Incursions Synergy Teams

Ultron Ponders The Perfect Synergy Team


I hope you’re enjoying Incursions as much as I am. If you’re looking to build a synergy team for Incursions, here are some of my suggestions.

My criteria for selecting a 3-champion Incursions synergy team is that the champs must come from three different classes, and I’m giving preference to champions that have regeneration and buffs.

Tip: If you’re looking for your favorite champ, click Control+ F to see if I’ve included them. If you prefer this information in video format, scroll down to the bottom of the page for a video guide.

Team: Mephisto, The Champion, Sunspot

Synergies: Enemies – All Champions gain +125 Critical Rating, increasing to +325 based on Sunspot’s Signature Level. (Sunspot/Mephisto)
Enemies – All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating (The Champion/Mephisto)
Persistent Force – When The Champion has 3 or more Persistent Charges, he starts the fight with an 8 second Indestructible Buff. Mephisto gains +15% Attack Rating for each Persistent Charge

Tips: This is one of my two main Incursion Teams. Mephisto is an extremely safe champion to play because of his Regeneration. He is immune to Poison and Incineration, and gains a massive amount of attack from the synergies.

The Champion is actually a monster in Incursions if you can get Buff Cornucopia or increase his Fury Buffs. Ramp him up to 4+ Persistent Charges and then use your SP1 to keep him constantly regenerating.

Sunspot isn’t the most sustainable champion, but he does have perfect block, is incinerate immune, and can do huge burst damage. If you draw Prowess or Incinerate Hacks early in the Incursion, he can do a lot of work.

Team: Morningstar, Angela, Aegon

Synergies: Warrior Queens – Morningstar and Angela’s buffs last 20% longer
Warriors of the Stars – +25% potency to Fury effects

Tips: Having Moringstar and Aegon on the same team is a bit tricky because you’ve got two ramp-up champions, but this trio should be able to handle just about anything once you get them going. The +20% increase to buff duration and +25% potency to Fury is absolutely huge. Morningstar is Bleed-Immune, has health steal when ramp-ed up, and will destroy all buff-heavy champions. Angela gains a ton of buffs, including Regeneration, Armor-Up, Fury, and Precision. A duped Aegon can do pretty much anything you need once his combo is ramped-up. Get Buff Cornucopia and Fury Hacks with this trio and you’re set.

Potential Sub: If you don’t have Aegon, swap in Guillotine 2099 for an increase to Morningstar’s critical damage per captured Soul. Guillotine 2099 will have +30% degeneration potency.

Team: Old Man Logan, Mysterio, Silver Surfer

Synergies: No… Not You – The first time Old Man Logan gains a 0 Damage Passive Bleed he gains 2 more, and his Regeneration is increased by +10%. Mysterio’s regeneration from the use of Reflection Gas is increased by an additional, flat +10% health
Mine Travels Through Space – Silver Surfer’s board attacks generate -30% power for the opponent. Mysterio’s advantages vs Spider-Verse champions extends to all hero champions.

Tips: This combination has some major benefits for Incursions. You have healing for both Old Man Logan and Mysterio, and Old Man Logan and Silver Surfer are both buff-heavy champions perfect for Buff Cornucopia.

Mysterio is poison immune (unless knocked down by a Spider-Verse Hero or inflicted with Armor Break), and can not be evaded by hero champions he has inflicted with a poison. He is also immune to Ability Accuracy Reduction.

Old Man Logan is also immune to Ability Accuracy Reduction, has Armor Break and Bleed Debuffs, can reduce the potency of Bleed Debuffs inflicted on him, and gains Fury Buffs.

Silver Surfer takes 100% less damage from Coldsnap, Incinerate, and Shock Debuffs (healing from Willpower), and is a buff generating machine. Surfer will thrive on Buff Cornucopia and increases to Fury Potency, making him an excellent match with Old Man Logan. He also has access to Armor-Up Buffs and Armor Break Debuffs.

Nerd Fact: Mysterio and Old Man Logan have a synergy because it was Mysterio that tricked Logan into killing the other X-Men in the “Old Man Logan” comic book series.

Team: Doctor Doom, Annihilus, Reed Richards

Synergies: Genius Ingenuity – Doctor Doom’s Shock and Incinerate Debuffs have +20% Potency
College Rivals: Mister Fantastic gains +5% of his Max Power each time a Buff is Nullified or its duration expires off the Opponent. Doctor Doom’s heavy attacks apply up to 1 Armor Break Debuff for 10 seconds, reducing Armor Rating by -15%.
Enemies: All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating
Fantastic Rage: Doctor Doom’s heavy attacks are guaranteed critical hits while the opponent is suffering from a Stagger effect.

Tips: Doctor Doom has nullify, and immunity to Armor Break, Armor Shatter, and Shock. His synergy with Reed Richards to boost his Incinerate and Shock Debuffs can be further improved with Hacks. He can also gain Fury via his SP3. Reed Richards has his cross-fight abilities which can help his team, and he can spam Debuffs, including Shock on his SP2. With his Cosmic Control Rod active, Annihilus is immune to Frostbite, Coldsnap, Power Drain, Power Steal, Power Burn, Power Lock, and Enervate. He also gains a host of buffs including Fury, Armor-Up and Precision, making him another great candidate for Buff Cornucopia.

Team: Venom The Duck, Domino, Warlock

Synergies: Mutant Agenda – Mutants gain +12% Special Attack Rating
Genetic Record – Probability – Venom the Duck has +35% Ability Accuracy during Special Attacks

Tips: Venom the Duck is your workhorse here, so build up those Buffs. Hopefully you get Regeneration and Fury early. Warlock supplies you with Immunities and Power Control, while Domino brings the big burst damage for high health pool fights.

Team: Venom, Darkhawk, Ghost-Rider

Synergies: Dark Justice – Darkhawk, Ghost-Rider & Venom gain +30% Power Rate vs Villains and +10% Critical Rate vs Heroes.

Tips: All three of these champs have healing, which makes for a very sustainable team. Venom is a monster with Buff Cornucopia, Darkhawk provides double immunity, and Ghost-Rider has a versatile tool kit thanks to his Judgements.

Team: Captain Marvel Movie, Nick Fury, Rogue

Synergies: Partners in S.H.I.E.L.D. – Captain Marvel’s energy charges last an additional 1 second while in Binary Ignition. Nick Fury’s tactical advantage charges last an additional 1 second.
Contingency Plan – If Nick is alive, all Fury Buffs have a +20% increased duration.
Stolen Memories – Captain Marvel becomes Unstoppable for 4 seconds when entering Binary Ignition.
Rogue’s physical attacks deal an additional +15% of damage dealt as energy damage.
Nick’s Leadership – All heroes gain +10% attack if Nick Fury is alive, +20% if Nick Fury is dead.

Tips: This synergy trio turns Captain Marvel Movie into even more of a beast than she normally is. She has Poison Immunity, Armor Break, Stun, Power Gain, Fury Buffs, and can go Indestructible when in Binary Ignition. Then you have Nick Fury, another all-around great champ to deal with any mystics Captain Marvel Movie needs to avoid. Don’t sleep on Rogue, she has health- and buff-stealing abilities, and can shake-off Debuffs at a faster than normal rate.

Team: King Groot, Man-Thing, Thing

Synergies: Misunderstood Monsters – Man-Thing inflicts a Poison Debuff on a well-timed block, dealing 25% of its attack as damage over 5 seconds and reducing Regeneration by 30%. King Groot starts the fight with two additional Fury Buffs, and gains two additional Fury Buffs when exiting his Cooldown state.
Things – Man-Thing gains a Fury Buff on a well-timed block, increasing its attack by 25% of its Base Attack for 1.5 seconds. This Fury doesn’t stack. Thing’s Rock Stocks last indefinitely up to 20.

Tips: RichTheMan’s favorite champ is great for Incursions! King Groot alternates between Fury and Regeneration Buffs, and he can also permanently armor break the opponent if he lands an SP1 with a Fury active. He is Bleed-Immune and can shrug other debuffs. Boost up his Fury potency with Hacks and you’ll fix his damage issues. Man-Thing also has Fury and Regeneration, is immune to Armor Break and Armor Shatter, and is Bleed-Immune. He can nullify buffs and deal Poison damage. Thing brings a host of immunities to the team, as he is immune to Bleed, Shock, Armor Break, Armor Shatter, Nullify, Stagger, and Fate Seal, and can do big damage once his Passive Furies are ramped-up.

Do you have a favorite Incursions team that I didn’t mention? Leave a comment below. If you need help finding synergies for your favorite champions, visit


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