How The January 2022 Side Quest Works – The Savage Wild – Strikers Debut in MCOC


A new year brings a new Side Quest, and a new game mechanic to MCOC. Strikers make their long-awaited debut this January! Read on for all the details.

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Week 1: Wednesday, January 5 at 1pm EST (Quest 1/Red Compass)

Week 2: Wednesday, January 12 at 1pm EST (Quest 2/Purple Compass)

Week 3: Wednesday, January 19 at 1pm EST (Quest 3/Dark Blue Compass)

Week 4: Wednesday, January 26 at 1pm EST (Quest 4/Black Compass)

Ends: Wednesday, February 9 at 1pm EST


The Savage Wild quest asks the Summoner to explore the Savage Land. Each week on Wednesday at 1pm EST, a new quest will unlock. The first three quests will have four paths, and the final quest will have five paths, with the extra path only being available to Cavalier and Thronebreaker players.

Each quest will be available in 4 difficulties – Legendary, Epic, Master, and Heroic – and you will be able to play all 4 difficulties! There is no energy cost to run the Side Quest.

The trick with this Side Quest is each path requires a Compass (Gate Key) to unlock it. You’ll get 1 Compass each week in your inbox. Additional Compasses are earned from special objectives in the Searching For Direction Solo event that require you to make an initial clear of the X-Men: Invasive Species Event Quest at any difficulty. The final Compass is earned via an X-Men themed solo event.

The final week switches up a bit. The Black Compass and the special Platinum Compass (Cavs/Thronebreakers Only) arrive via the inbox, and the other 3 Compasses are earned through Solo Events.

Note that the Compasses are valid for all difficulty levels and are not consumed when you run the quest. They remain in your inventory for the month.


The two solo events needed to earn the Compasses will go live at the start of the event on January 5 and run through the end of the event in February. The X-Men Use event simply requires you to win fights with an #X-Men champion, while the Destroy All Mutants event requires you to win fights against any Mutant champion. As there are 35 days to complete these events, it should be relatively easy to naturally hit the milestones as long as you’re active in-game.


Strikers finally debut in MCOC. Every fight in the Side Quest will have the Striker feature available! There will be a new button located above the Special buttons to trigger the Striker. Each Striker will grant a different effect on either the attacker or defender. Triggering the Striker after the 4th light attack enhances the effect. Strikers are available at the start of the fight, and once you use them, you will have to wait until they build-up their power meter to be used again.

Each quest will have one featured Striker. Note that you do not need to have the champion in your roster to use the Striker, and the Striker has a power level tuned to each difficulty level of the Side Quest. Your roster has no impact on the power level of your Striker.

The Strikers and effects are:
Quest 1 – Colossus – Grants Attacker an Unblockable Buff
Quest 2 – Wolverine – Grants Attacker a Regeneration Buff
Quest 3 – Hulk – Grants Defender a Weakness Buff
Quest 4 – Juggernaut – Grants Attacker an Unstoppable Buff

On the Platinum Compass Lane of Quest 4 (Cavs/Thronebreakers only) you’ll be able to use all four Strikers.


This Side Quest features Path rewards as well as Completion and Exploration rewards, so you should receive something for your efforts each time you run a lane. You’ll only need to run each lane once per difficulty.


January’s special hero crystal is called the Anthropomorphic Crystal. As usual these are available in Cavalier and Grandmaster variations for 4K shards, which can be earned from the Solo Events. This isn’t a great champion pool, but it’s also not very big. Dragon Man, Hit-Monkey, Mole Man, Spider-Ham, and Tigra look like the best drops in the crystal.

Anthropomorphic Crystal Champion Pool:

Dragon Man
Howard The Duck
Mole Man
Rocket Raccoon
Squirrel Girl
Venom The Duck


I’m actually really excited about this Side Quest. It seems pretty straightforward, the Legendary rewards look good, and the Solo Events don’t seem too taxing. Of course, this event will sink or swim based on how Strikers are received by the community, and I think we’re all anxious to see how this new feature works in-game. Best of luck!


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