MCOC Release Notes V32.3 – October 2021


It will be a symbiote-filled month as Anti-Venom and Knull join The Contest and one of the month popular creations in the history of MCOC, the Summoned Symbiote, finally returns! October also features the release of Act 7.3, buffs for Guillotine and Thor Ragnarok, and the debut of the much asked for Practice Fight feature. Expect to see v32.3 available for download on October 4 or 5.

Read the Official Release Notes.


Destroyer of Light EQ
Summoned Symbiote Returns
Guillotine & Thor Ragnarok Buffs
Act 7.3
Practice Fights
Fixes & Improvements


In October’s Event Quest, Nova calls the Summoner to help him in a section of the Battlerealm overrun by Symbiotes. Something, or someone, has driven the Symbiotes into a frenzy, and the two set off in search of the answer.


He’s back! It’s been three long years, but the Summoned Symbiote has returned to the Battlerealm, and he is ready to take on his creator. Play the repeatable October Side Quests to earn the Katalysts (see what they did there?) needed to rank up the Symbiote and take on Knull. The best news about this event is that the Summoned Symbiote will remain in your roster after the conclusion of the event!


Anti-Venom is a Science champion. After losing the original Venom symbiote, Ed Brock developed cancer and began to work for Martin Li (Mr. Negative) in his F.E.A.S.T Center. Li used his Mr. Negative powers to heal Eddie, but this caused a reaction with the remnants of the symbiote still in Eddie’s bloodstream. Later, when Venom tried to return to Eddie, a new symbiote was created during this encounter. Eddie called the new symbiote, of which he was in total control of, Anti-Venom. Along with the standard symbiote abilities, Anti-Venom has amazing healing properties and can cure any human illness. Anti-Venom was created by Dan Slott and John Romita Jr and debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #569 in August of 2008.

Anti-Venom will be the first champion released in October and will hit the arenas on October 14.


Knull is a Cosmic Champion. Knull actually created the symbiotes, but they turned on him and imprisoned him. Knull is incredibly powerful and one of the most ancient beings in existence. He once killed a Celestial with a single blow from his Necrosword. Knull can create and control symbiotes, and has the strength, speed, durability, and regenerative powers one would expect of a being that is a cosmic-level threat.

Knull was created by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman and debuted in Thor: God of Thunder #6 in 2013, but his identity wasn’t revealed in that story. Venom Vol, 4 #3 is considered the first proper appearance of the character.

Anti-Venom will be the second champion released in October and will hit the arenas on October 28.


As previously revealed, Guillotine and Thor Ragnarok will receive buffs in October. These buffs will go live as soon as you download v32.3.

ACT 7.3

Kang returns with an army of alternate reality heroes turned villains in Act 7.3, which goes live on Wednesday, October 13. Expect to see more details revealed closer to the release date.


This much requested feature will allow Summoners to engage in practice fights against any champion in their roster. These are not duels and there is no limit to the number of practice fights you can run.


● Fixed an issue with Ronan’s was not always immune to Passive Poison Effects

● Fixed an issue where Mole Man disappears at the end of his SP3 attack

● Fixed an issue Grandmasters dice weren’t rotating in the info screen

● Fixed an issue where Nimrods Heavy Visual Effects could be turned off

● Fixed an issue with Karnaks SP3 Attack visual effects

● Fixed an issue where Ebony Maw’s Heavy attack Rock attack was not considered a physical attack

● Fixed an issue for all languages so the text aligns for featured champs

● Fixed an issue with the Critical Eye buff description to reflect that the precision gained is a passive effect and not a buff

● Fixed an issue with Kitty Pryde and Lockheeds glowing eyes not aligning during her SP3 Attack vs XL champs

● Fixed an issue where Alliance Rank, Bracket names and icons weren’t displaying for Alliances that ranked in the Top 3 in an AW Season

● Peni Parker will no longer act villainous (Fixed an issue where Peni Parker had an invisible Villain tag)

● Alliance Wars end of season mail will no longer be delivered as Already Read

● Alliance Wars button to redirect camera to the users node will now work correctly

● Fixed an issue where Crossbones was consuming a Fury on his heavy on opponents who were recovering from a Special Attack

● Fixed an issue where some of the lighting from champions attacks lingered for too long on their opponents

● Updated Pacify, Petrify, and Stupefy descriptions to reflect that they can trigger on any stun debuff

● Fixed an issue where Spider-man (Stealth Suit)’s SP2 Attack could ignore Gwenmasters Mystic Phase

● Fixed an issue where interacting with the screen during the run-in could cause gameplay hitches

● Implemented a fix to make the screen stay at the same Act/Quest and not jump to Book 2 after finishing or backing out of a Story Quest in Book 1


If the Summoned Symbiote can’t bring some life back to MCOC, I don’t know what will. Here’s hoping for a fun month without monotonous objectives and hopefully a more stable game build. Fingers crossed!



7 thoughts on “MCOC Release Notes V32.3 – October 2021

  1. Where did you get the 7.3 release date? A new chapter usually releases 2 weeks after that month’s Eq (which comes out today). Did you have an official source? I don’t see it in the release notes with a date, just that it’s this month.


    1. That was date given to the CCP in our monthly preview, but as you correctly noted, that info didn’t make it into the public release notes. I’m checking to see if it’s still Oct 13.


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