Chapter Guide – Variant 5 – Chapter 2.1


Here’s my guide for Chapter 2.1 “Midnight Hounds” of Variant 5 “Blood & Venom.”

General Thoughts:
I really enjoyed Chapter 2.1, as the paths are short, and if you have the right counters in place, all the fights are very manageable and can be cleared item-free.

Best Champs: Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Doom, Stark Spider-Man, Guillotine, Mephisto, Claire Voyant

Restrictions: Only Mystic, #Spider-Verse Heroes, and #Symbiote champions are eligible for Variant 5.

Global Nodes:
+400% Attack & Health Champion Boost
Special 3 Active
Arcane Torrent – For each buff on the defender, Mystic Attackers gain:
+25% Ability Accuracy
+10% Attack
+25% Bleed Debuff Duration
+25% Armor Break Debuff Duration
+10% Power Rate

Boss: Scarlet Witch
+300% Health
Vivified – 1
Aggression: Cruelty
Aggression: Prowess
Enhanced Special 1
Enhanced Special 2

Boss Notes:

This is a straightforward Scarlet Witch fight. She gains a ton of power, so you can pretty much bait and punish her SP2 after every combo. The one concern, as you might expect, is her poison damage, which will eat you up. Your Poison-Immune options for this fight are Mephisto, Dragon Man, Claire Voyant, and Dormammu. These aren’t the heaviest of hitters, but the fight can be soloed pretty easily, it just takes a while.

Lane 1 – Left – Easy Path

Gate: None

Defenders: Tech Adaptoid, Heimdall, Mutant Adaptoid, Drax, Crossbones, Silver Surfer

Nodes: Fury, Fair is Fair, Dulled, (Entire Path)

Team: Symbiote Supreme (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 60), Stark Spider-Man (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Guillotine (5-Star Rank 4 Sig 120), Mephisto (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Longshot (5-Star Rank 3 Sig 20)

Note: Fair is Fair Description – When nullifying the defender’s buffs, the attacker is power locked for 2.5 seconds

This is a straightforward path as far as the defenders go. Dulled can make the fights a bit longer, but really, as long as your parry game is on point you’ll be fine. For the Tech Adaptoid, dodge his SP1 (Star-Lord) instead of his SP2 (Hulkbuster). I wanted to test out a few different champs with the Mystic global boost. Longshot wasn’t that impressive, but I only have him at Rank 3.

Guillotine was a bit stuck in the mud against the Tech Adaptoid, but did very well against Silver Surfer. Symbiote Supreme was actually the quickest of all my Mystics, despite the power lock issues. Once he hit Set’s Fangs, the fight was over as he was stacking 10+ bleeds, and since I run max Deep Wounds he was melting the defender. I didn’t even make it to the SP3.

Heimdall is a regular Heimdall fight, and I assume you’re already countering him with a Mystic, so you should have a comfortable match-up and be able to avoid his Auto-Block (triggered by the True Strike Buff).

Stark Spider-Man got off the bench for the Mutant Adaptoid since he has class advantage, and Mephisto I saved for the Scarlet Witch boss since he is Poison-Immune.

Lane 2 – Center

Gate: None

Defenders: Science Adaptoid, Domino, Skill Adaptoid, Corvus Glaive,

Nodes: Debilitate, Power Alternator (Entire Path)

Team: Symbiote Supreme (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 60), Stark Spider-Man (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Guillotine (5-Star Rank 4 Sig 120), Mephisto (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Venom (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 40)

Tips: There are only 4 defenders on this path, which is quite nice, but because one of them is Domino, it’s difficult to classify this as an “Easy Path.” Power Alternator isn’t a terrible node, just watch the timer for the switch, and when in doubt, spam your SP1. If you’re a suicide user and you’re holding for your SP3, you’ll need to be a bit more careful. The Adaptoids don’t have a SP3, so that does reduce the difficulty a bit.

Starting things off is the Science Adaptoid (Rhino SP1/Hulk SP2), who is a super easy warm-up fight as both specials are easy to bait. I used Venom. Then comes Domino, who is really the only challenge on this path. If you have Stark Spider-Man, make sure to bring him for this fight. He’s your only option for class advantage (allowing you to avoid Unlucky) and he has big damage. This is no different than any other big Domino, just watch out for evades when she is Lucky and be prepared to take a lot of damage from her Sig Ability. Next up is the Skill Adaptoid (Deadpool SP1/Black Widow SP2), another easy fight for Venom. Finally is Corvus Glaive, who Symbiote Supreme absolutely melted.

Other than Domino, there aren’t any real match-up concerns, so bring your best. I would avoid ramp-up champs like Morningstar and Mojo though, as this path isn’t long enough for you to really get the full benefits from those champions.

Lane 3 – Right Center

Gate: None

Defenders: Cosmic Adaptoid, Blue Team Cyclops, Mystic Adaptoid, Aarkus

Nodes: Power Focus 1, Enhanced Special 1, Aggression: Prowess (Entire Path)

Team: Symbiote Supreme (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 60), Stark Spider-Man (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Guillotine (6-Star Rank 1 Sig 0), Mephisto (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Morningstar (6-Star Rank 2 Sig 0)

Tips: This is another fairly easy path, especially if you have an Aarkus counter, as the Power Focus 1 actually works to your advantage. Cyclops and Aarkus are two champs you want to bait and punish their SP1s, so you have more leeway to attack into them, as it’s basically natural power control.

The Cosmic Adaptoid has Captain Marvel Classic’s SP1, so that’s easy enough to deal with, and then you can do the same for Blue Team Cyclops. The Mystic Adaptoid has Doctor Strange’s SP1, and since it is Unblockable just make sure you are on point with your evade timing. Aarkus is the only hard fight, but the Power Focus reduces his Power Gain, which is what really makes him dangerous. Nullify his buffs with Symbiote Supreme and you won’t have to worry about the Coldsnap, or use Mephisto who is Coldsnap-Immune and you’ll be clear to the Scarlet Witch boss.

Lane 4 – Right – Hard Path

Gate: None

Defenders: Cosmic Adaptoid, Human Torch, Science Adaptoid, Mephisto, Korg

Nodes: Personal Space (Entire Path)

Team: Symbiote Supreme (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 60), Stark Spider-Man (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Guillotine (6-Star Rank 1 Sig 0), Mephisto (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Morningstar (6-Star Rank 2 Sig 0)

Tips: This is the path that requires the most of your roster, as you have to counter Korg and Mephisto, and you’ll need a non-Mystic for Human Torch. That being said, it’s still a reasonable path that can be cleared without item usage.

The Cosmic Adaptoid is easy for any Mystic Champ. Next up is Human Torch, who I took down with Stark Spider-Man, but any non-Mystic will be fine as long as you’re good at dodging his specials. The Science Adaptoid is another routine fight. Mephisto is a problem because his Aura of Incinerate will do huge damage and your only counters are Mephisto and Claire Voyant in her Curse of Hellfire state, so hopefully you have one of those.

If you are used to countering Korg with Namor or Omega Red this is going to be a little tricky for you, but there are some options. Personally, I was able to solo Korg with my Symbiote Supreme. It’s important to remember that while Korg is Immune to Bleed and Shock, he has reduced Energy Resistance, and many of the Mystics deal energy damage. You could try champions like Claire Voyant and Sorcerer Supreme who can mitigate some of the block damage with their regeneration. Mephisto is another option, as he does a significant amount his damage via his passive Aura of Incinerate, and can consume his souls to heal during the fight.

During the fight itself, it is much safer to force Korg to a SP2. I like to break off my combo when he is just below a bar of power, then restart my combo and end with a special to force him over 2 bars.

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