Chapter Guide – Act 6.2.4


Here’s my guide for Act 6.2.4 in Marvel Contest of Champions

General Thoughts:

The Global Node, Destructive Feedback, doesn’t seem like the worst node at first. Just don’t get hit, right? That’s what you’re trying to do anyway. The problem is that it is a very punishing node if you make just one mistake.

While the node doesn’t eliminate any champions, there are a few tactics to help keep you out of trouble. The first is to focus on your hardest-hitting champions like Aegon, Ghost, Stark Spider-Man, and Guillotine 2099 to end the fight quickly, thus reducing mistakes. Another option is to take champions like Captain Marvel Movie, Killmonger, and Luke Cage that have access to Indestructible, which can come in handy if you do mess up and get hit when the shield has stored damage. A duped Corvus can also “cheat-death” as he can’t die from the instant burst damage when he has charges, or you could utilize the Heimdall synergy.

Champions that require parry or taking a lot of blocked hits are less effective here. Hyperion is one example of a champion who, while still useful, is slowed down by the Destructive Feedback node. Sunspot, on the other hand, is really hampered by the node and wasn’t viable for me in this chapter.

Best Champs: Aegon, Ghost, Killmonger, Star-Lord, Corvus Glaive, Stark Spider-Man, Blade, Captain Marvel Movie

Restrictions: 5 Star & 6 Star Champions Only

Global Nodes:
Destructive Feedback – At the start of the fight, the Defender gains a Kinetic Shield preventing damage for 10 seconds. While active, all damage that is attempted by the Attacker excluding damage from Special 3 attacks is stored. When the shield expires the Defender takes a burst of direct damage equal the stored damage. If the Defender makes contact with the Attacker, the direct damage is burst onto them instead. When this shield expires there is a 15 second cooldown before it activates again.

Champion Boost – +250% Attack & Health
Health – +500% Health
Warning – Special 3 Active

Boss: Kingpin

Nodes: Empowered Immunity, Stun Immunity, Force of Will, Unblockable Finale

Tips: This is really just a big health pool Kingpin who you want to play as stun-immune, and don’t let him touch you when the shield is up. Once you get into the fight, you’re just going to be baiting his SP1 and punishing him, repeating the cycle until he’s dead. He’s a boring but very manageable boss.

Go for your heaviest hitters. A ramped-up Aegon is likely the quickest for this fight, but you can break Star-Lord out if you want. You can use any champion though, it doesn’t really matter as this isn’t a match-up specific fight.

Boss Fight Hit Count Comparisons:
5* R5 Stark Spider-Man – 99 Hits
5* R4 Star-Lord – 125 Hits
5* R5 Blade (w/ GR + Sparky) – 176
6* R2 Morningstar (5 Souls) – 257 Hits
5* R5 Killmonger – 302 Hits

Mini-Boss: The Hood

Nodes: Bane, Optimist

Tips: The trick here is balancing the Bane timer versus the Destructive Feedback timer. What you don’t want to happen is for Bane to switch onto you while the Destructive Feedback timer is up and you’ve been attacking into the shield.

If you wait until the first Destructive Feedback timer is about half-way expired before hitting Hood and starting the Bane timer, you can off-set the timers. Even if you don’t attack into Hood while Destructive Feedback is up, you still risk the Bane damage being stored and transferred to you.

You can use whoever you are most comfortable with for this fight, but I suggest someone that can end the fight as quickly as possible. It’s not a difficult fight relative to the rest of Act 6.2 but you don’t want it to go on too long.

Note: I am listing paths in the order I completed them.

Lane 1 – Up, Turn at Hawkeye

Gate: None

Defenders: Yellowjacket, Black Widow, Gamora, Groot, Hawkeye, Magik, Loki, Sentry, Winter Soldier, Doctor Voodoo,

Nodes: Stun, Aggressive, Aggression: Fury (Hawkeye), Strike Back, Kinetic Reactor, Cornered (Magik), Debilitate, True Strike (Winter Soldier)

Team: Hyperion, Sentinel, Stark Spider-Man, Sunspot, Hulk Ragnarok

Tips: My first experience with Destructive Feedback had some ups and downs. This particular path doesn’t require any direct counters other than the Magik fight, and I chose Hulk Ragnarok over Blade because of the Cornered node. Mostly, this was about feeling out the global node with easier defenders and evaluating which champions did really well. Sunspot wasn’t a great option here, because Destructive Feedback slows you down and restricts parry windows, so your Solar Charges will burn off and you’ll lose Flare State. I thought the 4 other champions I brought – Hyperion, Sentinel, Stark Spider-Man and Gladiator Hulk – all performed well. I think a champion like Stark Spider-man, which you have to build up with Poise charges anyway, is less affected by Destructive Feedback. I also think having a guaranteed stun chance is a big plus. A few mistakes were made along the way, and Sentinel was the only champ left standing for the Kingpin boss, but I managed to get the solo and not have to spend any items on this path.

Lane 2 – Up, Turn at X-Force Deadpool, Straight to Iron Man

Gate: None

Defenders: Yellowjacket, Black Widow, X-Force Deadpool, War Machine, Thor, Iron Man, Sentry, Winter Soldier, Doctor Voodoo

Nodes: Rainbow of Power, Unblockable Finale, Armor (X-Force Deadpool), Debilitate, True Strike (Winter Soldier)

Team: Hulk Ragnarok, Ghost-Rider, Blade, Stark Spider-Man, Hyperion

Tips: I was a bit more comfortable with Destructive Feedback the second time around, and to be honest, this is a pretty easy lane. X-Force Deadpool is the usual challenge of not letting him get an SP3, and then you have to power cycle his specials during the unblockable finale. War Machine is probably the only fight that will trip you up. His SP1 will make contact, and I had the misfortune of getting clipped with Stark Spider-Man (almost saved by the auto-evade) which resulted in an instant death. This may be a fight you want to use a power control champ on. Basically, make sure he doesn’t have 1 bar of power when Destructive Feedback is active. For my champ choices I mainly used Blade and Hyperion, and I think both handled everything well for this path.

Lane 3 – Up, Turn at X-Force Deadpool, Down to Red Hulk

Gate: None

Defenders: Yellowjacket, Black Widow, X-Force Deadpool, War Machine, Thor, Red Hulk, Winter Soldier, Doctor Voodoo

Nodes: Rainbow of Power, Unblockable Finale, Armor (X-Force Deadpool), Debilitate, True Strike (Winter Soldier)

Team: Hulk Ragnarok, Ghost-Rider, Blade, Stark Spider-Man, Hyperion

Tips: This path is the same as lane 2, with the Iron Man and Sentry fights removed and Red Hulk added in as a replacement. X-Force Deadpool caught me with his SP3, so that killed Stark Spider-Man, but I made it to the boss with the rest of my champions alive. The one new fight, Red Hulk, is a simple one. This is a pretty boring path because it’s basically a rehash, and is a textbook example of 6.2 having too many lanes.

Lane 4 – Up, Turn to Human Torch

Gate: 3 Six Star Champions

Defenders: Yellowjacket, Black Widow, Gamora, Groot, Human Torch, Red Skull, Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers, Elektra, Loki, Sentry, Winter Soldier, Doctor Voodoo,

Nodes: Bane, Debilitate (Human Torch, Red Skull, Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers), Enhanced Incinerate, Power Reserve (Human Torch), Aggression: Armor, Heavy-Handed, (Red Skull), Chaos, Buffet (Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers), Debilitate, True Strike (Winter Soldier)

Team: Hulk Ragnarok, Morningstar, Guillotine, Stark Spider-Man, Hyperion

Tips: The Six Star Gate required switching things up a bit, and I did have to use a few revives as I didn’t have the cleanest run, but really, there is nothing too bad here and I’m sure it can be run itemless. I spent the first 4 fights ramping up my Rank 2 Six Star Morningstar, and it was fun to end Groot’s day with an SP2 when he still had 70% health.

When it comes to the Bane fights, you do have to be a bit careful because now you have two timers to watch. Use your experience with The Hood mini-boss to guide you here. For Human Torch, make use of Power Reserve and a champion that has 100% stun on their SP1 (like Stark Spider-Man) to cheese the fight. For Red Skull, I used Hyperion and held the SP3 in reserve as a bail-out for Bane. Carol Danvers is actually a tricky fight and I died twice, as the chaos node got me a couple times when she went unstoppable after a special attack. She has Buffet so it’s a good fight for heal reversal if you have that option. Elektra is a regular Destructive Feedback fight and she has easy specials, so not much to worry about. The rest of the fights on this path have already been covered above.

Lane 5 – Up, Turn to Captain Marvel Movie

Gate: 3 Five Star Mystics

Defenders: Yellowjacket, Captain Marvel Movie, Phoenix, Medusa, Venom, Vision Age of Ultron, Iron Man Infinity War

Nodes: Resistor, Buff Duration (Captain Marvel Movie, Phoenix, Medusa), Down But Not Out, Enhanced Fury (Marvel Marvel Movie), Recover (Phoenix), True Strike, Rage, Cornered (Medusa), Perfect Replication, Anamnesis (Venom), Improved Power Gain, Plagued Mind (Vision Age of Ultron), Heavy-Handed, Unblockable Special Attacks, Aggressive

Team: Mephisto, The Champion, Blade, Ghost-Rider, Symbiote Supreme

Tips: There are some tricky fights on that path. Nothing ridiculous, but Destructive Feedback is very punishing if you screw up even once, so be careful. With Captain Marvel Movie, make sure you are baiting the SP1 unless you’re perfect at dodging the SP2. There is a lot going on with that fight between the Destructive Feedback timer and her going into Binary. Use a strong mystic for sure. Phoenix is a long but easy fight, just bait the SP1. Medusa is another fight with so much going on between Cornered, Rage, the Global Node and her natural auto-block. I tried Symbiote Supreme, but once I got him going his bleeds were causing too much power gain and I couldn’t really take advantage. Ghost-Rider was actually really useful for this fight, and it’s nice to have his life-steal as well. Venom isn’t a bad fight, but he takes up so much space when attacking, so make sure you don’t get backed into a corner. Vision is an easy one, just bait his SP1 and punish. I didn’t bring a true Iron Man Infinity War counter, so that cost me a couple of revives. If you’re used to baiting heavies against him that’s fine, just make sure you don’t attack into him while the Destructive Feedback shield is up.

Lane 6 – Down, Turn Right at Captain America

Gate: 3 Five Star Skill

Defenders: Hyperion, Captain America, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Hulk Ragnarok, Vision Age of Ultron, Iron Man Infinity War

Nodes: +80% Physical Resistance, Heal Prevention (Captain America, Spider-Man, Ant-Man), Buffet, Aspect of Evolution (Captain America), Spry, Gassed (Spider-Man), Micro Reflect (Ant-Man), Improved Power Gain, Plagued Mind (Vision AoA), Heavy Handed, Unblockable Special Attacks, Aggressive (Iron Man Infinity War)

Team: Nick Fury, Venom, Killmonger, Blade, Stark Spider-Man

Tips: Just like in Act 6.2.3, Killmonger proves to be an amazing counter to the global node. By focusing on his SP2 and generating Indestructible charges, you can give yourself a safety net against a mistake versus the Destructive Feedback node. Killmonger soloed two of the hardest fights on this path, Hyperion and Iron Man Infinity War, as well as the Kingpin boss. Captain America is a bit of a pain because of Buffet, but Stark Spider-Man can out-damage the regeneration. Nick Fury (mine is a r4 unduped) was sacrificed to Ant-Man (extra damage for the heroes on the team). I finished Ant-Man with Blade, and then used him for a quick take-down of Hulk Ragnarok. Sparky was back in action for another easy fight, Vision AoA, and then I was very happy with how Killmonger was able to handle Iron Man Infinity War, considering I had some trouble with that fight the first go-round.

Lane 7 – Down, Turn at Venom The Duck, Up to Magneto Marvel Now

Gate: None

Defenders: Hyperion, Carnage, Electro, Blue Cyclops, Magneto Marvel Now, Juggernaut, Psylocke

Nodes: Buff Duration (Venom The Duck), Cornered, Buffet (Juggernaut)

Team: Killmonger, Void, Stark Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Namor

Tips: The issues for this lane are Hyperion, Electro, and Juggernaut. The rest of the fights can be down with anyone, as long as you play well.

I once again relied heavily on Killmonger for his safety net against Destructive Feedback. He was the early to-go, taking down Hyperion, Carnage, and VTD. I brought Namor for Electro, but I messed up and got hit, and I finished that fight with Void. Stark Spider-Man made quick work of Blue Cyclops, and then Star-Lord got some action against Magneto Marvel Now. For Juggernaut you need either heal reversal or a heavy-hitter, and I went with Stark Spider-Man to blitz him down. Psylocke is an easy fight before The Hood mini-boss. No items spent on this path.

Lane 8 – Down, Turn to Venom The Duck

Gate: None

Defenders: Hyperion, Venom The Duck, Carnage, Electro, Blue Cyclops, Hulk, Crossbones, Juggernaut, Psylocke

Nodes: Buff Duration (Venom The Duck), Cornered, Buffet (Juggernaut)

Team: Blade, Stark Spider-Man, Ghost, Killmonger, Star-Lord

Tips: This is a close repeat of Lane 7, with Hulk and Crossbones in for Magneto Marvel Now. I switched the team up to bring the Blade Trinity so I would have Danger Sense for the Electro. Hulk and Crossbones are easy fights as there are no extra nodes added in. This is one of the easier paths, especially considering the repeat fights.

Lane 9 – Down, Turn to Black Panther

Gate: None

Defenders: Hyperion, Carnage, Mordo, Ronan, Black Panther, Miles Morales, Vision, Crossbones, Juggernaut, Psylocke

Nodes: Sharpened Claws, Debilitate (Black Panther), Rage, Life Transfer (Miles Morales) Cornered, Buffet (Juggernaut)

Team: Killmonger, Star-Lord, Blade, Stark Spider-Man, Ghost-Rider

Tips: If you are using Killmonger, you can take Mordo with the same strategy that you used for Hyperion by building up to the SP2 to gain Indestructible Charges and tanking SP3s as needed. Ronan and Black Panther are nothing to worry about. Killmonger was great for Miles, thanks to his true strike. Life Transfer is a nice bonus to the fight, but make sure you don’t go in at low health. Vision is another pretty easy fight, as long as he is throwing specials. Sparky’s taunt is a great mechanic here as you build up to the SP2 to knock him down. I used Blade for Juggernaut, and that actually seemed to be easier than using Sparky, as Danger Sense kept the Unstoppable and Buffet nodes in check.

Lane 10 – Down, Turn to Dr. Strange

Gate: 3 Five Star Science Champions

Defenders: Hyperion, Carnage, Mordo, Ronan, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Dormammu, Symbiote Supreme, Vision, Crossbones, Juggernaut, Psylocke

Nodes: Power Gain, Recover (Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Dormammu), Improved Power Gain, Adaptive (Dr. Strange), Resonance Cascade, Enhanced Armor Break, Burden of Might (Iron Fist), Power Reserve, Adaptive, Special Lock 2 (Dormammu), Enhanced Bleed, Special Attack Heal Block, Kinetic Reactor (Symbiote Supreme), Cornered, Buffet (Juggernaut)

Team: Void, Killmonger, Stark Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Thing

Tips: Between the nodes, defenders, path length, and the science gate, this is one of the most difficult paths in 6.2.4. You’re going to need some strong power control or ability to tank SP3s to get through this path without spending.

Since the other fights have been covered above, let’s start with Dr. Strange. I actually incorporated a lot of what I learned in 6.2.3 into this path and this fight in particular. Get Killmonger to the SP2, gain the Indestructible charges, and tank Strange’s SP3. He gains a lot of power so you have to be quick about it, but it’s doable. If you bring Void, your Killmonger can heal during the fight as well.

Iron Fist is much easier since he has no natural power gain, so you can control the fight. For Dormammu, you can use the same Killmonger/Void trick to control the fight and heal, but I do recommend turning off dexterity. Be careful giving up too much space early on in the fight as he throws a ton of specials. Symbiote Supreme can be handled in the same manner as Doctor Strange, but he doesn’t gain power as quickly so it’s an easier fight.

That’s what I did, but I think there is a case to be made for Quake and Void on this path as well.

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