Chapter Guide – Act 6.2.3


Here’s my guide for Act 6.2.3 in Marvel Contest of Champions

General Thoughts:
Act 6.2.3 isn’t too bad, provided you have 3 champions: Ghost, Killmonger, and Void. If you have those three champs, you’ve got pretty much everything you need to get through the entire chapter.

Ghost is phenomenal for this chapter, and is likely the best counter for the Omega Red boss. Because she can phase away the Degeneration Debuff, you can let the Fury Buffs build up, pop an SP2, and take down pretty much any defender in one shot.

Killmonger is the other fantastic option. When he is combined with Void, he has a chance to purify and heal from Debuffs. Additionally, he passively gains power when inflicted with a Debuff. Combine all of that and you have a champion that can attack with impunity, completely ignoring the Icarus node. He’s not great for the Omega Red Boss, but he can cheese pretty much every other fight in this chapter.

If you don’t have Ghost or Killmonger with Void as options, I would recommend making one pass through and then coming back once you acquire them. They will make your runs much more entertaining, and drastically reduce your item usage.

If you’re playing Icarus straight-up, make sure you have your parry-stun duration maxed, as you’ll need to rely on throwing heavy attacks to continually clear the Fury Buffs.

MVP Champs: Killmonger (with Void Synergy), Ghost

Restrictions: 5 Star & 6 Star Champions Only

Global Node:
Icarus – When the Defender is struck by an attack or stunned by a parry, the Attacker gains a Fury Buff granting +10% Attack Rating for 10 seconds. If the Attacker gains more than 8 Fury Buffs in this way or one of these Fury Buff expires, the Attacker is inflicted with a Degeneration effect, dealing 100% of the Defender’s attack over 4 seconds. If the Attacker lands a heavy attack, their Fury Buffs are removed with no penalty.
+250% Attack and Health
+500% Health
Special 3 Active

Boss: Omega Red

Nodes: Recovery, Enhanced Special 1, Enhanced Special 2, Debilitate, Limber

Tips: Ghost is fantastic for this fight. If you can get to a SP2 and you have a 4/55 or better Ghost, you should be able to end the fight right there.

If you don’t have Ghost, you’re likely going to end up using some items here. An awakened Corvus can be a big help, since he can’t die from Degeneration. Sentinel can do some damage if you can get to an SP2 with 100 Analysis. The trickiest part of this fight is the Limber node, and once you run out of parries, you have a very limited window of survival. So if you’ve got an extra roster spot or two, just add a couple of heavy hitters than can do some big burst damage in a short window, since the fight won’t last that long.


Note: Paths are listed in the order I completed them.

Lane 1 – Left, Turn Right at Captain America WWII

Gate: None

Defenders: Captain Marvel Movie, Ronan, Medusa, Emma Frost, Masacre, Captain America World War II, Doctor Voodoo, Thor

Nodes: None (besides Globals)

Team: Mephisto, Sentinel, Symbiote Supreme, Morningstar, The Champion

Tips: Since I learned that Mephisto turns off the Fury buildup from Icarus when Soul Imprisonment is active, I decide to go with my “Full Mephisto” synergy team, with Sentinel for the Omega Red boss. Captain Marvel Movie and Ronan were good warm-up fights, then I switched to Sorcerer Supreme for Medusa, which was fine. Emma was a tougher fight, since she is stun immune when in Diamond form, meaning your heavy counter game needs to be on point. Masacre is also a bit of a pain because of this block penetration. Captain America WWII is thankfully another easy fight. Next up is Doctor Voodoo, and what I learned there is that the Mephisto trick doesn’t work for him, because of increased Ability Accuracy from his Signature Ability. Thor was another easy fight to finish out the lane.

Note that after trying this, I learned that the Mephisto interaction with Icarus is a bug, so expect it to be corrected.

Lane 2 – Far Left

Gate: None

Defenders: Captain Marvel Movie, Ronan, Medusa, Emma Frost, Masacre, Mr. Sinister, Abomination, Doctor Voodoo, Thor

Nodes: Cornered, Buffet (Mr. Sinister), Bio-hazard, Toxic Splash (Abomination)

Team: Killmonger, Void, Ghost, Ant-Man, Sentinel

Tips: So after my first run (and a bad experience with the Omega Red boss) I did a bit more research on Icarus counters, and found out about the Killmonger with Void interaction, as well as how great Ghost is for this chapter. So I switched the team up and all I can say is WOW. I have a 5* Rank 5 Killmonger and he was an absolute monster – gaining a ridiculous amount of power, shrugging off degeneration, healing, and ending fights in about 25 hits. It was just insanity. I used Killmonger for every fight on the path except for Sinister, who I used Ghost for, and Abomination, who I took down with Sentinel. Smooth sailing to the Boss.

Lane 3 – Left, turn Right at Nebula

Gate: None

Defenders: Captain Marvel Movie, Ronan, Medusa, Nebula, Angela, Domino, Luke Cage, Morningstar

Nodes: Special Lock 1 (Nebula, Angela, Domino) Empowered Immunity, Enhanced Shock (Nebula), Recovery, Pessimist (Angela), Force of Will (Domino), Rage, Reborn (Luke Cage), Master of the Sword, Oppressive Curse, Extend (Morningstar)

Team: Sunspot, Void, Killmonger, Ghost, Ant-Man

Tips: So the good news is Killmonger (with Void) can take every fight on this path. You can use a champion that doesn’t inflict bleed or poison to avoid the Empowered Immunity on Nebula, or if you get to Killmonger’s SP2 for the Indestructible Charges you can tank her SP3. With Luke Cage, he does have Rage so you do have to worry about him going Unblockable. The Indestructible Charges Killmonger gains from his SP2 saved me a few times. Make sure you concentrate on cycling Luke Cage’s power bar so you can punish those easy specials.

Lane 4 – Right, Turn Left at Crossbones

Gate: None

Defenders: Ant-Man, Hulk, M.O.D.O.K., Human Torch, Doctor Strange, Crossbones, Symbiote Supreme, Green Goblin

Nodes: None (besides Globals)

Team: Ant-Man, Ghost, Killmonger, Void, Sunspot

Tips: I used Killmonger for every fight and it was an absolute breeze except for the Doctor Strange fight. That one is a bit tricky because Strange keeps nullifying the Fury Buffs and it messes up the interaction with Icarus, so I lost about 60% of my health. Of course two fights later I was back at 100% health.

With the M.O.D.O.K. fight it’s safer just to parry/heavy until you get True Strike up, then you can just lay into him. The rest of the fights, just go HAM.

My full run of Path 4

Lane 5 – Far Right

Gate: None

Defenders: Ant-Man, Hulk, M.O.D.O.K., Human Torch, Doctor Strange, Red Hulk, Unstoppable Colossus, Symbiote Supreme, Green Goblin

Nodes: Encroaching Stun, Limber (Red Hulk), Aspect of War (Unstoppable Colossus)

Team: Ant-Man, Ghost, Killmonger, Void, Sunspot

Tips: It’s just a repeat of lane 4 until you get to Red Hulk, so there is nothing new to worry about at the start. Encroaching Stun didn’t even come into play in the Red Hulk fight because he died so quickly. Unstoppable Colossus did get me once so I had to revive Killmonger. The mistake I made was overshooting Killmonger’s SP2, so I could never get the Indestructible Charges needed to counter Unstoppable Colossus once the unblockable came into play. Still, not a bad fight as far as Aspect of War goes.

Lane 6 – Right, Turn at Sabretooth

Gate: 3 Tech Five Stars

Defenders: Ant-Man, Hulk, M.O.D.O.K., Sabretooth, Goldpool, Magneto Marvel Now, Iceman, Havok, Morningstar

Nodes: Recovery, +100% Power Gain, Cornered (Sabretooth, Goldpool, Magneto Marvel Now, Iceman), Enhanced Fury, Enhanced Abilities, Enhanced Bleed, Enhanced Special 2 (Sabretooth), Aggressive Regeneration, Aspect of Evolution (Goldpool), Tyranny (Magneto Marvel Now), All-Or-Nothing, Enhanced Special 3, Strike Back (Iceman), Improved Power Gain +50% (Havok)

Team: Ghost, Void, Killmonger, Stark Spider-Man, Sentinel

Tips: If you’re a great Ghost player, this is likely a place where you want to run the Quantum Trinity + 2 more techs, as Ghost will shred this lane. I’m not a great Ghost player, however. The good news is that Killmonger with Void can still take all these fights, despite the Cornered nodes. As long as you can get to your SP2 for the Indestructible charges before you the opponent gets to an SP3, you’re set. One caveat to that is the Magneto Marvel Now fight. Because Killmonger is a #metal champ, your ability accuracy is lowered, so sometimes the Indestructible charges will fail, and then you’re in trouble.

Lane 7 – Left, Turn Right at Daredevil

Gate: 3 Five Star Mutants

Defenders: Captain Marvel Movie, Ronan, Medusa, Daredevil, Killmonger, Korg, Nick Fury, Punisher, Morningstar

Nodes: Caltrops, Enhanced Abilities, Dulled (Daredevil, Killmonger, Korg, Nick Fury), Spry, Gassed (Daredevil), Fearless, Sharpened Claws (Killmonger), Limber (Korg), Unblockable Finale, Special 3 Bias (Punisher)

Team: Sunspot, Iceman, Colossus, Void, Killmonger

Tips: The hardest part of this lane might be leaving Ghost on the bench for the boss. Killmonger easily dispatched the first 3 fights against. Turning at the Mutant gate, you’re going to see Caltrops is active, but Killmonger can ignore that node thanks once again to the Void synergy. Daredevil and Killmonger were easy fights. Korg also wasn’t a problem for Killmonger. For Nick Fury, I decided to use Colossus and Iceman (this is why I brought 2 bleed immunes) and played Icarus straight up. Iceman was able to get Fury into the LMD phase, but Colossus didn’t do well and I had to finish the fight with Killmonger. The Punisher did cost me a revive as he went unblockable with 1 bar of power and fired off an SP1. Thankfully it was only 1 20% revive, and I gained back all my lost health on the Morningstar fight.

Lane 8 – Right, Turn Left at Mordo

Gate: None

Defenders: Ant-Man, Hulk, M.O.D.O.K., Mordo, Electro, Gwenpool, Hulkbuster, Morningstar

Nodes: Debuff Immunity (Mordo, Electro, Gwenpool), Power Drain, Debilitate (Mordo), +90% Armor (Electro), Debilitate, Enhanced Bleed, Spiked Armor (Gwenpool), Aggression: Armor, Heavy-Handed (Hulkbuster), Master of The Sword, Oppressive Curse, Extended (Morningstar)

Team: Void, Killmonger, Ant-Man, Ghost, Sunspot

Tips: The first 3 fights we’ve been over – those are easy fights at this point. Debuff immunity didn’t really hurt Killmonger. The loss of bleed damage isn’t that big a deal when he’s got 10+ Fury Buffs at a time. Mordo was fine, I got lucky as he was in the mood to throw specials. If he is being stingy, just get to your SP2 so you can tank his SP3 if it comes to it. Next was Electro, which was a fight I was worried about because of his damage reflection. I did solo with Killmonger, but I ended the fight with 33% health. Try to end that fight with an SP3 if you can so you don’t take the Static Shock damage. Luckily Spiked Armor wasn’t a problem, so I started healing back on the Gwenpool and Hulkbuster fights, and by the time I had dispatched Morningstar I was back at 100%.

Lane 9 – Right, Turn at Moon Knight

Gate: 3 Six Star Champions

Defenders: Ant-Man, Hulk, M.O.D.O.K., Moon Knight, Rocket Racoon, War Machine, Juggernaut, Deadpool, Morningstar

Nodes: Aggression: Fury, Enhanced Abilities, Force of Will (Moon Knight, Rocket Racoon, War Machine, Juggernaut), Lunatic, All or Nothing, +200% Power Gain (Moon Knight), Starburst, Mesmerize (Rocket Racoon), Second Line, Armor (War Machine), Debuff Immunity, Empowered Immunity (Juggernaut), Recovery, Buffet (Deadpool), Master of The Sword, Oppressive Curse, Extended (Morningstar)

Team: Void, Killmonger, Hulk Ragnarok, Guillotine, Bishop

Tips: So the 6* gate is going to force you to make some tough choices, especially if you don’t have 6* Killmonger or Ghost, which I don’t. I decided to go with my Killmonger & Void Synergy team, and then added 6* Hulk Ragnarok, Guillotine, and Bishop.

The Moon Knight fight can be done with Killmonger. Start with a 5 hit combo, then play keep away. Let the Fury Buffs fall off, and you’ll get passive power gain, which should bring you to a SP2. Launch your SP2 to gain the Invulnerability charges, then you can tank Moon Knight’s SP3. Repeat as needed. Rocket is an easy fight. Just attack him while he is stunned until you can get true strike with Killmonger. War Machine is another easy fight. Juggernaut, on the other hand, is one you have to plan for. Not having Ghost available surely hurt me here. You can’t use Killmonger because of the power gain. What I decided to do was to use Bishop, because I knew with the Fury buildup his SP2 would do crazy damage. The 1 SP2 I was able to get off took about 50% of this health. I was then able to finish him off with Gladiator Hulk. Because you’re going to have to counter Juggernaut’s heavy attack, it helps if you bring a champion with a long heavy attack. Deadpool was actually a lot of fun. I brought Guillotine to relive some Realm of Legends glory and she worked like a charm. Two SP2 attacks was all it took to knock Deadpool out. Then it’s just Morningstar and you’re at the boss.

Lane 10 – Left, Turn Right at Punisher 2099

Gate: 3 Five Star Cosmic Champs

Defenders: Captain Marvel Movie, Ronan, Medusa, Punisher 2099, Vision, Sentinel, Kang, Darkhawk, Morningstar

Nodes: Enhanced Armor Up, Arc Overload, Heavy-Handed (Punisher 2099, Vision, Sentinel, Kang), Maximum Overdrive, Recovery, Special 1 Bias, Strike Back (Punisher 2099), Extinction Protocol, Static Burst, Enhanced Special 1 (Vision), Enhanced Abilities, Resister (Sentinel), All of Nothing, Aggression: Armor, Aspect of Evolution (Kang), Enhanced Special 2, Raptor Upgrades, Special 2 Bias (Darkhawk), Master of The Sword, Oppressive Curse, Extended (Morningstar)

Team: Hyperion, Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Void, Killmonger

Tips: Final path, and there are a couple curve-balls here to prep for. Punisher 2099 is an easy Killmonger fight, nothing to worry about. Vision isn’t too bad. I used Corvus to get the 2 charges for an easier time with Omega Red, but I’m sure Killmonger could do this one. Sentinel’s another regular fight. For the Kang fight you just have to make sure you can get Killmonger’s invulnerability charges or have a way to power drain him (or full Ghost) to avoid the SP3 damage.

Darkhawk is an interesting fight. He starts in Null Mode, and he’s unblockable for a long time at the start of the fight. You have to be ready for this, and burn the clock by hitting into his block, and hopefully intercepting him. Once the timer runs out it’s a normal fight, but if Darkhawk gets off another SP2 then he’s back to being unblockable so bait his SP1. Also do your best to avoid knocking him down.

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  1. I have heard about the Killmonger/Void synergy but… where was this all my MCOC life?????? Just about one of the easiest chapters ever with that. Wooooooow. Used a few items for OR but man, this was fun.

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