quests, and Variant Content.

What’s Confirmed: This post promises a “fresh 6.2.6 Champion fight” as well as changes to Act 6, including a reduction in attack values.

What Do We Expect To Learn: Overall, this post should cover the vision the design team has going forward with Book 2 and Cavalier Difficulty, as well as some teasers for Variant 5, the next Boss Rush, and more special content.

June 25 – Alliances – Read Now!

This post will cover the future of Alliances in MCOC, including new alliance tools and quality of life additions to the game.

What’s Confirmed: The Alliance Officer Tools had already been announced, and the War refresh for Season 19 was also something that was expected.

What Do We Expect To Learn: The stakes are high for Kabam to deliver on promises of reduced stress and game/life balance. Changes to timers, energy, and node design are expected, but the details are critical. Also expect to hear more about the future of Alliance Quest (including new modifiers), Alliance War, and an improvement to the Help System.

July 1 – ChampionsRead Now!

This post will cover the future of champion buffs, reworks, and acquisition.

What’s Confirmed: For many, the headline will be the announcement of a rework for Magneto (but which one?) and Kabam’s commitment to buff two champs a month!

What We Expect To Learn: Topics that are expected to be addressed in this post are the specific old champions getting a buff after Magneto, additions to the 5 Star Pool, a tease of future releases, new crystals to help with champion acquisition, a revamp to Signature Stone acquisition, and Kabam’s vision for future champion design and balancing.

July 3 – Future of The ContestRead Now!

This post will feature an assortment of topics relevant to Summoners, including teases for new features, content, re-balancing, changes to progression, and more.

What’s Confirmed: The only item that is a clear confirmation is the addition of Duel Targets, which actually started to go live in-game yesterday.

What Do We Expect To Learn: This post will cover a lot of bases (but not actual bases), including future Quality of Life additions, Arena changes, the future of Incursions (game-play, buffs, & rewards), a new social progression system, new game-play mechanics, early designs on new game modes, and Kabam’s “Content Commitment.”

What do you think about Kabam’s “Prelude to the Road Map?” Is there a particular item you are excited about, or are you waiting until all the details are out to get your hopes up?



5 thoughts on “MCOC Road Map – State of The Game 2020 Release Schedule

  1. Kabam this is a very good push with buffing useless champs only problem is that the rewards of this month’s modok hotel are not compatible to rifts and barons war so I hope you may be better than this


  2. It mentions 5* pool, in roadmap they mentioned 6*pool that gives meager champs will be looked at is that still in the pipeline or has that changed again


    1. Those are two separate issues. The 5 Star pool note was about adding champions to the pool that aren’t already in it.

      As for 6 Stars, that falls into the champion acquisition part of the Road Map, but also the champion buff part. If the buffs to champions already in player’s rosters are good, that also helps with the issue.


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