Around The Battlerealm – July 14, 2022


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Thursday, July 14, 2022.

Schedule Notes: Round 1 of the Sentinel Basic Arena and Gorr Featured Arena begin at 1pm EST. The Class Catalyst Arena begins at 6pm EST.

Hotflix v36.0.1 was released yesterday to attempt to correct lag issues.

Overseer is the opponent for Eternity of Pain Week 2. Check out takedowns from Slayer of Gods (Cosmic Ghost Rider), Karatemike (Odin), MSD (Stark Spider-Man, Tigra), Happy McMuffins (Kitty Pryde, Stryfe, Elsa Bloodstone)

Karatemike also posted his Top 10 picks to defeat EoP Overseer.

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