Around The Battlerealm – January 3, 2022


Here’s your Marvel Contest of Champions news brief for Monday, January 3, 2022.

Schedule Notes: The Summoner Sigil Solo Event, Gold Quest, items on a 7-day timer, and the Featured Crystals in the Black-ISO Market reset at 1pm EST. Round 2 of the Black Widow Deadly Origin Basic Arena and Namor Featured Arena begin at 1pm EST. The Gifting Event ends at 1pm EST. The Tier 4 Basic Arena begins at 6pm EST.

Kabam released the Deep Dives for Toad and Sauron.

MSD soloed Abyss Mephisto with Apocalypse.

Stay safe during Gifting. Only trade gifts with trusted friends and alliance mates. Anyone offering to sell Greater Gifting Crystals is committing a TOS violation, and by purchasing these crystals you not only put your account at risk, you are also supporting Arena Bots and/or credit card fraud. Finally, stay out of Global Chat.


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