Release Notes: MCOC v28.1


2020 has been the year of lesser known champions joining the Contest, but September is changing that in a big way. Two absolute Marvel A-Listers, Professor X and Apocalypse, are confirmed for next month! Be on the lookout for their Champion Spotlights, which will be released soon, and expect to see v28.1 available for download on August 31 or September 1. Read The Full Release Notes.

Event Quest

In this Mutant-themed Event Quest, Professor X is set to carve out his own portion of the Battlerealm called Krakoa, and promises medical aid in return for autonomy. Iron Man is dubious of this proposition, suspecting there is more at work than Charles is revealing publicly.

Yes, Cavalier Difficulty will debut with this Event Quest, but rewards information hasn’t been released yet.

Side Quest

I’ll have a full breakdown on the September Side Quest Mutant Treasure Island posted on Tuesday, but you can read the rewards details, along with all the pirate references you can handle on the official Kabam Forum Post.

Magneto Buffs

The long-awaited buffs to Magneto and Magneto House of X will go live with v28.1. Additionally, #Metal is being added Annihilus, Corvus Glaive, Heimdall, Hulk (Ragnarok), Nova, Proxima Midnight, Ronan, Taskmaster, Thanos, Thor, and Thor (Jane Foster).

Act 6 Changes

Act 6.3 – Removed 200% Attack Buff
Act 6.3.2 – Reduced Health Buff from 700% to 600%
Act 6.3.3 – Reduced Health Buff from 700% to 600%
Act 6.4 – Removed 300% Attack Buff

Additional Features

The final week of the Summer Smackdown, the Omega Boss Rush, goes live on September 2. Epic Difficulty will contain 31 back-to-back fights, so be prepared for a marathon run.

Another long-awaited feature from the Road Map, Sell From Stash, will go live. No more silly inventory management needed just to sell excess items!

Finally, you will now be able filter champions by Tag in game.

Final Thoughts

If Professor X and Apocalypse don’t get you excited, I don’t know what to say. These are two of the most well-known Marvel characters not currently in game, and they are both coming in September. Beyond that, we finally get Cavalier Difficulty in the Event Quest, the Legendary Difficulty rewards for the Side Quest look quite good, the Magneto Buffs go live, and the Omega Quest finally arrives. Looks like another super busy month in the Battlerealm. I can’t wait.



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