How The September 2021 Side Quest Works – The Mysterious Contest: Part 1


If you are here because you need to complete the September Objectives to get your Summoned Symbiote, Marvel Trucos has an event infographic that will help. If you need easily accessible targets for September Week 4 objectives, click here.

Kitty Pryde and her Marauders need your help to solve a mystery and save the Battlerealm this fall. This is part one of a special two month long side quest event, so read on for all the details.

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Begins/Week 1 Objectives: Wednesday, September 1 at 1pm EST

Week 2 Objectives: Wednesday, September 8 at 1pm EST.

Week 3 Objectives: Wednesday, September 15 at 1pm EST

Week 4 Objectives: Wednesday, September 22 at 1pm EST

Week 5 Objectives: Wednesday, September 29 at 1pm EST

Part 2 October Side Quest Begins: Wednesday, October 6 at 1pm EST.

Marauder Crystal Expires: Saturday, October 9 at 1pm EST.

Ends: Wednesday, November 3 at 1pm EST


September’s Side Quest is pretty straightforward and requires you to complete a set of weekly Solo Objectives. Every week, depending on your in-game progression level (Proven/Conqueror/Uncollected/Cavalier), you will receive a set of Solo Objectives for your level and all the levels below your current level. You must complete Week 1 of the objectives in order to be able see Week 2, and so on throughout the month.

Week 5 (September 29) is the final week of Solo Objectives, and you must complete at least 1 objective from Week 5 at any difficulty level in order to gain access to the October Event.

More details are still to come for October, but next month there will be a Side Quest with a total entry limit of 28. Most of the quests will be grindable, but there will be a special quest that can only be run once. This special quest contains a 25% Tier 5 Class Catalyst Selector and 10K 6-Star Shards in the Legendary Difficulty, so make sure you unlock this during Week 5!


September has 5 sets of rewards you can earn from completing the Solo Objectives. You will be able to complete objectives for your current level and all levels below you.

October will feature 6 repeatable Side Quest maps at 4 difficulty levels (Legendary/Epic/Master/Heroic) and a Special Quest that you can only run 1 time. You’ll have 28 total entries for the month of October. The Special “One-Time” Quest has the best rewards, so do it first so you don’t miss out!


One of the highlights of September’s Side Quest is very likely to be the special Marauder Crystals. These will be available in Cavalier form for Cavalier and up players for 4K shards, and in Grandmaster form for Uncollected and below for 3K Shards. Earn Marauder Crystal Shards by logging in every day and collecting them for a Special Calendar during the month of September.

These crystals are quite exciting because the pool features two champions – Hyperion and Ghost-Rider – which have never been available as 6-Stars before. It also contains 6-Star Iceman, who is not currently in the 6-Star Basic Pool

Marauder Crystal Champion Pool:
Black Panther
Black Widow
Cyclops (Blue Team)
Cyclops (New Xavier School) – No 4-Star
Doctor Strange
Emma Frost
Ghost Rider – 6-Star Debut!
Hyperion – 6-Star Debut!
Iceman – Rare 6-Star
Professor X
Spider-Man (Classic)


This Side Quest is pretty easy to understand, but it all depends on what the Solo Objectives turn out to be. If they are simple ones that you’ll earn simply by playing, that’s great. I have found some of the recent Solo Objectives to be far too niche though (beating Punisher 2099 20 times with Vision/Vision AoU/Aarkus for example), so I hope that these objectives don’t mirror what we saw in August. We’ll just have to wait and see on that though.

Best of luck this September and I wish everyone a brand new 6-Star Hyperion!


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