MCOC Release Notes V33.2 – January 2022 – Toad & Sauron – Strikers – Lunar New Year


The first release of 2022, v33.2, is almost here. January will feature a Brotherhood of Mutants themed event quest, the Contest debuts of Toad and Sauron, the launch of Strikers, and the return of the annual Lunar New Year Event. The new update drops on January 4, 2022!

Read the Official Release Notes
The Savage Wild Side Quest Breakdown
Toad Champion Spotlight
Sauron Champion Spotlight

January 3 at 1pm EST – Gifting Event Ends
January 4 – v33.2 Update Out
January 5 at 1pm EST – January EQ & SQ Week 1 Begin
January 5 at 6pm EST – AW Season 31 Begins
January 6 at 1pm EST – Hercules Basic Arena Round 1
January 7 – 2022 Summoner’s Choice Champion Voting Begins
January 11 at 1pm EST – New 6-Star Featured Crystal
January 11 at 1pm EST – Peni Parker Basic Pool
January 11 at 1pm EST – 9 Champs Enter 6-Star Basic Pool
January 12 at 1pm EST – SQ Week 2
January 19 at 1pm EST – SQ Week 3
January 21 at 6pm EST – AW Season 31 Rewards Eligibility Locks
January 25 at 1pm EST – Kitty Pryde Basic Pool
January 26 at 1pm EST – SQ Week 4
February 9 at 1pm EST – Savage Wild Side Quest Ends

Invasive Species EQ
Savage Wild Side Quest
No Champion Buffs
Year of the Tiger
What’s New Button
Fixes & Improvements


In January’s Event Quest, Toad and Sauron are searching the Savage Land for lost members of the Brotherhood when they are attacked by Ronin. After fleeing, they encounter the Summoner, who is lost in the prehistoric jungle. Why is the Summoner here and what does this have to do with the Savage Flower?


Toad is a Mutant champion. As a child, Mortimer Toynbee was abandoned by his parents due to his mutation, and was later recruited by Magneto for the original iteration of his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Toad has a complex relationship with Magneto. Originally he was a dedicated sycophant, but Magneto treated him so poorly that Toad eventually turned on him. Toad also developed feelings for Magneto’s daughter, Scarlet Witch, which were not reciprocated by Wanda.

In the main Marvel 616-Universe, Toad first appeared back in 1964’s X-Men #4 (a legendary issue that also features the first appearances of Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Mastermind) and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Toad has around 200 appearances in the main comics timeline, mainly as an X-Men/X-Factor antagonist, but he has also tangled with the Avengers and Spider-Man. Toad was portrayed by Ray Park in the first X-Men movie, and was featured as a recurring member of the Brotherhood in the X-Men Evolution and Wolverine and the X-Men animated series.

In the comics, Toad has many powers including enhanced leaping and dexterity, limited regeneration, UV vision, a prehensile tongue, acidic saliva, and paralytic resin. If that wasn’t enough, he can also communicate with amphibians and is considered by most to be very smelly.

Based on his character history, likely synergy partners include Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Juggernaut, and Storm.


Sauron is a Mutant champion. Karl Lykos was a normal boy living with his family in Argentina until he was bitten by Pteranodon, which mutated his DNA and turned him into an energy vampire, forcing him to absorb the life-force of others to survive. Despite this incident, Lykos was able to grow up to become a doctor, and even befriended Charles Xavier. The true result of his mutation was finally revealed when the X-Men turned to Lykos to treat an injured Havok. Draining power from the immensely powerful mutant triggered Lykos’ transformation into the monstrous Sauron.

Karl Lykos debuted in X-Men #59, and first transformed into Sauron in the following issue. The character was created by Roy Thomas and Neal Adams. Sauron has appeared almost exclusively in the X-Books, battling the X-Men, X-Factor, and original X-Force. At one point he was a member of the Weapon X team. Sauron was featured in the original X-Men the Animated Series Savage Land storyline.

Sauron has the powers of a vampire/energy leech in the body of a Pteranodon. He can absorb energy and hypnotize his foes, fire energy blasts, and use beak and talons to inflict major damage. Based on this history, possible synergy partners include Havok, Cable, Jubilee, Storm, Rogue, Spider-Man, Magneto, and Charles Xavier.


This January brings us the long-awaited debut of Strikers. Collect Compasses to access all paths in the Savage Wild Side Quest. Read my full breakdown here.


Due to the Holiday schedule, there will be no champion buffs released with v33.2.


The popular Lunar New Year event returns in 2022 with a new quest. Note that this event is geared towards newer accounts, not veteran Summoners.


The home screen will be updated with a “What’s New” button to help players easily find information including messages, blog posts, videos, and more directly within the game app.


● Fixed an issue where Guardian was resisting all Unblockable hits after blocking an Unblockable Special Attack from a Mutant Opponent.

● Fixed an issue where the 3-Star AI was too cautious around Heavy Attack charging.

● Fixed an issue where Professor X became invisible after evading on the Mixmaster Buff.

● The Skip SP3 Button will no longer linger in gameplay.

● Found out where Captain America (WW2) was finding his second shield for his SP3s and confiscated them.

● Fixed an issue where Kitty Pryde’s synergy with Nimrod was not correctly granting her Prowess.

● Sersi will now Glance Blocked Damage.

● Doctor Doom informed Dragon Man that he cannot borrow his SP1 Description.

● Mole Man will now remain Unblockable when Frenzy Expires during his SP2.

● Domino will no longer be able to dash into Magneto after he starts his SP1.

● Updated Captain America’s portrait and gave him some new VFX.


Compared to the last few months, January isn’t a huge update, but we do get a new mechanic in Strikers. As an X-Men fan, I’m very excited to acquire Toad and Sauron in-game and see how they play. Let’s hope for a strong, stable start to MCOC in 2022.



10 thoughts on “MCOC Release Notes V33.2 – January 2022 – Toad & Sauron – Strikers – Lunar New Year

  1. Toad is cool addition to the game. I wish they would’ve gone with Blob or the Lizard instead of Sauron but it is what it is. I understand Kabam releases characters that appear in movies and shows but it would be nice if we could start getting well known champions instead of obscure ones.

    I wonder what Sauron’s ability will consist of. I bet he’ll be a power control champ.


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