MCOC Release Notes V33.1 – December 2021 – Sinister Six Side Quest – Kraven – Gifting & More


The final release of 2021, v33.1 is here. December features the Contest debut of Kraven the Hunter, as well as the usual plethora of MCOC Anniversary and Holiday events. There is a lot going on this month, so read on!

Read the Official Release Notes
Side Quest Forum Post
Kraven Champion Spotlight

December 1 at 1pm EST – EQ Begins & Chapter 1 of SQ Unlocks
December 8 at 1pm EST – Chapter 2.1 of SQ Unlocks
December 10 – 7-Day Anniversary Calendar Begins
December 10 at 1pm EST – Trade-In Store Opens / 7-Day Shard Arenas Begin
December 15 at 1pm EST – Chapter 2.2 of SQ Unlocks
December 17 at 1pm EST – Trade-In Store Closes
December 20 at 1pm EST – Gifting Event Begins
December 21 – 14-Day Holiday Calendar Begins
December 22 at 1pm EST – Chapter 3.1 of SQ Unlocks
December 24 at 1pm EST – Holiday Gift Card Arrives
December 26 at 1pm EST – Holiday Gift Card Store Closes
December 29 at 1pm EST – Chapter 3.2 of SQ Unlocks
January 3 at 1pm EST – Gifting Event Ends
January 5 at 1pm EST – December EQ & SQ End

Kings of the Jungle EQ
Kraven the Hunter
Sinister Six Side Quest
Sinister Synergy Crystal
Hawkeye & Joe Fixit Buffs
Trade-In Store
Gifting Event
Special Calendars
Shard Arenas
Fixes & Improvements


In December’s Event Quest, Spider-Man is partnered with one of his deadliest foes, Kraven the Hunter and tasked with exploring the Savage Land by S.H.I.E.L.D. Apparently, some flowers from the Savage Land have begun to spread into other parts of the Battlerealm, causing destruction. Kraven doubts S.H.I.E.L.D.’s motives and takes the opportunity to conduct his own investigation.


Kraven the Hunter is a Skill champion. His real name is Segei Kravinoff, and he was known as one of the world’s greatest hunters. Unfortunately, with each successful hunt, his boredom grew, and he decided super-heroes would be the only prey worth his time and skill. He set his sights on Spider-Man and became a legendary member of the web-slinger’s rogues gallery. Unfortunately for Kraven, each unsuccessful attempt drove him more and more insane.

In the main Marvel 616-Universe, Kraven the Hunter first appeared way back 1964 in Amazing Spider-Man #15. He was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Kraven was originally killed off in the “Kraven’s Last Hunt” storyline in 1987, and the character remained sidelined until he was resurrected in 2009. Kraven has over 150 appearances in the main 616 universe but has not yet appeared in the MCU.

It seems that since we’re getting a Skill Kraven, the MCOC version of the character will be based on his classic appearances where he relied heavily on traps and his own skills as a hunter, instead of the mystically-enhanced resurrected version of the character. Kraven is an expert at firearms but favors knives in combat, and is able to tame and train any animal.

Kraven the Hunter will be the only champion released in December and will hit the arenas on December 9.


This December you must battle Spider-Man’s foes, the Sinister Six, to complete the Side Quest. This Side Quest is very similar to November, as new quest maps will unlock each week. The Side Quest will be available in Legendary, Epic, Master, and Heroic and there are no entry limits or fees. The energy cost is 1 per tile.

Side Quest Event Schedule:
Chapter 1 Quests 1 & 2 Unlock – Wednesday, December 1 at 1pm EST
Chapter 2 Quest 1 Unlocks – Wednesday, December 8 at 1pm EST
Chapter 2 Quest 2 Unlocks – Wednesday, December 15 at 1pm EST
Chapter 3 Quest 1 Unlocks – Wednesday, December 22 at 1pm EST
Chapter 3 Quest 2 Unlocks – Wednesday, December 29 at 1pm EST


December’s special crystal features a number of Spider-Man related champions and as usual is available in Cavalier and Grandmaster versions for 4K shards. These shards are available from playing the Side-Quest.

Champion Pool
Daredevil (Classic)
Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen)
Doctor Octopus
Green Goblin
Iron Patriot
Mister Fantastic
Night Thrasher
Old Man Logan
Red Guardian
Spider-Man (Classic)
Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)
Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)
Spider-Man (Symbiote)
Vision (Aarkus)


As previously revealed, Joe Fixit and Hawkeye will receive buffs in December. These buffs will go live as soon as you download v33.1.


The Trade-In Store returns, and this time you’ll be able to trade-in Class Signature Stones for Generic Stones, and Class Awakening Gems for Generics as well!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year in MCOC. Gifting kicks-off at 1pm EST on December 20 and runs through 1pm EST on January 3. There will be both Solo and Alliance Events this year.

Note that your account must be at least Level 40, have completed Act 4, and been created prior to November 20, 2021 to be eligible for Gifting.

Remember to only trade crystals with trusted friends and alliance-mates. Please stay out of Global chat and avoid getting scammed!


There will be an MCOC Anniversary Calendar that runs for 1 week starting on December 10, and a Holiday Calendar that runs for 2 weeks starting on December 21.

Kabam will send a special Holiday “Gift Card” to your inbox on December 24 at 1pm EST. You’ll be able to redeem the Gift Card in a special store, and the item you receive will be progression based. You must redeem your Holiday Gift before December 26 at 1pm EST.


Special Arenas return as well! The 4-Star and 5-Star Shard Arenas are back, and instead of a 6-Star Arena, there will be a Dethroned Solo Event for Cavaliers and Thronebreakers. If you fight in the arenas with 1-stars and 2-stars (1-stars will give more points) you’ll earn points toward the solo event, which rewards 6-Star Shards, 2% T5CC, units, gold, and battlechips.


● Cleared up the Buff Descriptions for a number of Support and Challenge Buffs for the Cavalier Difficulty

● Fixed an issue where Goldpool’s “Broken Minds” synergy was indicating a “+1000 Special Attack Rating”, and reverted it back to “+1000 Armor Rating When Stunned”

● Fixed an issue where where trying to view the Alliance Leaderboards could lead to a crash

● Fixed an issue with the True Grit buff where an Attacker was not gaining a Fury when immune to a debuff

● Fixed an issue where Guillotine 2099s cape would become opaque when struck by a special

● Fixed an issue with Guillotine 2099 sword vfx becoming misaligned if her SP2 was blocked

● The War Room chat will now appear in the social hub after reaching the attack phase of alliance war

● Fixed a spelling error in Iceman’s Signature Ability

● Fixed some grammatical errors in the description for Mixed Martial Arts Buff

● Made it clear in the hyperlink description for glancing that Special Attack 3s cannot glance

● Fixed an issue where Ghost was not able to convert Ghost Riders Special 3 DOT Debuff

● Cleaned up Sersi’s “Ham’s Odyssey” synergy description

● Added Doc Ock and Ironman (Infinity War’s) synergies missing hyperlinks

● Fixed an incursion bug that caused players to be unable to advance until their teammate completes a fight

● In incursions, Top zone bonus rewards will no longer get stuck when the user horizontally scrolls them

● Wasp will now correctly call out purify when purifying debuffs

● Informed Iron Man (Infinity War) that he is not bleed immune anymore if Knull’s corruption removes his Armor-up effects

● Airwalkers synergy with Ebony Maw will now let him start the fight Focused

● Autoplay will no longer re-enter an ambush fight after the user backs out of the fight

● Guillotine will now gain soul charges when applying Rupture

● Diablo with the Kingpin synergy will now refresh his passive poisons when using his Sp2

● Diablo with Kingpin synergy will now only apply passive Poisons instead of Debuffs AND passive poisons

● King Groot’s Malice will once again trigger correctly after having his Furys nullified

● Fixed an issue where KO’d characters were able to activate their Pre-fight abilities

● Mysterio will no longer get Powergain when struck by Red Magneto


Wow, as expected, December is going to be a very busy month. Hopefully there is something for every Summoner to get excited about here. Personally I am looking forward to the Special Arenas to add a bit of variety to the grind, and Gifting with friends and alliance-mates.

Happy Holidays to everyone in the Battlerealm!



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