Around The Battlerealm – April 7, 2021


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

Schedule Notes: March events end and April events begin at 1pm EST. 100% Roster Availability begins at 3pm EST following the conclusion of the Alliance Quest Series.

Kam tests Crossbones with and without synergies against Abyss Thing.

Kingslayer looks into the practicality of Crossbones’ big damage.

Lizer & 4Loki take on 2-1-1 in Alliance War.

Jnik & XMN face-off against DDS7 in Alliance War.


How The April 2021 Side Quest Works – Contest of Realms


Since Deadpool isn’t in Realm of Champions, he’s decided to start a Contest of his own! Complete Daily Solo Objectives to earn Keys which will allow you to run the Contest of Realms quest for randomized rewards and earn points toward Monthly Solo Objectives. Thankfully, this quest seems much easier to navigate than the Odin’s Gauntlet Side Quest.

Read the Official Forum Post


Begins: Wednesday, April 7 at 1pm EST

Ends: Wednesday, May 5 at 1pm EST

The Daily Solo Event Target should be released at 1pm EST.

Total Keys (entries) – 28
Legendary Runs Needed to Earn All T5cc – 25

Complete the Daily Solo Objective
Get Key
Run Side Quest

“Strange Recruiter” = Mordo
“Green Lawyer” = She-Hulk
“Superior Metal Suited Man” = Superior Iron Man
“Original Gwen” = Spider-Gwen
“Wildman of the Woods” = Wolverine
“Bad Kitty” = Killmonger
“Cap’s Compadre” = Winter Soldier
“Steven” = Doctor Strange
“Guy You Wouldn’t Like to Make Angry” = Hulk
“Tech Billionaire” = Iron Man
“Friendly Neighborhood Hero” = Spider-Man (Classic)
“Mutant With a Cloud Over Her Head” = Storm
“Original Big Black Cat” = Black Panther


Contest of Realms is another “entry-fee” type Side Quest, just like last month. This month we have Keys instead of Feathers, and you’ll get your Keys by completing a Daily Solo Objective instead of from a calendar.

You can earn 28 Keys over the course of the event. Once you use a Key to open the Side Quest, it is gone. If you back out of the quest, YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR KEY BACK.

The actual Side Quest is the Contest of Realms, which has 4 difficulties: Heroic, Master, Epic, and Legendary. Remember you only get 28 Keys (attempts) at the Side Quest, and Keys are good for all difficulties, so you can’t do all difficulties. You should focus on the highest difficulty you can explore to maximize your rewards.

You are allowed to save up your Keys during the month and run the event multiple times in a single day, just like Odin’s Gauntlet.

The Side Quest costs 0 energy to run.

The quest map has 1 main path to the Boss with 7 “detours” along the way. Each detour contains random path rewards, so the more detours you take, the more rewards you earn. Each detour has a different Realm of Champions House themed defender, so expect to see a lot of Captain Americas, Iron Mans, Black Panthers, etc.

Courtesy of Cat Murdock. Support Cat’s art on Redbubble.


The path rewards for Contest of Realms are randomized each time you enter the quest. Because backing out costs you a Key, you can’t simply close out the quest and wait until you get the rewards you want. You have to work with what you get. Due to the random nature of the rewards, you can’t truly “maximize” the path rewards, but your best bet is to run the difficulty level you can successfully complete all 7 fights on.

While it’s impossible to know exactly what your rewards will be, Clobberin_Time has put together a great forum post on what you should expect on average if you can run the Legendary Difficulty 28 times and do all 7 fights every time (28 x 7 = 196 total path rewards available). You should check out the full post for the math, but in general you can expect a bit more than 5K 6-Star Shards, 13K 5-Star shards, 1.4M Gold, and 25% of a T5b, among other rewards.

If you have to quit the Path, you will get to keep any path rewards you have earned along the way, but you will lose your Key of course.


The Solo Objectives are actually where the big rewards are, so you’ll want to focus on this section. The good news is you’re likely to earn all the Solo Objectives by playing the quest over the course of the month.

The Solo Objectives are completed either by completing the quest or for winning fights in the Side Quest.

If you run the Side Quest on Legendary difficulty 25 times and do at least 5 fights each time, you will complete all of the Solo Objectives, which include a 5-Star Featured Hero Crystal, 11,250 T5B shards, a 5-Star Awakening Gem Crystal, five 2% T5CC, fragment crystals, and one 10% T5CC fragment crystal.

If you are a progressing player and Legendary is too difficult for you, try to complete Epic 20 times and win 100 fights (average of 5 per run). This way you will still earn the Featured 5-Star Crystal and the Awakening Gem Crystal, which are likely quite meaningful to your progression. Remember you can track your progress on the Solo Objective screen over the course of the month.


This event seems much simpler than last month, which I’m sure is welcomed by many players. There are a solid amount of 6-Star shards available for Cavalier players, but it does seem to be more of a “rank-up month” for rewards. I do like that we’re getting 20% total T5cc from the Side Quest two months in a row, as that is a promising trend.

As always, I highly recommend that you hold off from jumping into the Side Quest at launch in case there are any bugs that need to be sorted out. Once we get the all-clear, it should be a fairly straightforward experience for everyone to enjoy.


Around The Battlerealm – April 6, 2021


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

Schedule Notes: Immortal Abomination is scheduled to enter the Basic Pool at 1pm EST. Please verify via the in-game banner. Incursions Milestones and Top Zone Bonuses reset at 2pm EST.

The v30.2 Patch is now live, so there are plenty of videos on the new update to check out! Also, the official Champion Spotlight for Jabari Panther is now available.

Map 7 will be updated for the next AQ Cycle to remove Crossbones from the Diss Track and Pleasure to Burn lanes.

RichTheMan pairs the newly buffed Howard The Duck with Odin for big damage.

Seatin is proper chuffed with the Crossbones buff, but thinks Nova is still lacking utility.

Kam tests all three of the April Buffs out against Winter Soldier.

Katy Candy gives her take on Jabari Panther.


Contest Realm Podcast – Episode 56 – MCOC v30.2 – MCOC/MROC Crossover | The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Ep 2


It’s Episode 56 of the Contest Realm Podcast! In this episode Rich and I discuss the MCOC v30.2 Release Notes, the issues with the MCOC/MROC crossover, and our thoughts on Episode 2 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.


Around The Battlerealm – April 5, 2021


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Monday, April 5, 2021.

Schedule Notes: The Summoner Sigil Solo Event, Gold Quest, items on a 7-day timer, and the Legendary Crystal in the Black-ISO Market reset at 1pm EST. Round 2 of the 4-Star Basic Red Goblin and Masacre Featured Arenas at 1pm EST. The Alpha Arena begins at 6pm EST. UMCOC Podcast, Live on Discord at 8pm EST.

Kam says Namor is the one Mutant you don’t want to make a Horseman.

MetalSonicDude solos Abyss Quake with Professor X.


Chapter Guide – Book 2 – Act 7.1.5 – Mashup – They’re Back


Here’s my guide for Act 7.1.5 “Mashup” in Marvel Contest of Champions

General Thoughts:

The “Mashup” champs from M.O.D.O.K.’s lab are back! These champs bring some added variety and a little bit more difficulty to Act 7.1.

Best Champs: Blade, Doctor Doom, Stark Spider-Man, Sentinel, Ronan, Archangel

Restrictions: Only 5-Star & 6-Star Champions

Global Nodes: Star Power, Adrenaline Rush, Hold the Line, +200% Champion Boost, +700% Health

Boss: Punishing Angel

Boss Notes: +150% Attack, +500% Health, Mercy, Mighty Charge 1, Extend, Power Buildup, Power Overflow

This boss looks like Angela but has Punisher’s kit and specials and is a Skill champion. The key for this fight is the Mercy node. You must trigger Dexterity to gain Mercy Charges, which you then transfer over to the boss by Parrying an attack. This will give you a window of 1.5 seconds per Mercy Charge on the defender to do damage to the opponent. Your specials will do +80% damage, so you want to have a special ready to go as soon as you transfer the Mercy charges. If you don’t have Mercy Charges on the boss, your attacks will do 90% less damage.

Once you account for the Mercy node this is a pretty easy boss fight. Stark Spider-Man is excellent because you can build Poise and Mercy at the same time. He can also auto-evade specials which is very helpful for this fight. Archangel is another great option. In general, I would say take a heavy-hitter who does big special damage.

Boss: Night Carnage

Boss Notes: +150 Attack, +500% Health, Energy Adoption: Lighting 1, Poison Vulnerability, Heal Reversal, Power Buildup, Power Overflow

This boss is Carnage with Nightcrawler’s evade and specials and is a Mutant champion. Because of the Energy Adoption node you will need a Shock-Immune champion or a champion with access to Poison Debuffs to turn off the Shock Debuffs.

Personally I went with Man-Thing (the King Groot synergy really helps), but I think Immortal Abomination will also be excellent for this fight. If you want to go the Shock-Immune route, Thing and Doctor Doom will work. Whoever you choose, be careful! Night Carnage has Nightcrawler’s evade, so it is safest to only hit him while stunned.

Boss: Electro Luke

Boss Notes: +150 Attack, +500% Health, Arrogance, Combo Party, Critical Setup, Power Buildup, Power Outflow

I found Electro Luke to be the most difficult of the three Act 7.1.5 Bosses. Electro Luke has Luke Cage’s body with Electro’s static shock and specials. On top of that, he will place a Falter Debuff on you every time you reach 10 hits on your combo meter.

A Sig 200 Namor can reflect all the damage, but you will have to play very slow to avoid being punished by the Falter. This is not a fight to just go charging in for big damage. Note that Namor’s SP1 has 5 hits, so if you begin your combo on a multiple of 10, you can 5 combo into a SP1 without triggering Falter.

Another great option for this fight is Omega Red. There are a couple of recommended videos at the bottom of this article if you need to research this fight further.

Lane 1 – Lower Left & Down – Electro Luke Boss

Gate: None

Defenders: Mr. Sinister, Ultron, Old Man Logan, Guillotine, Sabretooth, Guillotine 2099

Nodes: Lifecycle, Technical Suppression, Hurt Locker, Indomitable

Team: Warlock (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 0), Star-Lord (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 132), Stark Spider-Man (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Darkhawk (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Nick Fury (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 1)

Tips: This is a Lifecycle path, but you get the added bonus of Heal Block anytime you throw a Special Attack with a Tech champion. You should probably bring Warlock, Darkhawk, or Sentinel for Mr. Sinister, but other than that fight, you don’t need anything specific so just load up your best Tech Champions and go for it.

I used Warlock for Mr. Sinister, Star-Lord for Old Man Logan and Guillotine, Stark Spider-Man for Ultron and Guillotine 2099, and Darkhawk for Sabretooth.

I swapped Nick Fury out for the Namor for the Electro Luke Boss. It took a couple of tries but I got him down. He can be soloed but I was playing a little too recklessly.

Lane 2 – Down & Left, Left Paths – Electro Luke Boss – Hard Path

Gate: None

Defenders: Heimdall, Magneto, Tigra, War Machine, Magneto House of X, Ebony Maw

Nodes: Terminal Velocity, Dulled, Mighty Charge 1, Foresight

Team: Doctor Doom (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Sunspot (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), OG Vision (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 125), Human Torch (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 21), Star-Lord (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 132)

Tips: This is a tricky path and you’ll have to be careful. You either need to be very good at intercepting or able to stay close to your opponent to Parry-Stun. You also have to watch the defender’s power bar closely.

Doctor Doom is a monster for this path. You can spam his SP1 to keep the opponent’s power under control. Sunspot was also fantastic, thanks to his Perfect Block and big SP2 damage. Remember that Mighty Charge purifies Debuffs, which means Sunspot will actually regain Solar Charges when the opponent dashes forward.

I used Doom for Heimdall, and then to finish the Tigra and War Machine fights. Sunspot took out both of the Magnetos. I used OG Vision for the first half of the Tigra fight (trying to power control her specials) and Star-Lord for the first half of the War Machine fight. I thought OG Vision was actually pretty effective, but Star-Lord wasn’t a great choice. Should have brought Warlock instead.

Human Torch was on the team for the Ebony Maw fight. Flame On is great since Passive Damage doesn’t get Purified, but you still have to be careful about the Falter and Degen.

I then swapped Namor in for the Electro Luke Boss and a couple revives later I was done. My advice for that fight is to really slow down and watch the hit counter so the Falter doesn’t get you, and make sure you are spacing well so you don’t get caught by an SP1. Don’t be afraid to cut off your combo either.

Lane 3 – Upper Left Portal – Energy Adoption Fire Lanes – Punishing Angela Boss

Gate: None

Defenders: The Hood, Invisible Woman, Vulture, Abomination, Symbiote Supreme, Yellowjacket

Nodes: Energy Adoption Fire – 2, Shake It Off, Poison, Bleed Vulnerability

Team: Blade (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Ghost-Rider (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 40), Archangel (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 80), Nick Fury (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 21), Stark Spider-Man (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200)

Tips: For this lane you are looking for Skill champions that can place a high number of bleeds, or champions that are both Poison- and Incinerate-Immune, such as Red Hulk, Iceman, and Mephisto.

I decided to play into the Shake It Off Node by breaking out the Blade Trinity, using Blade for every fight but Invisible Woman. Blade is excellent for this lane. He has bleed on-demand from Parry and can spam more Bleed Debuffs from his SP1. He can also heal which is nice considering the amount of Debuffs you encounter during these fights.

Nick Fury is another great champion for this lane. I only used him to counter Invisible Woman’s Miss mechanic, but that fact that he has a guaranteed Bleed on his first Medium attack is perfect for this lane.

Other than all the dashing around to clear the Debuffs, these are otherwise fairly standard encounters for the given defenders.

You may want to consider bringing a true Poison-Immune champion for the Abomination fight, because that was the one fight where the Debuffs really started to take some health away. Also Willpower is a great Mastery to have turned on for this quest.

For Punishing Angel I used a combo of Archangel and Stark Spider-Man to get the KO.

Lane 4 – Upper Left Portal – Spite Paths – Punishing Angel Boss

Gate: None

Defenders: Guardian, Hulk Ragnarok, Magik, Captain America Infinity War, Omega Red, Dormammu

Nodes: Spite, Tranquility 2, Counterstrike

Team: Doctor Doom (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Blade (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Stark Spider-Man (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Sentinel (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 157), Hulk Ragnarok (6-Star Rank 2 Sig 0)

Tips: Spite is balanced out by Tranquility on this path. I wouldn’t say it completely neutralizes the risk of taking an SP3 to the face, but it significantly reduces the danger. This lane also has Counterstrike, so if you play the fights correctly by letting Tranquility power control your opponent you can sit at 9 Fury Passives for most of the fight.

This lane does have both Magik and Dormammu so you’ll want either Blade or Hulk Ragnarok (or both in my case) to handle their passive damage. Guardian is probably the hardest fight on the path, and is the one fight that I do think you want to have a power control attacker because otherwise you’ll be dodging SP1s the entire fight and he’ll go Unblockable a lot. In my case, I used Doom and an SP1 spam strategy.

I used Stark Spider-Man for Hulk Ragnarok, Blade for Magik and Cap IW, Sentinel for Omega Red, and Hulk Ragnarok for Dormammu. If you choose to go the Sentinel route for Omega Red, just Parry/Heavy after you hit 100 Analysis instead of going for the big Sp2.

I threw the whole team at Punishing Angel, but once again Stark Spider-Man did most of the work. His natural playstyle of building Poise plays quite well with also building Mercy charges. Then you just have to reflect them back at the right time for a few big SP2s and it’s game over.

Lane 5 – Right then Left Lanes – Night Carnage Boss

Gate: None

Defenders: Iron Patriot, Man-Thing, Bishop, Mole Man, Corvus Glaive, Quake

Nodes: Do Not Go Gentle, Foresight, Oscillate 1

Team: Namor (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Killmonger Namor (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Sentinel (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 157), Archangel (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 80), Void (Namor (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200)

Tips: Unless you are an ace interceptor you won’t find much relief from the Do Not Go Gentle node. Focus on champs that can do damage with as few hits as possible and rely on Heavy attacks. For me, Archangel and Sentinel are excellent for these reasons. Void is also great because you can let his Debuffs do most of the work, and if you have the Killmonger synergy you can heal back the block damage you take from Parrying.

Two other considerations to make when picking your team are that you’ll want a Poison Immune for Man-Thing and a Mutant for Mole Man.

I used Void for Iron Patriot and Bishop, Archangel for Quake, Namor for Mole Man, and Sentinel for Man-Thing and Corvus. I basically played Corvus as a regular fight, choosing to ignore the Do Not Go Gentle charges and sacrifice Sentinel once Corvus got to 1% health. I figured since Corvus does so much damage when he hits into the block, it just wasn’t worth the trouble to play around the node. I just brought Killmonger in for a simple Parry-Heavy KO after that.

I swapped in Man-Thing for the Night Carnage Boss. He’s great for this fight because of Poison Vulnerability, but because of the Heal Reversal on the fight, an unduped Man-Thing is actually better than an awakened one. This is because an awakened Man-Thing regenerates on Specials when below 50% Health, so he can actually kill himself in this fight, as you do need to throw specials to place a Poison on Night Carnage. If you do have a duped Man-Thing, make sure to start the fight at full health, as you will take a few Shock Debuffs before you can Poison Night Carnage. Once you get the first Poison on him it’s an easy fight.

This is one of the more difficult paths, so don’t be afraid to boost to shorten the fight lengths.

Lane 6 – Right Then Right Lanes – Night Carnage Boss – Easy Path

Gate: None

Defenders: Terrax, Civil Warrior, Angela, Storm Pyramid X, Groot, Iron Man Infinity War

Nodes: Unlimited Power, Mystic Ward, Buffet, Mystic Curse

Team: Ronan (5-Star Rank 4 Sig 100), Thing (5-Star Rank 5 Sig 200), Man-Thing (5-Star Rank 5 Rig 60), Man-Thing (6-Star Rank 1 Sig 0), King Groot (5-Star Rank Rank 3 Sig 60)

Tips: A duped Ronan can cheese this entire path due to his increased stun duration, which when combined with Unlimited Power creates a Stun Lock. If you have a duped Ronan, that’s all you need. Every fight is over on your second SP1. If you don’t have Ronan, Longshot is great for this path, but you’ll probably need Hulk Ragnarok to get through the Terrax fight.

With Ronan about to take every fight I was about to bring the full Man-Thing Synergy team for the boss. Bringing King Groot makes the fight much easier, because then Man-Thing places Poison Debuffs on Parry.

Recommended Videos:

Lizer – Electro Luke Solo & Counters

Karatemike – Omega Red vs Electro Luke

Joel MCOC Gaming – Stark Spider-Man vs Punishing Angel

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Act 7.1.1 – “Reboot” – So This Is Actually Fun
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Act 7.1.5 – “Mashup” – They’re Back
Act 7.1.6 – “Remix” – Return of Ice Phoenix


Around The Battlerealm – April 4, 2021


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Sunday, April 4, 2021.

Schedule Notes: Sunday Arenas begin at 1pm EST.

Set a reminder for the premier of the Clash of Champions Motion Comic.

Lizer & 4Loki take on SSx1 in Alliance War.

Jnik and XMN battle ROD45 in Alliance War.


The Week Ahead in MCOC – April 4-10, 2021


Next week in Marvel Contest of Champions brings us the v30.2 update and the beginning of the April events!

Alliance Wars Seasons
We are currently in Season 25. The Rewards Eligibility cut-off date was April 2 at 6pm EST and the season ends on April 13.

For daily updates and the latest news, please follow @FrontlineMCOC on Twitter.

View Full MCOC Calendar

Full Roster Availability (No AW/AQ): 100% Champion Availability starting at 3pm EST on Wednesday, April 7 through Thursday, April 8 at 2pm EST. There will be a second window starting at 2pm EST on Friday, April 9 through 2pm EST on Saturday, April 10.

Sunday, April 4: Sunday Arenas begin at 1pm EST.

Monday, April 5: The Summoner Sigil Solo Event, Gold Quest, items on a 7-day timer, and the Legendary Crystal in the Black-ISO Market reset at 1pm EST. Round 2 of the 4-Star Basic Red Goblin and Masacre Featured Arenas at 1pm EST. The Alpha Arena begins at 6pm EST. UMCOC Podcast, Live on Discord at 8pm EST.

Tuesday, April 6: Immortal Abomination is scheduled to enter the Basic Pool at 1pm EST. Please verify via the in-game banner. Incursions Milestones and Top Zone Bonuses reset at 2pm EST.

Wednesday, April 7: March events end and April events begin at 1pm EST. 100% Roster Availability begins at 3pm EST following the conclusion of the Alliance Quest Series.

Thursday, April 8: Round 1 of the 4-Star Basic Red Hulk Arena and To Be Announced Featured Arenas begin at 1pm EST. 100% Roster Availability ends at 2pm EST. The Tier 4 Basic Arena begins at 6pm EST.

Friday, April 9: 100% Roster Availability at 2pm EST, following the conclusion of AW attack.

Saturday, April 10: 100% Roster Availability ends at 2pm EST when AW attack resumes. The first Alliance Quest Series of Season 8.5 begins at 3pm EST.

Looking for more content from Frontline: MCOC?

Contest Realm Podcast Episode 55

MCOC v30.2 Release Notes

100% Roster Availability Windows for April 2021


Around The Battlerealm – April 3, 2021


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Saturday, April 3, 2021.

Schedule Notes: No Schedule Updates.

Release Notes for v30.2 are now live! You can also check out the new Champion Spotlights for Crossbones, Silver Centurion, Howard The Duck, and Nova.

The buffs to Crossbones and Howard The Duck prompted some changes to Acts 5 & 6.

RichTheMan has all the details on v30.2.

Seatin has a full breakdown on the Crossbones buff.

Kam looks at Silver Centurion’s abilities.

Are you ready to mash some buttons? Karatemike is after seeing the Howard The Duck buff.


Release Notes – MCOC v30.2 – April 2021


Battleworld once again invades the Battlerealm as we have a Realm/MCOC crossover event in April. We’ll also see the release of Variant 7, buffs for Nova, Crossbones, and Howard The Duck, and the new Auto-Play feature! Expect to see v30.2 available for download on April 5 or 6, with monthly events beginning April 7 at 1pm EST.

Read the Official Release Notes

EQ – Clash of Champions
SQ – The Contest of Realms
Jabari Panther
Silver Centurion
Buffs: Howard The Duck, Crossbones, & Nova
Variant 7 – Arachnid Action
Auto-Fight Update
Bug Fixes & Improvements


In April’s Event Quest, “Clash of Champions,” team up with Howard the Duck and fight your way out of the Blue Area of The Moon.

Where is the House of Pool in MROC? Deadpool is not pleased…


Deadpool has learned that he isn’t in Realm of Champions, and he is not happy about it. Wade has taken matters into his own hands and designed a contest of his own. Defeat Platinumpool’s Realm of Champions themed targets and earn your entry into a special quest that will have random rewards on the path detours.

I’ll have a full Side-Quest breakdown as always out early next week, but for now you can check out the Official Forum Post.


Jabari Panther is one of the Black Panther designs playable in Realm of Champions. This Skill champion uses a spear in battle, and dresses in Jabari armor to impress the Gorilla God Ghekre. In MROC, the Black Panther is a quick strike champion that can do a ton of bleed damage but is a bit of a glass cannon. It will be interesting to see if the MCOC design is similar.


The Silver Centurion is based off the Iron Legionnaire in Realm of Champions. As you might expect with an Iron Man suit, this is a Tech Champion. This particular version of the Iron Man suit is worn by Harry Rhodes, a descendant of the original War Machine. The armor itself seems to be inspired by the Armor Wars era Iron Man suit and features two attack drones.


There are three champion buffs going live with the April Update: Howard The Duck, Crossbones, and Nova. Howard The Duck is the full rework, while Crossbones and Nova will receive smaller scale improvements. Look for new Champion Spotlights coming soon!


Oh yes, we’re getting another Variant, but it’s not the one you were expecting. Instead of Rocket and Groot’s Holiday Special we’re receiving Arachnid Action. The original quest was released in January of 2016 and featured the Contest debut of Miles Morales.

This Variant will limit the damage of all non #Hero champions, although you will be allowed to take #Mercenaries and #Villains into the quests. Each #Hero on your team will boost the Ability Accuracy of #Hero champions. There will also be class-based Champion requirements for each quest. Look for more details and a release date coming soon!


Auto-Fight is now Auto-Play! When Auto-Fight is turned on, you will now automatically continue to move forward down the path. You will only stop if you reach a fork that requires you to manually choose a path. This is a much-requested feature and should be a great timesaver when running low-level Event Quests.


● Agent Venom: Updated Special 1 and Special 2 to ensure the correct tagging (contact/non-contact or physical/projectile) on all hits.

● Civil Warrior: Fixed issue where Special 2 would whiff if intercepting the opponent.

● Collector (Abyss): Updated info page to specify the Purify bypasses Purify reduction.

● Doctor Octopus: Updated the Chemistry Research Heal Block to allow this Heal Block to interact with more areas of the game such as the Infectious Wrath Buff.

● Killmonger: Updated Info page to specify that counterattack causes Killmonger to become Unstoppable.

● Kingpin’s Bane of Hell’s Kitchen Synergy: Fixed an issue where the opponent was still able to passively evade.

● Magneto: Updated Info page to specify the correct max Prowess charges from charging a heavy.

● Magneto (House of X): Fixed issue where Magneto was considered to be Bleedable even though he is immune to Bleed.

● Odin: Battle of Realms Synergy updated info page to specify each “living team member” signifying that Odin counts within this synergy.

● Omega Red: Fixed an issue where Death Field Degen would not deal the correct damage when Spore count increased, and now interacts correctly with Immortal Abomination and Spider-Ham’s abilities.

● Psycho-Man: Increased slide back distance on Heavy attacks to prevent looping Heavy attacks in a corner.

● Ronan: Fixed issue where Rocket Raccoon’s Signature ability was displayed in Ronan’s Info page.

● Do You Bleed Buff Node: Updated description to state the defender takes 100% less damage from any sources except for blocked attacks and bleed effects.

● Starburst Buff Node: Fixed issue where Starburst did not inflict any damage.

● X-ercise Dominance Buff Node: Fixed issue where any Unblockable Special Attack would trigger the Fury instead of the Unblockable Buff from this node.

The is another Realm crossover month, which will likely be divisive amongst the community. Storm Pyramid X and Sorcerer Supreme turned out alright, so hopefully we’ll be able to say the same about Jabari Panther and Silver Centurion. Variant 7 is a welcome piece of permanent content for players, and I’m super excited by the quality-of-life improvement that Auto-Play will bring.