Around The Battlerealm – June 4, 2020

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Thursday, June 4, 2020. Schedule Notes: Round 1 of the 4* Mr. Fantastic and Howard The Duck Featured Arenas begin at 1pm EST. Kabam announced a buff to the Hotel M.O.D.O.K. store for Cavalier players. Katy Candy shows you how to easily beat Tigra inContinue reading “Around The Battlerealm – June 4, 2020”

The Week Ahead in MCOC – May 31 – June 6, 2020

Summoners! It’s a new week and a new month in Marvel Contest of Champions. The first week of June kicks off with the new event quest, Samurai’s Journey, as well as the Island of Doctor M.O.D.O.K. side-quest. Also debuting next week will be the new 6* Featured Crystal. I hope you and your family areContinue reading “The Week Ahead in MCOC – May 31 – June 6, 2020”

Incursions Synergy Teams

Summoners! I hope you’re enjoying Incursions as much as I am. If you’re looking to build a synergy team for Incursions, here are some of my suggestions. My criteria for selecting a 3-champion Incursions synergy team is that the champs must come from three different classes, and I’m giving preference to champions that have regenerationContinue reading “Incursions Synergy Teams”

Around The Battlerealm – April 8, 2020

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Wednesday, April 8, 2020. Schedule Notes: Incursions officially debut today! Week 2 of the Baron’s War opens at 1pm EST. Alliance War Season 17 kicks off with matchmaking at 6pm EST. Katy Candy and RichTheMan offer some tips for Incursions. Brian Grant asks if HulkbusterContinue reading “Around The Battlerealm – April 8, 2020”

Around The Battlerealm – March 23, 2020

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Monday, March 23, 2020. Schedule Notes: Round 2 of the 4* Aarkus and Star-Lord Featured Arenas at 1pm EST. Summoner Sigil Owners, your Solo Event, Gold Quest, and items on a 7-day timer and the Legendary Crystal in the Black-ISO Market reset at 1pm EST.Continue reading “Around The Battlerealm – March 23, 2020”

The Week Ahead in MCOC – March 8-14, 2020

Summoners! We have an incredibly busy week full of new content headed our way. On Sunday, March 8, the women of The Battlerealm have designed a special Boss Rush challenge to celebrate International Women’s Day. Later in the week, Elder’s Saga concludes with the release of Act 6.4 on Wednesday, March 11 at 1pm EST.Continue reading “The Week Ahead in MCOC – March 8-14, 2020”

Around The Battlerealm – January 25, 2020

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Saturday, January 25, 2020. Schedule Notes: 100% Champion availability until AW attack resumes around 2pm EST. The Lunar New Year Event is now live. Kabam officially announced Mojo and Longshot will join the Contest in February, and released a first look at next month’s events.Continue reading “Around The Battlerealm – January 25, 2020”

Around The Battlerealm – December 3, 2019

Summoners! Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Schedule Notes: Dungeons end at 1pm EST. Warlock enters the basic pool. v25.1 is expected to go live later today. Voting is now open for the 2019 UMCOC Champie Awards! Craftygrinding has predictions for Round 2 of the Doctor Strange, CullContinue reading “Around The Battlerealm – December 3, 2019”

The Week Ahead in MCOC – December 1-7, 2019

Summoners! It’s the 5 year anniversary of Marvel Contest of Champions, so expect December to be a huge month. While we’re still waiting on the specifics for the individual events, release notes for v25.1 have already been posted. December will feature the Trial of Reed Richards (assuming this is the EQ title), The Halls ofContinue reading “The Week Ahead in MCOC – December 1-7, 2019”