How The October 2021 Side Quest Works – The Mysterious Contest: Part 2


Update 10/7 – If you still need to complete the September Objectives to get your Summoned Symbiote, Marvel Trucos has an event infographic that will help. If you need easily accessible targets for September Week 4 objectives, click here.

Part two of the Mysterious Contest is here, and the Summoned Symbiote is back – this time for good! Grind the Side Quest to rank up your Symbiote so it can take on Knull in the Cosmic Horror Quest for big rewards!

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Part 2 October Side Quest Begins: Wednesday, October 6 at 1pm EST.

New Solo Objectives: Daily at 1pm EST

Ends: Wednesday, November 3 at 1pm EST


The first important item to note is that you must have completed the first objective in any level of the final week of the September Objectives to participate in the October Side Quest. This will unlock the October Objectives, as well as send the Summoned Symbiote and a 3-Star Anti-Venom to your inbox.

This month features repeatable, entry-fee based quests like we’ve seen before. The Key for the month is an Antibody, and you can earn 1 Antibody per day by completing the October Daily Solo Objectives.

Note that if you enter a quest, you will lose your Antibody key, so you want to make sure you complete the quest once you start. You are allowed to save up your Antibody keys and run the Side Quest multiple times a day if you choose. The preview button is now available to scout the Side Quest Maps.

There are 6 maps for the Side Quest, all offering different rewards, and they come in Legendary, Epic, Master, and Heroic difficulties. As you can only earn 28 Antibody Keys, you should only run the highest difficulty you can complete.


Each of the 6 Side Quest Maps in October offer different rewards. What is important to note is that they all reward the same amount of Klyntar Katalysts per difficulty level, so you don’t have to worry about losing out on rank-up resources for your Summoned Symbiote by making the wrong choice.

Quick Breakdown (Legendary)
Quest 1 – T4/T5 CC
Quest 2 – T4B/T2A
Quest 3 – 5-Star Sig Stones/6-Star Shards
Quest 4 – 350K Gold
Quest 5 – 5-Star Signature Stones/5-Star Shards
Quest 6 – T5B/T1A


After grinding out the Side Quest, you’ll have plenty of Kylntar Katalysts to power up your Summoned Symbiote. Your Summoned Symbiote is the only champion that can enter the Cosmic Horror Quest, which is a special quest with rewards you can only earn once.

Note that the Symbiote Symbiote now has a prefight ability! However, you can only gain charges for the prefight within the Cosmic Horror Quest. At Rank 5, the Summoned Symbiote can gain a total of 6 Evolutions (Charges) which can each be activated once per fight, and stacked for a total of 3 times during the quest. Evolutions persisted until the end of the quest, so your Symbiote will get stronger the deeper into the quest you go.


October once again features a special hero crystal. These Cosmic Eclipse Crystals will be available in Cavalier form for Cavalier and up players for 4K shards, and in Grandmaster form for Uncollected and below for 3K Shards. Shards can be earned by completing Daily Solo Objectives.

These crystals have a slightly different pool than last month, but they still contain a chance for 6-Star Hyperion!

Cosmic Eclipse Crystal Champion Pool:
Agent Venom
Red Goblin
Spider-Man (Symbiote)
Symbiote Supreme
Venom The Duck
Black Panther
Black Widow
Cyclops (Blue Team)
Cyclops (New Xavier School)
Doctor Strange
Emma Frost
Ghost Rider
Professor X
Spider-Man (Classic)
***4-Star Cyclops (New Xavier School) NOT INCLUDED


The rewards for this one look good, with plenty of options for players without any hard trade-offs. Best of all, the Summoned Symbiote is back! The only thing that makes me nervous is the Daily Solo Objectives, as Kabam’s track record with objectives hasn’t been good recently.

This is a month to grind, as we don’t know when Kylntar Katalysts will be back – if ever – so if you want to max out your Summoned Symbiote, make sure you put in the work this month, and good luck vs Knull in the Cosmic Horror Quest!



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