MCOC Road Map – Champions – Highlights & Recap


Kabam has just released Part 3 of the Road Map – Champions of the Contest. Once again, this is a pretty long post, and covers the future vision of champion design, balance, and acquisition. It’s worth a read when you have time. With that being said, let’s get into the highlights.


Not all buffs will be created equal. Kabam is looking at 4 categories for champions.

Balanced – No changes needed.
Tune-Up – Just needs a numbers boost.
Update – Needs a numbers boost and minor ability changes.
Overhaul – Needs a full rework.

The general repeating “buff cycle” will be Overhaul – Tune Up – Update.

The first Tune-Up will be Punisher 2099, which is expected in October with v28.2, then Gambit and Falcon will receive Updates in November with v29.0.


Release Date: End of August

Important Notes: Yes, both classic Magneto and Magneto Marvel Now are getting full Overhauls (reworks). There will not be Betas for these reworks.

My Thoughts: What I’m really excited about here is that the buffs will make them different champions. Magneto will be more of a classic villain, and will be designed to take out Metal and Hero champions, while Magneto Marvel Now will be a support champion for Metal and Hero champions. Hopefully they do both Magnetos justice!


Release Date: Late July/Early August

Key Information: Uncollected and Cavalier players will soon be able to purchase a Dual Class 5 Star Basic Crystal for 10K 5 Star Shards. The class pairs will be Mutant/Skill, Science/Mystic, and Cosmic/Tech, and will rotate in the store daily.

My Thoughts: I love this idea, especially because it costs the same as a regular 5 Star Basic. For Summoners targeting a handful of champions, this will be the way to go. I imagine I’ll be just spinning the Science/Mystic one until I pull Doctor Doom and Human Torch for Abyss.


Release Date: Late 2020/Early 2021

Key Information: This idea is early in the development stage, but it may be a Cavalier Crystal where you can select 5 champions from each class to create your own custom pool for a crystal.

My Thoughts: This is a really cool idea, I just hope once the tech is developed, it isn’t restricted to just Cavalier Crystals. I would certainly pay a premium in crystal shards for a 5 Star or 6 Star Wish List Crystal. This idea is quite a ways off, so it is likely to evolve a bit before release.


Release Date: Late August/Early September

Key Information: A big update is coming to Solo Events, including more variation in events, progression appropriate tiers, a new Solo Crystal, and a rewards update. Regarding Signature Stones, one 5 Star Sig Stone Crystal will be added to the Uncollected 22 Hour Solo Event Milestones. Cavalier players will receive an additional 5 Star Generic Sig Stone.

My Thoughts: 5 Star Signature Stones have been an area I’ve talked about a lot, so I’m glad to see we’re finally getting a regular way to grind some. Solo Events have been in need of an upgrade for a while, so hopefully the other rewards are more in line with the needs of Uncollected and Cavalier players as well.

What did you think of the Champions Road Map? Are you excited by the buffs and the new Dual Class 5 Star Crystal? Let me know in the comments below.



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