MCOC Road Map – Alliances – Breakdown and Analysis


Kabam has just released Part 2 of the 2020 Road Map “Amping Up Alliances.” This post rehashes a number of items that have already been talked about in the v27.2 Release Notes, such as Leadership Tools and the Season 19 Alliance War Update.

Regarding Alliance Wars, the Road Map covers how Season 19 was developed prior to the recent community feedback, and that long-term Alliance War needs a complete redesign. The Alliance War Future section of the post is limited to goals and doesn’t have any set timelines or designs at this time. If you’re interested in AW, I suggest reading this section of the post directly as I won’t be covering it here, but will be likely discussing it this Sunday on Episode 24 of the Contest Realm Podcast with RichTheMan. For now, I’m just glad Kabam acknowledged the current meta of Alliance War is unsustainable, although that does leave the community in limbo with regards to Season 19.

With that being said, let’s get into the break-down and learn what we can expect for the future of Alliance game-play in Marvel Contest of Champions


Release Date: July

Important Notes: The Energy Cap is being raised to 6, starting Energy will be increased to 4, and Timers are being reduced from 60 minutes to 45 minutes on all maps.

My Thoughts: This is a massive win for the community! For anyone playing high level Alliance Quest, this is a huge Quality of Life improvement, and it may make higher maps available to some that couldn’t manage the time restrictions in the past. These changes are long overdue, but very welcome.


Release Date: July for Link Node Removal, TBA on Map 6 Restructure

Important Notes: The first set of link nodes will be removed in Maps 6 and 7, and the Map 6 link nodes will be changed to flow more like Map 7.

My Thoughts: Another great change that will allow Summoners to capitalize on that increased starting energy and reduce logins. More good stuff.


Release Date: August

Important Notes: Pain-points in Map 7 are being addressed. The Mesmerize node is being removed (replaced with Mix Master) and the Mephisto on that lane is being replaced with Green Goblin. Captain Marvel is being removed from the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Lane. Vivified is being reduced from 200% to 100% Defensive Power Gain, Korg and Killmonger are being removed from that path, and Redoubled Determination is being removed in favor of Blood in the Water. Problematic Champions such as Mordo, War Machine, Captain Marvel, and Magneto are being removed, or their buffs will be adjusted, in Variation 1.

My Thoughts: The good news keeps coming for Map 7. Some of the worst nodes and match-ups are being removed or tuned down. Some of these fights were unnecessarily specific in their need for counters.


Release Date: July

Important Notes: There is another Alliance Quest post, expected on June 30, which will reveal the new Epic Modifiers, Honor Reward Milestones, and Mini-Boss changes.

My Thoughts: I’m cautiously optimistic here. I’m very curious to learn what the new modifiers are, how much more difficult they will be than the Master Modifiers, and how accessible T5CC from Honor Rewards will be.


Release Date: Unknown

Important Notes: Boss Raids are set to be massive, Alliance-based battles that will feature Marvel’s greatest villains and recreate epic moments from movie and comic book history. This will be a unique game-mode that should give Alliances a new way to work together.

My Thoughts: The information here is very preliminary, but I love the idea. I hope they get real creative with Boss Raids, this could be an awesome social game-mode.


Release Date: September

Important Notes: Two words: Help All.

My Thoughts: Arena grinders rejoice, it’s finally happening! One button to clear them all.


Release Date: Unknown

Important Notes: Kabam is working on the tech to get an Undo Button into AQ and AW, so the days of accidentally heading down the wrong path may be a distant memory someday.

My Thoughts: As an officer, I can tell you I’ve had more than one day ruined scrambling to cover lanes and deciding which nodes to leave up when someone goes the wrong way, particularly in Map 7. I never thought an Undo Button was ever going to be on the table, so this is quite the pleasant surprise.


Release Date: Unknown

Important Notes: This is still in development, but Kabam is working on a way for Officers to directly place defenders from a member’s Top Champs list.

My Thoughts: This is another pain point. Sometimes people forget to place and you’re trying to set defense, or have a legit life conflict. This will certainly help ease player stress.


Release Date: Unknown (2020 Target)

Important Notes: Kabam is currently in design with this new feature, which will allow officers to assign AQ and AW lanes to members.

My Thoughts: As attached as I am to my AQ lane spreadsheets, having paths assigned in-game is going to be pretty great.


Release Date: 2021

Important Notes: This feature is designed to give Leadership more breathing room by showing the upcoming AQ Map variations, and queuing up the following round of Alliance Quest in advance.

My Thoughts: It’s always awkward when members start pinging leadership to start AQ, and you’re busy with something and then have to scramble to login, remember the order of the modifiers you’re running, and setup the maps without making a week-ruining error. Needing officers to be available during a very specific time-window can be problematic, and I like that this is being addressed.

What do you think of these new features? Do they meet your expectations, or does Kabam need to do more to improve the Alliance experience?


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