Variant 4 – Chapter 3.1 Guide


Here’s my guide for Back Issues (Variant) 4 – Waning Moon – Chapter 3.1.

General Thoughts: The fights aren’t especially difficult, but the health pools are a little high for 2* champions to take down, so it felt like a bit of a repetitive slog in parts (especially on the right side). Find those big damage dealers in your 2* roster and make sure to get them ranked-up. You will also need a strong non-robot bleed-immune champion.

MVP Champs: Wasp, Thor, Colossus, and Morningstar

Global Node: +200% Attack and Health

Restrictions: 2* Champions Only

Boss: Moonknight with +200% Health, Will of Knonshu, +28% Critical, Enhanced Fury, Stupefy, Enhanced Bleed, Force of Will

This Moon Knight is significantly easy than the previous one. Evade counters are helpful but not necessary in this case as long as you are playing carefully.

Lane 1 – Far Left

Defenders: Venom, Karnak, Black Panther Civil War, Yondu, Massacre, Sunspot

Nodes: Caltrops, Coolant Leak (whenever a Robot would gain a bleed, instead gains incinerate debuff)

Team: Morningstar, Guillotine, Colossus, Unstoppable Colossus, and OG Vision

Tips: Unfortunately, the Coolant Leak node takes the majority of the high-quality bleed-immune champions out of the running for this one. I did the entire path with Morningstar (thankfully the 2* still has the Guillotine Synergy). Colossus is widely available so he’ll likely be the go-to for the majority of users, but avid collectors of 2* may have a Ghost-Rider, Thing, or Luke Cage in their roster. Once you account for the limitations the nodes present, the fights aren’t anything to worry about.

Lane 2 – Middle Left

Defenders: Captain Marvel Movie, Kingpin, Nebula, Sabretooth, Thing, Elsa Bloodstone

Nodes: Bleed, Enhanced Abilities

Team: Unstoppable Colossus, Colossus, Sentinel, OG Vision, and Darkhawk

Tips: Hopefully you have a few of the exclusive 2* to help fill out your roster here. I used Colossus and Sentinel as the main workhorses, with Unstoppable Colossus giving me the class advantage vs Captain Marvel Movie. If you have trouble with Elsa Bloodstone’s specials, that’s a good time to break out Vision.

Lane 3 – Center Left

Defenders: Havok, Proxima Midnight, Ghost, Void, Darkhawk,

Nodes: Flare

Team: Nick Fury, Wasp, Blade, Thor, and Stark Spider-Man

Tips: OG Thor and Wasp hit super hard on this lane, it’s a lot of fun. Don’t even worry about countering Havok and Void, they won’t last long enough to do any damage.

Lane 4 – Center Right

Defenders: Vulture, Cable, Unstoppable Colossus, Groot, Iceman,

Nodes: Life Transfer

Team: Darkhawk, Night Thrasher, Blade, Nick Fury, and Stark Spider-Man

Tips: Nothing says”easy path” quite like Life Transfer. The health pools are pretty big and the fights take a while (even though they aren’t difficult), so if you have a 2* Morningstar, bring her for some quality Groot cheese.

Lane 5 – Middle Right

Defenders: Taskmaster, Dormammu, Venom The Duck, King Groot,

Nodes: Dulled, Crit Me With Your Best Shot

Team: Thor, Blade, Nick Fury, Stark Spider-Man, and Wasp

Tips: Wasp was the absolute MVP of this path for me. You’re in for some long fights if you don’t bring high/guaranteed crit champions.

Lane 6 – Far Right

Defenders: Rogue, Yellowjacket, Rocket Raccoon, Magik, Rhino

Nodes: Chaos, Debilitate, Buff Duration

Team: Thor, Blade, Nick Fury, Stark Spider-Man, and Wasp

Tips: Other than Magik, there isn’t a defender that has anything specific to worry about, so bring your heavy hitters and end these fights quickly.

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8 thoughts on “Variant 4 – Chapter 3.1 Guide

  1. Lane 5 (crit lane) was annoying for me. My MVP was Rocket and maybe Hawkeye after I got some practice on the perfect release.


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